Thursday, December 30, 2010

Out With The Old, In With The New

2010 saw many changes to this wonderful country. We endured a Congress that truly was not for the good of our Country. They seemed to care less about what the majority of the people wanted.
The Socialists were taking over our Country. The people spoke out louder than ever before. Tea Parties and other grass root organizations formed to create a voice that couldn't be overlooked. Some members of Congress heard our cries and changed their ways, others continued with their selfish, Liberal agenda.

November elections came in like a whirlwind. The far left had no clear direction to head in. Patriots popped up all over the Country, overwhelming the Liberals with their words of truth and belief in our Constitution. Many of them taking oaths to uphold our Constitution. These virtually unknowns literally swept the trash out of the House.

Next year promises to be brighter for the future and welfare of our Country. The new electorates promise us hope and change we can believe in. The 112th Congress has truly been elected by and for the people.

The new Congress knows we will be monitoring their every move. We have come a long way to restoring the values of our Constitution in a very short time. We still have much to do in the next few years, our fight is far from over but we do have a chance now.

As Obama says the Dems took a shellacking in the November elections. Our first step has been overcome, now we must show the disbelievers that we mean business and will not stop until We The People have control our our government.

Government is designed to work with and for the people, not as we have seen in years past against and without us. The next two years promise to be very challenging, although we have control of the House and the ability to control the Senate, we still have a very Socialistic president who can and will quickly veto anything the new Congress presents before him.

We need to give the Congress members our support and continue to let them know how we feel and we WILL BE WATCHING. I have great hope for the future of our Country and feel we are headed in the right direction. I am not saying good-bye to the defeated officials but I will say good riddance to them, and welcome the newcomers with open arms.

My New Year Resolution will be to fight harder for the Freedom of our Country 
for now and especially for the generations to come.
Do you have faith that we will overcome the Liberals Big Government monopoly on our Country?
Happy New Year!
Tea Party Deanie

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Scrooge, Grinch or Santa Claus

With a failing economy, high unemployment and uncertainty in our government many people are struggling to get by this Christmas. People are spending money this year on presents but not like they did in years past. As owner of a small mobile home park, we do our best to help our tenants when they are down. We have a policy of making payment arrangements, giving families with limited funds gifts for their children. We have deferred payments and loaned upstanding tenants money until January when they received their income tax returns. Many of these friends and neighbors are struggling exceptionally hard this year. Churches and organizations that used to help needy families do not have the funds this year. Unfortunately our funds are at a lower level this year and we can not do as much as we have in the past. It breaks my heart to see the anguish on their faces when they are unable to do for their children.

This year our country has more families than ever before needing help to have a good Christmas for their children. A post office in New York who receives Santa letters and does their best to see that the children get their wishes says they have received about 20% more letters this year. Many of the letters from children are not asking for something for themselves or for toys, one child wants a coat for Mama; another wants a job for Daddy; some are asking for warm clothes to wear.

Our small community has a Toys For Tykes program every year at Christmas. It is well organized by the volunteer fire department, I have heard they have more needy children on their list this year than ever before. Every little bit helps, so give what ever you can to programs like this, the Salvation Army, local food banks and don't forget Toys For Tots!

We know what Christmas is about, the sharing and giving to others and the celebration of Jesus' birth is most joyous. Young children know we are celebrating 'Baby Jesus' Birthday" but they do associate the new toys with the reason for the season. They still believe Santa will bring them what they want, they don't understand that Santa is broke this year.

It terribly disgusts me when I see people flaunting the money they have at this time of year especially when so many are doing without. The first lady of this country purchased a vintage dress from a second hand store to wear to a Christmas program, the estimated price tag is $2500. Imagine what kind of wonderful inexpensive toys that could buy for 100s of  1,000s children who are in need this year. What ever happened to her philosophy the the needy in this Country would not do without?

Secret Santas are popping up all over the Country. A Salvation Army Pot at the K-Mart in Fort Oglethorpe, Tennessee brought in $5,500 in one hundred dollar bills. Another Kettle in front of Walgreen's in Joplin, Missouri contained Five $20,000 cashiers checks from Santa Claus. The checks were folded and wrapped with a smaller bill. Another anonymous Santa left $40,000 for the food bank in New Hope Minnesota.

Their generosity is incomparable to the actions of our greedy government. The pork in the bills they are trying to pass has got to stop. Why should we give money to study pig shit, contaminated grapes, the study of prostitutes in China (maybe Japan), stupid mice on an uninhabited island or $6 billion for the creation of ethanol which will increase our food supply cost? If we need to have any pork in our bills, we should use it to educate the uneducated and put them in the work place; create jobs for the unemployed, or just give it to charities who will distribute it in a justified manner. We have many highways and bridges across this Country that are in dire need of repair, we could create many jobs by using some of the unnecessary pork to fund projects like this.

Sadly this year, this Country is now seeing many changes that not for the best interest. Many people are so depressed they can not hold a job, people have given up looking for work creating hardships for the taxpayers, they have no incentive to go out and get a job. Desperate people are turning to stealing to get some of the necessities they need or want. Someone stole hundreds of toys from a drop off center for Toys For Tots. A Salvation Army bell ringer stole his days take from the kettle. Two teenage girls mugged a 74 year old lady in a mall parking lot, they got only $65. Holiday crimes are unfolding across this country. The Grinches are stealing Christmas from the needy in this country in record numbers.

People see the Scrooges of our Country spending more and more taxpayers money foolishly, they are becoming mad and don't know which direction to turn. Seniors on Social Security are not receiving a cost of living raise for the second straight year, yet Congress votes to increase their own salaries. Congress is already overpaid and their self imposed raise could easily be dispersed into the nearly defunct SS account. Congress votes to send relief aide to many Countries around the world who do not appreciate what we do for them. It is time we distribute some of this charity to the citizens of this Country who do appreciate it.

If you can afford it, please give to one of the many organizations that are trying to see that no one does without this year. The change you drop in the Salvation Army Kettle is put to good use. The toys you donate are distributed to children who would not otherwise see a gift this year.

Remember this is the season to give and to share with others. Share your joy and compassion with those less fortunate than you. A couple dozen cookies given to a children's shelter or a nursing home will be rewarded with smiles of gratitude. An inexpensive toy dropped in a donation bin may be the only present a young child receives this year.The man who just shot the gunman at the Florida school board is known as Santa Claus spends his spare time collecting toys and fixing them up to give to the needy children in his community. Any small thing you can do will bring tears of joy to those less fortunate.

 Will you be a Santa, Scrooge or a Grinch this year?
God Bless One And All - Have a Very Merry Christmas!
Tea Party Deanie

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just What The Heck Is A Politically Correct Christmas?

Now that our Country seems to be turning politically correct;
We can no longer visit Santa in the mall, to some he is very offensive.
Christmas trees are an insult to non-believers.
Do NOT say Merry Christmas, instead say Merry Holidays or Happy Winter Solstice.
Schools can no longer have a Christmas pageant that contains anything about the reason for the season. 
Nor can they have any decorations that pertain to a traditional Christmas.
Our Freedom of Religion and Speech are being violated! I'm Mad and so should you be!

A typical invitation to what used to be the annual company Christmas Party might read as follows: 

To all employees:
Last years company Christmas Party resulted in so much controversy this year we will be doing something different for the convenience of all of you who do not wish to celebrate Christmas in the traditional way.
You are invited to a December, 21st Party to be held at the Super Buffet from 2 PM until 5PM. The reason for the party will just be a Party.  
  • No gifts will be exchanged this year. Last years $10 gift limit was disturbing to some who thought $10 was too much and the CEO's thought it was too small. 
  • No longer can you consume eggnog, that's a Christmas tradition. Out of respect for our employees who are members of Alcoholics Anon a special table will now be located at the far end of the room (far away from the open bar) it will have a sign on it that says AA (There goes your anonymity.) 
  • Vegetarians and Peta Supporters, please sit far-far away from the main buffet line we don't want you to smell the wonderful odors coming from the baked ham, turkey, and barbeque. We will have a special salad bar for your convenience.
  • In respect for the holidays of Chanukah and Kwansaa we will not have a Christmas tree, no Christmas carols will be sung, Santa will NOT make an appearance. There will be NO decorations of any kind. 
  • We will only have a record player as entertainment and will sing only children's songs that pertain to nothing religious, political or racist. (Example): A Peanut Sat - 
A peanut sat
On a railway track
His heart was all a flutter

Around the bend came number ten Choo-Choo 
Peanut butter
  • For our Muslim employees I realize the chosen date for this gathering is during Ramadan and you are not allowed to eat or drink during daylight hours. Please join us, doggie bags ... oops! I mean people bags ... will be available for your convenience.
  • A very special table will be set up for our Illegals, if you wish to come early and not be detected at the border please use the special tunnel that will surface under your table. In case of a raid, it will also give you a fast exit! Beans and tortillas will be on the menu for you.
  • A note to members of Over-eaters, we have arranged to have the dessert bar in another room with a very small door, if you are too fat you get no dessert. 
  • Oh and for you Gay guys, we will have a special table for you and no Lesbians will be allowed at it. They will have their own table. Also there will be absolutely no cross-dressing at this event. Last year our male CEO got his bottom patted seven times. He was quite a looker though!
  • Please do not say a prayer before your meal, this is a public place and we do not want to offend any of our atheist friends. The restaurant has a small closet you can discretely use to say your prayer.
In our desire to make this a memorable event for all, we have taken every step we know so as not to offend anyone. Since so many of you want to see our Christmas Traditions removed from this country, we do not feel it is necessary to give you our customary Christmas Bonus. If you don't want to come to this gathering please do NOT RSVP, just tear up this invitation and get a real life, you have become a real Scrooge!
For those of you who do NOT find any of the above traditions offensive, please come to our Traditional Christmas Party at the convention center of the Hilton. The festivities will begin at 7 PM on Dec. 21st and last into the wee hours of the morning. You will be assured to enjoy Santa, beautifully decorated C-mas trees, sing Christmas Carols, and be allowed to pray. We will serve eggnog, hot buttered rum, and other customary drinks. Music will be furnished by The Santa's Helpers Band. Please bring a White Elephant Gift. For those of you who BELIEVE, you will be receiving the traditional Christmas Bonus! 
Need I say anymore? Let the party begin! 
I don't know about you, but I plan to attend the latter party. 

The non-believers do not have to attend events such as these or go to places that support the Christmas traditions. I am appalled at what has happened to our Country's Christmas Holiday customs. I suggest that people who want to spoil Christmas for the Christians and Believers in this Country (which are the majority), just ignore us or find a Country you can be happy living in. To heck with a so called Politically Correct Christmas, I will continue to celebrate Christmas and All the Traditions the way they were intended! 
Jesus Is The Reason For The Season!
HO - HO- HO!  What kind of Christmas will you have?

Tea Party Deanie

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Throughout Time

Christmas in the middle of a recession, high unemployment, our Country on the verge of bankruptcy, a very unstable economy and a corrupt government brings much sadness and grief to the people of America. People are so caught up in what they can not afford to buy for a gift, they have forgotten the values related to this ancient holiday. From early times it has been the tradition to spend the season in a festive manner with family and friends. Most frequently earlier celebrations were centered around a Pagan God. Let's take a little time to reflect on the true values of this glorious holiday.

Long before Jesus was born people, all around the world the world, celebrated the winter solstice rejoicing the end of winter and longer days of daylight.

The Norsemen of Scandinavia celebrated Yule from Dec. 21 through January. The men brought home huge logs which were set on fire, the local people feasted until they burned out sometimes the fires lasted up to 12 days. The sparks from the fire each represented the birth of a pig or calf. Decorated Yule Logs are a Christmas traditional decoration.

Early Europeans slaughter their cattle at the end of December so they wouldn't have to feed them through the winter. They were insured plenty of fresh meat and also their beer and wine thy made was properly fermented at that time, making for a jolly celebration.

During the winter holiday Germans honored the Pagan God Oden. They believed Oden flew through the sky observing his people and determining who would prosper or parish. Many people stayed inside during that period.

Romans celebrated Saturnalia honoring Saturn the God of Agriculture for a full month during the winter solstice. Food and drink were plentiful, slaves became masters and peasants commanded the city.
The also observed Juvenalia, a feast to honor the Roman children. Upper class Romans celebrated the birth of Mithra,the God of the Unconquerable Sun, on December 25. Legend has it that Mithra an infant God was born of a rock, many considered the birth of Mithra as the most sacred day of the year.

Early Christians did not celebrate the birth of Jesus. Their main holiday was Easter. During the fourth century Christians decided to celebrate the birth of Jesus, believed to have occurred in the Spring. Pope Julius I chose Dec. 25th in an effort to coordinate and absorb the ancient holiday traditions of the pagan Saturnalia Festival.
The celebration was first called the Feast of the Nativity. By the year 432 the custom spread to Egypt and arrived in England at the end of the sixth century.

Wisely Church leaders decided to hold Christmas during the winter solstice to increase the chances of popularity. During early celebrations of Christmas, they attended Church and celebrated in a feast of drunken rowdiness similar to Mardi Gras. A student or beggar was crowned the "Lord of Misrule," and celebrants served the part of his subjects. The poor could demand the best food and drink from the homes of the rich. Christmas became the time of year when the upper classes could repay their real or imagined "debt" to society by entertaining less fortunate citizens.
(Gosh were there Democrats back then, take from the rich and give to the poor!)

Oliver Cromwell and Puritans controlled England in 1645. Christmas was canceled in an attempt to Rid England of decadence. Charles II was returned to the thrown and reinstated the Christmas Celebrations. The orthodox Puritans or Pilgrims did not bring the spirit of Christmas with them. 1659-1681 saw Christmas banned in Boston. Meanwhile the Jamestown settlement enjoyed the Christmas holiday.
The American Revolution dispelled all English Customs in America. Christmas was officially declared a federal holiday on June 26,1870.

1828 brought drastic changes to the way Christmas was celebrated in this Country. During the holidays a riot broke out in New York City. Gone were the days of the drunken party like turmoils. The American tradition turned to Christianity and families being together celebrating Christmas with parents presenting gifts to their children without the appearance of spoiling them. Along with this change Americans began their own traditions many of which we still enjoy today, gift giving and sending cards are among them.

"Today, in the Greek and Russian orthodox churches, Christmas is celebrated 13 days after the 25th, which is also referred to as the Epiphany or Three Kings Day. This is the day it is believed that the three wise men finally found Jesus in the manger." (According to

Let's enjoy this Christmas Season no matter if you are poor, rich, unemployed, employed, hurt, missing a loved one, or just a SCROOGE! The traditions of this holiday are and have been based on the value of family, friends and the belief of various Gods. 
Make this holiday special for someone who is in need. A kind smile and words of encouragement are always well received. Instead of buying a gift you can not afford, give a friend or relative a bag of cookies you made. Make a special Christmas Card for someone. Help your children make decorations for the tree. Send a card to a soldier who will not be home for the holidays because he is defending the Freedom of our Country. Above all have faith in God, your family, friends and our Country.

We will be posting YOUR Christmas Stories on http//
Be sure to visit our website for details. 
Read about how many of our Christmas traditions came about. 
We will be updating frequently so don't miss out.
Have a Very Merry Christmas!
Tea Party Deanie


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The True Meaning Of Thanksgiving

In these days of complete chaos and unrest in our Country and the world, let us give thanks to all of our blessings. Although we may feel our future looks bleak, with unity we will survive as our forefathers did. Remember the Pilgrims who came to America, despite all the hardships they endured were thankful for the small but bountiful blessings God gave them. They worked together in unity with themselves and the Native Americans and survived against the odds. 

In 1621 a tiny group of people fled their homeland for Freedom of Religion, they became known as the Pilgrims. Their journey was indeed a wonderful pilgrimage that set the foundation for the Freedom our Country would come to know. 102 brave souls set sail for the Americas, intending to land in Virginia but after surviving storms and being thrown off course landed in Plymouth Mass. They blessed the land and thanked God for their safe arrival. Only 53 people survived the trip and the harsh New England winter.

As spring came around a Native Indian Tribe befriended them and taught them how to fish, garden, extract maple from the trees and other survival techniques. The Pilgrims were so thankful with their first harvest they invited the Wampanoag Tribe to attend a 3 day feast. The Indians brought venison, there was fish, lobster, seal and swan on the menu. More than likely there was no turkey, but an abundance of goose and duck. The early settlers considered any fowl to be turkey. These Early American settlers are generally given credit for celebrating the First Thanksgiving. History shows us there were many days of Thanksgiving celebrated around the world long before the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock.

Coronado and 1,500 of his men celebrated a day of Thanksgiving in Palo Duro Canyon, Texas i n 1541. The local Texas Plains Indians were invited to the celebration, I believe buffalo would have been on their menu.

In 1565 Spanish explorer Pedro Menéndez de Avilé landed in St. Augustine, Florida. After holding mass to thank God for their safe arrival invited members of the local Timucua tribe to dinner.
On Del. 4, 1619 reached Berkeley Hundred on the James river in Virginia read a proclamation designating the date as "a day of thanksgiving to Almighty God."

In ancient times Egyptians, Greeks and Romans feasted and paid tributes to their gods after the fall harvest.

Ancient Jews held a harvest festival of Sukkot. Historians tell us that Native Americans held celebrations to commemorate the fall harvest long before the early settlers set foot on the shores of the United States of America.

November 26, 1789 was proclaimed by President George Washington as a national day of thanksgiving and should be one of prayer. Having survived the Revolutionary War there was much to be thankful for.

In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln established an annual, official Thanksgiving Holiday on the last Thursday of November.

During the depression era President Franklin Roosevelt moved the holiday back to the next to last Thursday of November, hoping to spur sales for the nation by giving a longer holiday shopping season. This act came about with mixed responses, (the Republicans refused to change it) in 1941 Roosevelt changed the bill back to the last Thursday in November

Thanksgiving is a day set aside for all of us to remember and be thankful for all we have been given. 
Thank God we still live in a Free Country and we have the opportunity to change the direction our government is taking us.
No matter how small we feel our blessings are we have much to be thankful for. 
The citizens of the USA have not had to flee our homeland because of tyranny or oppression. 
We have never been threatened with mass execution. 
We have never had our property taken away from us. 
We do have the right to vote and pray to the God of our choice.
Although we feel many of our God Given Rights are being stolen from us,
now is the time for unity not division.
Thank you Lord for the Freedom of this Country.
Thank you Lord for all you have given me and this wonderful Country.

Tea Party Deanie


Friday, November 19, 2010

Government Supports Sharia Law - No Pat Downs

 TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has enacted stiff new laws for airport screening, much to the chagrin of many travelers. As the days go by we are hearing more horror stories about uncalled for invasions to a persons personal body parts. The full body scan is very invasive to many people and they are opting out for various reasons. When they opt out or are in airports without full body scanners, they are given a body pat down. A Homeland Security newly enacted law allows TSA workers to do a complete body pat down. TSA agents are not telling the people what or when different body parts will be invaded by them.

I just read a blog written by a young mother traveling with her infant son who went through all the standard procedures she had endured on previous trips. After the agents went through all her carry-on belongings she was told to stand with her legs apart for a pat down. The agent did NOT inform her of the new law or what she was going to do. I can only imagine the humiliation this young woman went through. She was NOT told she could have the pat down done in a private room.

After the screening and body search was complete and she was told she was free to move on,  "I stood there, an American citizen, a mom traveling with a baby with special needs formula, sexually assaulted by a government official. I began shaking and felt completely violated, abused and assaulted by the TSA agent." The young mother has posted the whole story on her blogsite,
Our Little Chatterboxes  Please read it and let her know you stand behind her. She has Patriotically contacted her attorney. She has a final thought to share with all of us; “It is acceptable and encouraged that a TSA government official can do something to an American citizen that US military personnel cannot do to a member of the Taliban.”

In another TSA related incident a 71 year old man had his pants yanked down to his ankles in front of other travelers! The man had an artificial knee but the uncaring agents eager to exercise their authority without any warning to the man humiliated the man so much he did not make his 50th anniversary trip to Florida with his wife. Watch the video of this man's ordeal.

These are just a few of the atrocities inexperienced TSA agents are putting travelers through.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has informed Muslim travelers to where their hijabs when traveling and to exercise their Sharia Law rights: “It is a violation of clear Islamic teaching that men or women be seen naked by other men and women,” the ruling states. “Islam highly emphasizes haya (modesty) and considers it part of the faith. The Qu’ran has commanded the believers, both men and women, to cover their private parts.” Women are told only to allow a pat down of their head and neck Supposedly Homeland Security is making exceptions for the Muslims, they will NOT be subject to full body scanners and full or partial body pat downs.

It is deplorable to think that a Catholic Nun must go through the scanners and pat downs but a Muslim will not be subjected to them. I do believe it is against Catholic religion to be sexually assaulted by anyone in any manner. Where are their religious rights?
From a very young age we are taught not to let anyone see or touch our personal parts. Now we are told to let complete strangers do just that! The morals we were taught as young people are being stripped from us by the government and because we apparently do not have any laws forbidding us to expose ourselves to strangers our right to privacy is being ignored. Elderly women are particularly modest about showing their private areas to anyone. This type of screening can leave devastating effects to those who have any sense of modesty.

CAIR is sending a message out to terrorists, be sure to wear your hijabs when traveling, you will not be subjected to a search and you can also insist that you will pat down your head and neck and then let them test your hands for any explosive residue that may be hidden in your scarf. Although it is not common in the Muslim world for women to carry out terrorist acts, what's to say that the men will not dress as women and insist they do their own pat downs.

It is frightening to think innocent Americans who love this country will go through these ordeals 
and the very people we are fighting will not be subject to the searches. 
Is our government more concerned with the wishes of the Muslims and their rights 
or are they afraid to deny the Muslims and Sharia Law?

Tea Party Deanie

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let Us Not Forget

On this Veterans Day Nov. 11 2010 we honor all our Heroes of the past and present who so courageously risked or lost their lives for the Freedom of our Country. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your bravery and unselfishness. For those of you who returned home with injuries or maimed, may God be with you on your road to recovery. For those of you who so gallantly gave your life, our prayers and thoughts will always be with you and your memory will live within our our hearts. You will always be remembered for the ultimate sacrifice you bestowed upon our Country.

Let us not forget the the sacrifice given by the families of the Patriots who went to serve their Country. Today and every day I want to express my gratitude to all the family members who have and are living with the agony of having your loved one off in another Country fighting for our Freedom. The pain of saying goodbye to your hero can not be expressed in words, nor can the daily agony you endure not knowing if your soldier was safe or in harms way. 
I would like to share a few beautiful songs and a poem to honor you today,
your are our heroes too!

Katy Benko whose husband was sent to Iraq a few months after they were married wrote  "A Soldier's Wife"
"I'm Already There"   Deployment-What It Means To Wait....Military Families,Wives
All Honor to Her
He offered himself for the land he loved,
But what shall we say for her ?
He gave to his country a soldier's life;
'Twas dearer by far to the soldier's wife.
All honor today to her !
He went to the war while his blood was hot,
But what shall we say of her ?
He saw himself through the battle's flame
A hero's reward on the scroll of fame;
What honor is due to her ?
He offered himself, but his wife did more,
All honor today to her !
For dearer than life was the gift she gave
In giving the life she would die to save;
What honor is due to her?
He gave up his life at his country's call,
But what shall we say of her ?
He offered himself as a sacrifice,
But she is the one who pays the price.
All honor we owe to her.
(Author Unknown)
Radical Richard's Mother didn't hear from him for quite a long time while he was deployed in Viet Nam. Finally she wrote to his commanding officer, she sent him pen, paper, and self addressed stamped envelopes. His CO gave him the supplies and ordered him to write to her. Not knowing what to say to his mother (he didn't want to tell her about the horrible atrocities of war) he told her the ice cream machine was broken and he was very upset over it. Guess what ... she wrote back to his CO and chewed him out. That didn't set too well for RR! The moral of this is you soldiers are terribly missed at home, please stay in touch with your loved ones.

Thank you ALL for your sacrifices.
I pray that your loved ones will be returned home to you safely. 
God Bless You!
Show your support for our Veterans today and every day!
Share your support with others.

Tea Party Deanie

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Road to Recovery

The future of this Country is ours for the taking. The Election Rebellion created quite an uproar in DC. Many Dems and Rinos were given their pink slips. To the dismay of the Democrats, the House of Representatives quickly changed hands, we have gained six seats in the Senate. Republican governors have taken over the states. Knowing all this we are still in a state of euphoria! Unfortunately many of the hardcore Left Wing Socialists remain in office to support Obama's tyrannical agenda.

Will these Constitution shredders have any pull with Obama during the next two years?

I believe they will have much pull and will use what ever means necessary to push their Socialistic agenda forward. Since our victorious election, Obama and Reid have said they want to work with the Republican Party. The same people who locked doors in the faces of Republicans and refused to work with them in the past NOW want to work with us. I do not trust them for a minute, I fear they will continue to sneak things in on us and do all they can to slander the Republican Party. It is my understanding the remaining Dems desire to continue with their ongoing agenda despite what the people want. They still aren't listening to We The People.

In a show of humbleness Obama tried to instill in the minds of the people that he had learned his lesson and things would have to change in DC. Supposedly he has seen the light and has decided his job is to  
"look at all ideas coming across the table." I still wonder why he couldn't realize this two years ago... when the people began telling DC what they wanted. He clearly dispelled any prospect of transparency or bipartisanship.

Obama says he will be "Happy to look at GOP on healthcare." Very few items (if any) the GOP favored on healthcare were included in the bill. Obama and his administration made it clear to the Country our ideas and concerns were invalid. It would be his way no matter what the consequences. November 2nd showed him the consequences of their Socialistic ways.

Obama went on to say "People don't want us to re-litigate what we did the past 1 1/2 years." 
Would you like to change your mind on that statement Mr. Obama? There you go again telling us what we want. We the people do not want your healtcare and would welcome the opportunity to re-litigate it. This is one bill that should never have been passed and hopefully will be repealed. Most people in this Country do realize we need healtcare reform, and do acknowledge the fact that certain parts of the bill are good. We Did Not and still Do No want government takeover of our healthcare system. If the not-so-arrogant-one really wants to work with and listen to the people he will jump in with the Republicans and Repeal or Reform the greatest injustice he did to us.

In my opinion, one of the most absurd statements he made was,
"I've been willing to compromise in the past. I'm willing to compromise in the future." 
Please tell me if I am wrong, but I can not think of one position he took that he compromised with us.

I believe his 'humbling speech' was a clear attempt to change peoples' minds about him. Mr. Obama takes the election results as a personal threat to his future. He is already on the campaign trail for 2012! This is just a show of what we will hear from him during the next two years.

Let us not fall for his laced words, the man still believes he rules this country! He can not and will not change his arrogant ways overnight. Patriots do not let yourselves be deceived by his sudden display of humbleness, I believe it was all a show for the citizens to change their views about him. The next two years our elected officials have to accomplish all they can to right the wrongs of the previous two years. We The People have to continue our work to educate those around us to the Socialistic ways of this president. We did win a victory, but the real victory will be won in 2012. 

I would like to hear your views on the infamous Obama defeat speech.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Debt Free America or Overtaxed, Broke Citizens?

Elections are just days away and the outcome is favorable for Conservatives. My concern is what will the mad-as-heck Dems do in the following weeks, before they actually receive their pink slips.

I am disturbed by HR 4646, or the so called Debt Free America Act introduced by Representative Chaka Fattah (D-Pa) on Feb 23, 2010. It stipulates that Congress must reconvene no later than November 23, 2010 and vote on it by December 23.

Debt Free America sounds great doesn't it? Don't get too excited, I hope this doesn't ever get out of the committee and onto the House floor. Check out the facts, read the bill and contact your representatives.

This ingenious bill could put us debt free by 2017 according to its sponsor. Basically what will happen is every penny you put into the bank will have a 1% surcharge sent directly to the US Treasury. 
Example: Deposit $5,000 into a checking or savings account you are charged $50. 
Withdraw that same $5,000 you pay another $50, that is $100. 
Don't be fooled and say you will deal with cash only. You will still be charged 1% on ALL purchases you make, no matter what source of funds you pay with. My understanding is: 
  • Deposit your money in the bank - pay a charge
  • Withdraw your money - pay a charge
  • Pay cash for merchandise - pay a charge
  • Use your credit/debit card - pay a charge
  • Write a check - pay a charge
If you own a business you are responsible for adding the surcharge to the total bill and turning it over the Dept. of Treasury. When you deposit your income, you will be charged on the amount you deposit, the cycle just keeps going and going. Businesses will certainly have to spend more money to update their computer systems to comply with this and even hire people to take care of the additional work. Guess what not only will be paying a charge, but retail prices will surely go up.

(b) Purposes- The purpose of section 3 of this Act is to establish a fee on most transactions. Such fee--
  1.  is different than a sales tax in that a sales tax is charged only on sales to the final consumer and the transaction fee would apply to intermediate users as well as end users,
  2. is different than a value added tax (VAT), commonly used in European and other countries, in that a VAT is imposed only on a portion of a transaction’s value (roughly the difference between an item’s selling price and it’s cost) and the transaction fee would apply to the entire amount of the transaction, and
  3. is intended to raise sufficient revenue to eliminate the national debt, which was $10.6 trillion in January 2009 {much higher now}, during a period of 7 years and to phase out the income tax on individuals.
Sounds like it could work, think again, during the 7 years it will take to eliminate our national debt, you will be paying Uncle Sam your usual IRS taxes. Now for paying taxes twice you will receive a tax credit of 1% of your adjusted gross income.

All this extra income going to our federal government is supposed to be used to repay our national debt. That base is covered too:
  • SEC. 7. PRIORITIZATION FOR REPAYMENT OF NATIONAL DEBT. To take into account the national security concerns of the United States, the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State, shall prioritize the repayment of the national debt and shall take into account circumstances in which the Secretary of the Treasury determines the early repayment of outstanding debt is detrimental to the fiscal stability of the United States.
In other words there is no guarantee the debt will be paid off, meanwhile for 7 years we pay twice to four times on our income. At the end of 7 years Income Tax will supposedly be eliminated. Currently we are facing losing all the Bush Tax Breaks, and they want to add more taxes on us. At the end of 7 years when our country is "debt free" there are plans to assist the personnel of the IRS in the transition, that money comes from the charges we paid. 1% doesn't sound like much, but once the bill is enacted the rate can be raised.

I am not a legal attorney, but from reading this bill these are my interpretations, 
I would like to hear yours.

Tea Party Deanie

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thank You Obama - LOL

Elections are just days away, we can't let our guards down now. It is time to reflect on all the things this administration accomplished in the last 2 years...Yes I said accomplished.
I received the following e-mail written by a very intelligent 82-year old woman and want to share it with you. I am sorry I do not know the author's name to give her credit. According to her we have a lot to be thankful for, read the following and see for yourself the good Obama has done.

"1. He destroyed the  Clinton Political Machine - Driving a stake thru the heart of Hillary’s Presidential aspirations - something that no Republican was ever able to do. Remember when a Hillary Presidency scared the daylights out of you! 

2. He killed off the Kennedy Dynasty - No more Kennedy's trolling Washington 
looking for booze and women wanting rides home. 
American women and Freedom are safer tonight!
3. His progressive-liberal-socialist agenda is destroying the Democratic Party before our eyes! Dennis Moore had never lost a race - quit. Evan Bayh had never lost a race - quit.  Byron Dorgan had never lost a race - quit. Harry Reid - soon to be GONE. 
These are just a handful of the Democrats whose political careers Obama has destroyed! By November 2, 2010, dozens more will be gone. 
In December of 2008, the Democrats were on the rise. In the last two election cycles, they had picked up 14 senate seats and 52 house seats. The press was touting the death of both the Conservative Movement and the Republican Party.
In less than two years, Obama put a stop to all of this and will probably give the House, if not the Senate, back to the Republicans.

4. He has completely exposed liberals and progressives for the socialists they are. Every Generation seems to need to re-learn the lesson on why they should never actually put liberals in charge. He is bringing home the lesson very well. Liberals tax, borrow and spend.
5. He has re-energized the American commitment to self reliance.

Liberals won’t bring themselves to protect  America . Liberals want to take over the economy. Liberals think they know what is best for everyone.
Liberals aren’t happy till they are running YOUR life. 
That is nothing but Godless socialism and it is un American! 
Real Democrats aren't Democratic Socialists. They are Americans too. 
They have yielded to letting these radical leftists run their asylum for goodness sake.

6. He has brought more Americans back to conservatism
than anyone since Ronald Reagan.

In one year, he has rejuvenated the Conservative movement and brought out to the streets millions of freedom-loving Americans. Name me one other time in your life that you saw your friends and neighbors this interested in taking back America !

7. His amazing leadership has sparked the greatest period of sales of firearms 
and ammunition this country has seen.

Law abiding citizens have rallied and have provided a “stimulus” to the sporting goods field while other industries have failed, faded or moved off-shore. In all honesty, one year ago I was more afraid than I have been in my life. 
Not of the economy, but of the direction our country was going. 
I thought Americans had forgotten what this country was all about. 
My neighbors, friends and strangers proved to me that my lack of confidence of the Greatness and Wisdom of the American people was flat wrong.

When the American people wake up, no smooth talking teleprompter reader can fool them! Barack Obama woke up these Great Americans!

Again, I want to say,“Thank You Barack Hussein Obama!”

This is exactly the kind of hope and change we desperately needed!"

I agree with what she has to say. Never before have the citizens of this great country rallied together to express their dis-satisfaction over the actions of our leaders. 
We The People have united and formed many grass roots organizations across the Nation.
The Tea Party was formed to inform the people what is really happening and to change the direction our Country is headed. There are many patriots who never realized what we had lost over the years, the change was just accepted and the feeling that "I can't do anything about it" spread across the nation. 

Tea Party activists are uniting from shore to shore to return faith and hope. We have done what this administration could and would not do. Our country was divided between two parties, one party wants to control us while the other wants to work with the us they could not come to terms on a single subject. 
We The People have united in a totally bi-partisan manner. People from all the political parties, all races and classes of life have united to take their country back. I never thought I would say this...but we should thank Obama and his cronies for making us see the light and take action to take our country back, instead of sitting idly on the sidelines doing nothing.

November 2, 2010 will be just the beginning of our return to Freedom and the Constitutional values our Founding Fathers laid out for us. Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Tea Party Deanie

Friday, October 15, 2010

Motor Voter Law Being Shredded

Voters Beware - voter fraud will reach an all time high this year. We got rid of Acorn, but their damage was done and most of it has not been undone. Illegal people are registering to vote and there appears to be no cross references to stop it. The DOJ is not prosecuting voter fraud and enforcing the laws of the land. They have made exceptions for states not to send out their absentee ballots on time. By doing so, many overseas soldiers will not receive their ballots in a timely manner to have them returned on or before the election date. What a sin our government can not insure that the men and women, who are so willingly fighting for our Country, will be allowed to vote. If their ballot is returned too late, their vote will not count!

In 1993 President Bill Clinton signed the National Voter Registration Act into law. The NVRA act also known as the Motor Voter Act was established to enhance the Voting opportunities of every American. When applying for a drivers license or renewal you can register to vote. The provision was enacted to make easier access for registration to minorities and underprivileged Citizens. Persons applying for disability or welfare assistance were given the opportunity to register to vote at various public offices including the Department of Motor Vehicles. Thus the nick name of the Motor Voter Law. Mail in registrations were also made available, currently you can register on-line in many states and no ID is required.

Of great importance is Section 8 of the Motor Voter Law, which is being ignored by the US Department of Justice. This section creates requirement for how States maintain accurate and current voter registration lists for federal elections. Persons who have become ineligible to vote due to death or moving from the district must be removed from the local rolls . A person convicted of a disqualigying crime (felony and not regained their Civil Rights) or deemed mentally incapacitated are to be removed from the voter rolls.

One would think with the great electronic technology we now have the lists would be easy to maintain and cross reference files would be formed and be available to all states, so a person could not possibly vote as a dead person, illegal or a felon. Mail-in voting requires no identification.

A group of concerned citizens in Houston, Tx. created "True the Vote", a Tea Party style grass roots effort to stop voter fraud. They began looking into households with more than 6 voters. They discovered most voting districts in this group Republicans had 1,800 and Democrats had 2,400. They discovered one district with 24,000 addresses with more than 6 registered voters per household.

Their findings determined vacant lots had several voters registered. A halfway house with only 8 beds had more than 40 voters for that address. The findings focused on a voter registration group call Houston Votes. Of the 25,000 registrations the group submitted only 1,793 were valid. Other findings True the Vote uncovered were: One lady registered 6 times on the same day; illegals were registered; 1,597 registrations named the same person multiple times, often with different signatures; one  registrar for Houston Votes turned in so many applications in one day it was humanly unfeasible to do. If dead, ineligible felons and illegals are allowed to vote, it is voter fraud.

Whistle blower J. Christian Adams in a recent interview on Fox News revealed that DOJ Julie Fernandez currently supervising the voting section says, "We have no interest in forcing this provision of the law it has absolutely nothing to do with increasing turn out, that it prevented access to the ballot box and we're just not going to do it." The Bush administration filed a case against Miss. and also the New Black Panthers, which this administration dismissed. 
No further voter fraud cases have been brought forth in the Obama administration.       Video

Another DOJ whistle blower, Chris Coates, DOJ former Chief of the Voting Section was subpoenaed by the U.S. Civil Rights Division (CRV and subsequently forbidden to testify by the Department of Justice. Fortunately he did testify before the CRV read his testimony here. He fully supported Adams statements, and a full investigation is underway against the DOJ. 
These two men are true Patriots who stood up against this corrupt government and for the Constitution and our citizens. 

These are just some of the examples of what is going on in voter fraud, and absolutely nothing is being done about it. In my opinion, the reason the DOJ is not prosecuting voter fraud is the Democrats need all the illegal votes they can get in order to win the election this November. If you know of any voter fraud going on in your district, contact your voters league and your district attorney. It is time for a rejuvenation of our justice system, let's be like the "True the Vote" organization and take matters into our own hands.

I do not want to elect officials based on illegal votes. It is my belief that much voter fraud went on in the 2008 elections and it should have been investigated by this administration.
Acorn and the SEIU have close ties to the far left Liberals. Look what we won, an administration based on deceit and lies who want nothing more than to dictate to us how we will live. They are shredding our Constitution and our laws.

Proof of identification should be required on all voter forms and at all voting locations.

If you are mad as heck about this contact your local government and representatives. 
Share you thoughts about this with us.
Tea Party Deanie

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The True Scum of Politicians

Over the years we have seen many slanderous campaigns, but this year we are seeing the worst attacks being used against opponents from both parties.
At the top of the list is the attack by the Florida Democratic party and incumbent US Rep. Ron Klien (D) against Lt. Col. Allen West (R). The West family is experiencing the horror of identity theft!

A slanderous mailer sent by the State Democratic Party to 1,000's of people in Broward and Palm Beach Counties included West's Social Security number. The mailer included a copy of a  2005 Tax Lien, West's wife's name and their address were blacked out but the identifying number (SS #) was not! The lien came from records in Indiana. The debt was paid off 4 months later.

Eric Jotkoff , spokesman for the Florida Democrats had the following to say:
"After making every effort to remove all of Allen West's private information, unlike West who refuses to apologize to Florida's taxpayers for not paying his taxes and his bills, we apologize for the oversight of not redacting this information from the public record included in the mailer. To end, while this mail piece does not explicitly identify any Social Security number, in order to stop the crazy West accusations, we will pay for identify theft monitoring for the next two years." 

Allen West responded in a letter to his Florida constituents:
"Incumbent Ron Klein has just sunk to an unprecedented new low in American politics.  Klein has sent my social security number to voters all across Florida's 22nd Congressional District.
I understand politics is a tough business.  I expect to be challenged about my ideas, my beliefs. But Ron Klein has clearly crossed a line.  Our lawyers are reviewing what legal action is available to my family."

To me this is the most low-down underhanded action any political party can do. Klein is playing the dumb and innocent part, claiming he did not know anything about it.
All the political ads and mailers I have seen say: "I am _______ and I approve this ad."
I guess the Dem Party must have omitted that statement. I find it hard to believe any party or candidate would send out something like that. A full investigation should be made. If they want to play politics like this, then they have no place in our government.

Dems and Republicans alike should be angered by what happened to West and his family. There is no place in government for actions like this. This is truly the action of scum and sewer politics.
Show your support for Allen West, visit his website, show him your support and make a contribution to his campaign to see that this kind of scum does not get elected.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bombshell Set To Explode Over New Black Panther Investigation

In the midst of critical times for the Democratic party to retain control of Congress a new bombshell is about to explode for the corrupt Obama administration. It appears another top official has lied under oath, in an investigation over a case the DOJ dismissed last year.

Most of us know of the great injustice done when the Department of Justice dismissed the case against three New Black Party Members for voter intimidation. For those of you who don't know the history here is a brief rundown of the happenings: Election Day 2008 3 New Black Panther members terrorized white voters entering a polling booth in New Jersey. They were arrested in December, charged under the Bush  administration with voter intimidation. The case was scheduled to be tried under the Obama administration after several delays, the case was finally dropped. The country was infuriated and many felt there was much more to the story, than a mere dismissal of charges. The DOJ seems to be playing reverse racism and has been heard to say they would not try a case of voter intimidation brought on by white voters against a black person or group.

Supposedly there were no politics involved in the controversial case. The case came back into scrutiny with the resignation of Christopher Adams, when he stepped forward and said he was ordered to dismiss the charges against the three NBP members, knowing he had an open and shut case against them. Mr. Adams did the honorable thing by resigning and exposing the truth. What a great loss to our country, he was an honest employee of the US government, a rarity to find under this administration!

Despite many denials, from the Obama administration, that the decision to dismiss had anything to do with politics, it is coming to light that corrupt politics played an important role in the decision. Thanks to the work of Judicial Watch, the truth will be unraveled.

"Attorney General Thomas Perez testified  before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights on May 14, 2010. The Commission, an independent, bipartisan unit of the federal government charged with investigating and reporting on civil rights issues, initiated a probe of the DOJ’s decision to drop its lawsuit. During the
hearing, Perez was asked directly regarding the involvement of political leaders in the decision to dismiss the Black Panther case. And here’s the exchange:"

Testifying before the US Commission on Civil Rights on May 14, 2010 Attorney General Thomas Perez was asked about the involvement of political leaders in the decision to dismiss the case"

Commissioner Kirsanow:  "Was there any political leadership involved in the decision not to pursue this particular case any further than it was?"

Asst. Atty. Gen. Perez:  "No. The decisions were made by Loretta King in consultation with Steve Rosenbaum, who is the Acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General."

Perez also suggested that the dispute was merely “a case of career people disagreeing with career people.”
Judicial Watch has obtained 122 documents that the Obama DOJ is withholding regarding this case. Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit to obtain records related to meetings between Associate Attorney General, Thomas J. Perrelli and White House officials about the NBP dismissal.
Surprisingly on March 26, 2010 Judicial Watch was informed that the DOJ had searched for any such documents, and there no records pertaining to this to this matter.
According to press outlets at least 9 meetings occurred between Perreli and WH officials between Mar. 25 and May 7, 2009. Smelling a cover-up the J W, tiring of the runaround sued.

Deputy Associate Attorney General Sam Hirsch was very much involved in the final decision of this case. He sent or received 58 e-mails regarding this. These emails went through the chain to the top people of the DOJ including Deputy Attorney General David W. Ogden who contributed his current thoughts about the case. Of course Attorney General Holder was involved in this chain of e-mails.

Of interest to everyone; Perez, Rosenbaum, Perreli, Hirsch, Ogden, and Holder who are covering up this scandal are none other than Obama's appointed officials. Loretta King, who is what they call a 'career employee' (hired) seems to be getting a bum rap from all of this. Supposedly she made the decision to dismiss, but was she told by politically corrupt, appointed officials to do so. Christopher Adams was so distraught about the corruption and deceit going on in the Department of Justice, he quit and is now aiding in finding out the truth.

To what lengths will this administration go to deceive the citizens of this Country? Conservatives will surely use this against the Dems in the upcoming elections. This bombshell could not have come at a better time, already on shaky ground the Dems seem to have another crack in their structure! It is people like all those appointed persons who are taking our Country down. Every day since taking office Obama has promised us bipartisanship and transparency, I have yet to see either of them being put into effect. All I see is the exposure of a corrupt government gone wild. The explosion that will happen in November will certainly rock the Socialists who are running this Country. I believe in the days and months to come we will see a burst of corrupt politicians exposed for the conniving cheats and thieves they really are.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

America's Schools: Relenting to Islamic Customs

We can no longer say "One Nation Under God" in our pledge allegiance; Schools are banning Christ from Christmas; Anything religious can not be in school functions; Teachers get sued for praying before a meal at an all adult function; Children are not allowed to pray before eating lunch! This is an outrage. The ACLU stands behind all theses actions and sees they are enforced, they turn the other cheek to the teachings of Islam.
The tragedy of all this is Islam IS being taught in schools and Christianity is NOT!
The school board in California allows 2 days to teach students about Christianity while 2 weeks or more are allotted for the studies of  the Muslim Religion. In the teachings nothing is told to the young students about Sharia Law, Jihad and Terrorism. The dangerous teaching of Islam is spreading across the Country in our schools. They are not being taught the truth about the perils of Islam.

Shortly after the vicious attacks of 911 seventh graders were indoctrinated into the Muslim culture as part of the teachings of European History. In their 2-3 week class, they are forced to role play the Muslim way of life. Believe it or not, they design prayer rugs, take an Arabic name, and recite Muslim prayers tha begin with "In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful." The children are forced to memorize the Muslim profession of faith: "Allah is the only true God, and Muhammad is his messenger." Parents are even requested to partake in the sick role-play at home and pretend they and their children are Muslims.

Outraged parents sued the school district in San Francisco, but an unrelenting Clinton appointed Federal Judge basically told the parents to get over it, the state is only teaching another culture, and that the Muslim role playing was OK in public schools.

The following teaching points are included in the 'Islam: A Simulation of Islamic History and Culture, 610-1100' program to brainwash (not educate) our children:
Students adopt a Muslim name and wear Islamic attire!
Children recite from the Qu'ran!
They participate in mock battles against "Christian Crusaders" and encouraged to praise Allah when the conquer!
Islamic prayers are taught and the kids are encouraged to use Islamic phrases such as "Allah Akbar"! The battle cry of Islamic Victory!
They are told to "Become a Muslim warrior during the crusades or other ancient jihad" during a hands on learning project.

Schools across the country are implementing Islam Customs into their curriculum.
Schools are encouraging Muslim students to pray at school by accommodating them with prayer rooms, special rooms for them to go to during the fasting of Ramadan. The day that ends Ramadan is becoming a school holiday in many districts in this country. Taxpayers are paying for foot baths to be installed in restrooms so children can easily wash their feet and hands before prayer rituals.
Schools are allowed to display a Muslim star and crescent during Ramadan and Menorahs during Hanukkah. Heaven forbid if Christians display anything religious at Christmas in schools or a public facility. What the heck are we doing to the Freedom of Religion and this Country?
Muslims go to court citing First Amendment Rights and win. 
Christians go to court citing First Amendment Rights and loose. 
The ACLU stands behind the rights of Muslims, while they crucify Christianity! 
Christians must stand against this.
It is perfectly proper for Muslims to pull out their prayer rugs and pray in the middle of streets, blocking pedestrians and traffic from their daily routine. Heaven forbid if we disturb the daily rituals of Islam! Christians, Catholics and Jews can not pray in public anymore, but put a scarf or a beanie on your head and pull out a prayer mat and it is acceptable anywhere!

Recently Wellesley Middle school took sixth grade students on a field trip to a local Mosque, one concerned mother volunteered to chaperon. The permission flier sent to parents stated, "During our visit we will get a chance to hear from Islam members of the Cultural Center, learn about the architecture of a Mosque and observe a midday prayer service. According to the mother the students were told of the 'wonderful beliefs' Muslims have, the people at the Mosque were attempting to solicit and brainwash the children. When it came time to observe the prayer service. The girls and females were asked to leave the prayer area, while the young boys remained with the Muslim men. To her horror some of the students actually prayed and bowed down to Allah! Watch this very disturbing video.

It is time we realize what is happening, Muslims quietly came to this Country wanting to change their way of life. They destroyed our Twin Towers and the lives of innocent people. Muslim religion should no be taught in our schools as they are doing. By forcing children to recite Muslim prayers and role play the actions of Muslims is not teaching our children the culture of them.

We have to stop the teaching of Muslim in our public schools! There is no respect being given to the Christians in this Country, when they take Christian beliefs away from our children so we won't offend anyone. The practice and teaching of Islam in our schools is wrong. We should not be catering to these people who come to our Country to live in the freedom of the western world. This is America and they just as others who come here need to adopt our customs. Our president actually endorses the Islam ways and will do nothing to enforce the rules he believes in regarding Christianity in public places. We need to write our Congress and let them know we will not tolerate the Socialistic ways they are taking our Country.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

911 - The Day Our Country United

There is much controversy about Pastor Terry Jones who wanted to burn the Koran on 9-11 to commemorate the victims of the dreadful 911 terrorist attacks. Muslims all over the world held rallies to let us know that Christians and Americans would not be safe. Pastor Jones of the Dove World Outreach Church said he had a message to get out. Word quickly spread through the blogosphere, cable news, even mainstream media and local TV and radio stations quickly jumped on this news.
Christians around the world are plagued with mixed emotions on this subject, others said do it, while others disagreed. Jones has called off the book-burning after receiving a call from defense Secretary Robert Gates. I do hope he sticks to his word.

The horror that unfolded the morning of Sept. 11, 2001 will never be forgotten. 19 al-Qaeda terrorists boarded and hijacked 4 commercial airline flights, headed for long distances, carrying a large amount of fuel. As we all know, 2 planes were diverted directly into the Twin Towers. One plane plunged into the Pentagon. The third plane did not complete its mission as passengers and crew members bravely overtook the hijackers and crashed the plane into an open field in Shanksville, Pa. The speculated direction of that plane was either the White house or the US Capitol building.
All 246 passengers and crew died as did the 19 hijackers; the Twin Tower attacks killed 2,606 innocent people; the Pentagon attack claimed the lives of 125 people who were inside the Pentagon. A total of 2,966 people died, and thousands others were seriously injured, two more deaths were added to the list as a result of the attacks.

For days, months and years after the devastating attacks Americans and the world united in an unspoken bond. For the first time in years Congress came together in a totally bi-partisan unity. America and countries from around the world openly shared their grief. There were people from 70 countries killed at the Towers. Christians, Catholics, Jews, atheists and Muslims shared the pain of their lost loved ones.

Flags were flown at half mast throughout the Country. Stores handed out flags to their customers. Signs were everywhere displaying the anger and anguish we all shared. The world shared our grief and sent letters of condolences and support to the victims families. President Bush vowed to get the Taliban and al-Qaeda, our Country needed restitution for the deadly events of 911. Despite the fact the UN was not behind an immediate infiltration of Iraq, Bush made the decision to go ahead with a military surge. The majority of the Country supported Bush for his aggressiveness, our allies quickly stepped in. The world was united in war with the terrorists.

We Will Never Forget who was responsible for the invasion. Islam Radicals boasted of their deeds. It is a well known fact that Islam wants to conquer our Country. The Koran states they are to conquer and kill infidels. After they have conquered they build giant temples to commemorate their deeds.
We can not let our guards down now or ever, our Country is very vulnerable to terrorists.

I thank God for the actions taken to stop the Koran burning, the consequences would have been severe and could have erupted world violence and terrorism to an extreme we have never seen. I am sure Radical Islams feel they have won another victory. This is not a victory for them or anyone else, this is the RIGHT thing to do. No different than the Muslims wanting to build a mosque at Ground Zero, that is the WRONG thing to do.

I often wonder what Obama would have done after the 911 attacks. From my observations there would have been little if any retaliation. If the Koran burnings take place and violence erupts, would this administration show any form of aggression towards radical Islam? No, I don't believe they would. After all, Obama wanted to go over and talk to Bin Laden. What a joke! Our Muslim backing president does not have the cajones to defend this Country in a terrorist attack or any other kind of attack. Talk and words will NOT stop Islam, they do not believe in any form of peace talks. They will attack us and openly talk about conquering the world. The so to say "peaceful religion" is only peaceful within their own kind. Their ideas that they can get along with the Christian is totally garbage. In Islam countries, they are attacking and brutally murdering unsuspecting Christians. They want no part of any UN and their Humanitarian Committee.

World Peace is still in the distant future. Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize, for what? He wants world peace, but has done nothing to stimulate it, instead he has gone out of his way to destroy our relationship with many of our allies and has elected to tell the world we are not a Christian Nation but a Muslim Nation. I only see us drifting farther from the prospect of World Peace than ever before.

Today, 9 years after the invasion on our Country, we still mourn the innocent lives that were lost. We still wonder what the purpose of the attack was. Did Islam need to show their power or just prove they could invade our Country? It was a warning to ALL AMERICANS AND THE WORLD, we will not let our guards down. As we solemnly remember the victims we must also remember the cause of our sorrows.

God Bless America!


Friday, September 3, 2010

No Tolerance for Muslim Law in USA

We can no longer tolerate the fact that some people just don't believe the threat our country is under. Sharia Law is here! Believe it or not! It is time for our country to stand up and say Sharia Law is not the Law of America, there are no exceptions! We will not bend our laws to make life in the Free World easier for you. You can not go around killing some one and then make us believe it is honorable - It is Deplorable!
With the passing of each day, the United States is coming closer to the threat of Sharia Law. Islam is not religion, it is based on politics. They believe they should conquer and control the world! Sharia means THE WAY. Sharia contains laws for virtually all aspects of life. Their laws are ancient and barbaric, there is no negotiating when in court (if you can call it that). The laws will never be changed, they will stop at nothing to conquer the world. Our country will become a third world country with only a handful of wealthy people.

Creeping Sharia blog reveals interesting facts:
It is illegal for a Muslim to have to pay interest! Yes, it's true and even the IRS acknowledges the fact that the Qu'ran fobids them to pay interest. IRS waived the interest payments of a man on religious grounds. I wonder what would happen if all of us tried that?

The city of NY may make a $70 million tax-exempt loan to the controversial Ground Zero mosque. "This proposal appears to a normal bond situation with bonds paying interest from monies paid by the borrower. However, Muslim teachings forbid the paying of interest. This applies to government as well as private company loans." Why should anyone loan a Muslim money when they do not have to pay interest.

Minnesota bowing down to Somali citizens who want to maintain the culture and Sharia Law of their homeland. This video tells of the threat to the United States Sharia Law is here! Somali taxi cab drivers are refusing to carry passengers who have dogs with them, yes even a seeing eye dog! They will not transport anyone if they have alcohol or bacon.
The local target store hires Somali checkers and moves them to another department because they refuse to touch a pound of bacon. (Another good reason to boycott target.)

Zaytuna College is teaching their students to overtake Our Country.
A new four-year college in Berkely Calif offers only 2 majors; Islamic Law and Religion or the Arabic Language. Zaytuna College hopes to become the first accredited Muslim college in the US. If they receive accreditation it will be easier for students to receive financial aid. The accreditation process takes several years to obtain. To class they bring with them all the customs of Islam: bearded men wearing their skull caps and head scarves for the women;  men and women sit on different sides of the auditorium.

According to Imam Zaid Shakir (Professor and co-founder of Zaytuna) says most of the teachers of Islam received their education in other countries. The following are quotes from Shakir  
  • "Islam has never become rooted in any land until that land had its own Islamic scholars."
  • Jihad is physically fighting the enemies of Islam to protect and advance the religion of Islam. This is jihad.”
  • “Islam doesn’t permit us to hijack airplanes filled with civilian people,”If you hijack an airplane filled with the 82nd Airborne, that’s something else.” Acceptable targets of jihad, he says, include U.S. military aircraft.
All in all we have to understand where the Islams are coming from. A small minority of Muslims came to this Country to escape Sharia Law and to live in the Free World. I wish these 'good Muslims' (if there really are any) would join us in our fight against Islam. The majority of them are not here to be our friends, they are here to conquer us and begin training terrorists in this Country. I realize we have many 'home-grown terrorists' at the present time, but what is in the works is extremely frightening. The Muslims are teaching children at a very young age to practice Jihad. Watch this very disturbing video of a not so innocent, obviously brainwashed three and a half year-old girl. Click on some of the other videos related to this to see how totally devoted the children are. What kind of people would teach children it is good to kill what they call infidels.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Honor Killings In America

"Help! Help! My dad shot me...and now I'm dying!" were the desperate last words of Sara Said to a 911 operator in Lewisville, Texas on New Year's morning of 2008.
The young life's of teen age sisters were taken from them for dating men not of Muslim faith. On New Year's morning their Dad took them off in a borrowed taxi cab. Went to an isolated area, locked  the child locks on the doors, Shot Sarah (17) and her sister Amina Said (18). He left the car and supposedly made a phone call. Sarah still alive called 911, Yaser Said returned to the car and finished her off while she was on the phone! The man has not been seen since. Two teens taken from this world because of family honor.

Honor Killings, sometimes referred to as customary killing, is the murder of a family or clan member by one or more family members (mostly male). The killers believe the victim has brought dishonor to the family. Some of the reasons for honor killing include unacceptable clothing apparel; wanting to terminate or prevent a pre-arranged marriage or preferring a person of their choice; engaging in certain sexual acts, including those with the opposite or same sex. The sicko perpetrators believe defending their honor justifies murder. World wide an estimated 5,000 people (mostly women) are victims of honor killings according to The United Nations Population Fund.
Such killings are primitive, brutal and enacted to make sure the victim suffers.
Honor killings are common in the Middle East and South Asia and compiled mostly of persons of Muslim faith. Honor killings are rapidly moving west with the influx of Islam immigrants.

In Ankara, Turkey a 14 year old begged her father not to kill her after being kidnapped and raped. The cold blooded killer, Mehmet Halitogullari boasted; "I decided to kill her because our honor was dirtied," the newspaper Sabah quoted the father as saying. "I didn't listen to her pleas, I wrapped the wire around her neck and pulled at it until she died" (The Associated Press).

The shame is these convicted cold blooded murderers are proud of what they have done and feel no remorse for their actions. Many times mothers and other family members are present at these murders and even condone what is happening!
"We do not consider this murder," said Wafik Abu Abseh, a 22-year-old Jordanian woodcutter who committed a so-called honor killing, as his mother, brother and sisters nodded in agreement. "It was like cutting off a finger." Abdel Rahim, a convicted killer who was released after two months, also said he had no regrets. "Honor is more precious than my own flesh and blood."

In many countries where Sharia or Islamic Law is present, women are so secluded they do not know what the international or national laws are and hardly ever have a chance to appear in court. Many times the law enforcement just turns a blind eye on these actions or do not enforce just punishment for the murderers of women. Police often cover up for the slain woman's family, or they don't bother file a report.

"It is an unholy alliance that works against women: the killers take pride in what they have done, the tribal leaders condone the act and protect the killers and the police connive the cover-up." Nighat Taufeeq of the women's resource center Shirkatgah (Lahore, Pakistan).

The Western world is waking up to the dangers of Islam and Sharia Law. It is already reaching this country and Canada. While the Us Government appears to be ignorant or blind about the dangers lurking in our country, Canada is doing something about it.
Canada is on the verge of adding honor killings to its federal criminal code, affirming the practice of murdering girls and women who supposedly bring dishonor to a family as "barbaric cultural practices" and "heinous abuses." Besides making honor killings a unique criminal charge, the Canadian government is looking at other strategies to address the gender-based violence, including the launch of television programs that will highlight the consequences of the abuse.

A 19 year old in Illinois was killed by her husband after arguing about her Western style clothing. A 20-year-old in Phoenix who was run over by her father in a parking lot while walking with her boyfriend's mother. A 25-year-old woman in Georgia strangled by her father for wanting out of an arranged marriage. And a 37-year-old in Buffalo, New York beheaded by her husband for wanting a divorce.

People wake up! These are not honor killings they are an act of violent murder that is sanctioned by the Islam culture! Sharia Law has got to stop! The atrocities it represents to women can not continue. If these people do not want to accept our culture then they have no right being in this country. Take your barbaric beliefs and practice them in your own country.

Many people want to leave their country and the Muslim religion but are forbidden, they face being executed for their Christian beliefs. If this administration wants to help the Muslim world so much why do they not help the people who truly want out of the hell they are living in? Where are all the humanitarian groups who are so quick to jump in on matters of little or no relevance as to the precious lives that are being brutally stolen for honor? These people do need our help and prayers.