Sunday, October 3, 2010

The True Scum of Politicians

Over the years we have seen many slanderous campaigns, but this year we are seeing the worst attacks being used against opponents from both parties.
At the top of the list is the attack by the Florida Democratic party and incumbent US Rep. Ron Klien (D) against Lt. Col. Allen West (R). The West family is experiencing the horror of identity theft!

A slanderous mailer sent by the State Democratic Party to 1,000's of people in Broward and Palm Beach Counties included West's Social Security number. The mailer included a copy of a  2005 Tax Lien, West's wife's name and their address were blacked out but the identifying number (SS #) was not! The lien came from records in Indiana. The debt was paid off 4 months later.

Eric Jotkoff , spokesman for the Florida Democrats had the following to say:
"After making every effort to remove all of Allen West's private information, unlike West who refuses to apologize to Florida's taxpayers for not paying his taxes and his bills, we apologize for the oversight of not redacting this information from the public record included in the mailer. To end, while this mail piece does not explicitly identify any Social Security number, in order to stop the crazy West accusations, we will pay for identify theft monitoring for the next two years." 

Allen West responded in a letter to his Florida constituents:
"Incumbent Ron Klein has just sunk to an unprecedented new low in American politics.  Klein has sent my social security number to voters all across Florida's 22nd Congressional District.
I understand politics is a tough business.  I expect to be challenged about my ideas, my beliefs. But Ron Klein has clearly crossed a line.  Our lawyers are reviewing what legal action is available to my family."

To me this is the most low-down underhanded action any political party can do. Klein is playing the dumb and innocent part, claiming he did not know anything about it.
All the political ads and mailers I have seen say: "I am _______ and I approve this ad."
I guess the Dem Party must have omitted that statement. I find it hard to believe any party or candidate would send out something like that. A full investigation should be made. If they want to play politics like this, then they have no place in our government.

Dems and Republicans alike should be angered by what happened to West and his family. There is no place in government for actions like this. This is truly the action of scum and sewer politics.
Show your support for Allen West, visit his website, show him your support and make a contribution to his campaign to see that this kind of scum does not get elected.



  1. It's sad to think the Democrats would stoop this low. National news has stated they would go to any means in order to retain their seats. If these are the people who are supposed to be leading our country I feel we are in big trouble.
    In my opinion they are nothing but a bunch of political cockroaches who need to be exterminated in November. I would feel the same way about a Republican who did this to a Democrat.
    It is time to stand up for our country and young people and take the cockroaches out!

  2. The Dem Party calls that an apology? I think that Klein should be removed from the ticket if that is the kind of supporters he has.
    How could he not have known it is my belief too that every ad is endorsed by the candidate.
    This is an outrage and I will be sending my support to Allen West.

  3. SCUM (I mean big time scum) Has permiated politcs since way back when. You just can't get rid of it and here's why...When a crocadile drain the swamp, we may get rid of a few pesky old alligators but the scum just sinks to the bottom and waits for the water level to rise again. Just look at Pelosi, er, aahhh, just ask Polosi...she said she would drain the swamp (House) but look how corrupt it has become under her leadership.

  4. I am sure there will be a lawsuit over this. If it was me, I would go through every court I could to hurt this person.

    There is no place in society or politics for people to stoop this low. I am sure this will create many future problems for his family.

    I am not a lawyer but I think Klein should be arrested. Although I am not as outspoken as RR I will go along with this one, he is a cockroach.

  5. The Left has clearly lost the Battle of Ideas in this election and they have NO winning agenda, or VALUES, to carry them to victory in most of the voting contests this time atound. Look for the attacks from the Left to increase in volume and foul content these final four weeks.

    Patriotic Americans will not fall for this and won't buy into a battle of hate speech with the Dems.

    ELECTION REBELLION!! Four weeks from tomorrow!! Bring a friend!

  6. Laurence, I do agree with you Patriots will not fall for the far left shenanigans this time around.

    I fear the worst is yet to come, the mudslinging has just begun. The dems don't have anything to run on at he present time. They have got to revert to slander and hope they can bring something out that will ruin a republican candidate and maybe his family in the process.

    Remember when Pelosi said she was going to clean the swamp? Well she managed to fill that swamp with more scum. We will clean the swamp this November.

  7. We will clean up the swamp in Congress and do what the dems didn't. It is beyond me how anyone can stood so low. If I was West I would make sure all the voters in his district know exactly what the dems did to him and his family.

    Two years of identity theft is meaningless now that his identity is at risk and virtually been stolen. This kind of action repels me. I am sure our Founding Fathers never thought either party would do what the dems are doing.

  8. I just heard about this and am very disturbed that something like a persons SS# could be so overlooked that it was sent to thousand of people. I don't think it was an oversight. People in the Fl dem party can't be that stupid.

  9. I agree with Laurance that the Left has lost the "Battle of Ideas" AND they have lost the "Battle of Morality. In their persuit of "social justice" and "the greater good", they have lost all sense of fairness and goodness, They have taken the low road, using hate, lies and defamation to achieve their idealized goal. Van Jones was right,they havde given up their political pose for their radical ends.

  10. I don't think the hate and malice politicians are throwing around is good for their campaigns. The dems just don't seem to be running on anything in particular.

    Sending out fliers with the kind of info just shows the Florida Dem Party isn't doing their homework. The lien was in another state and had been cleared within 4 months. But they didn't include that in their mailer.

  11. Elections have been slanderous for years. This year seems to be the worst. Anything and all they can dig up is being exposed. Most of the really bad mudslinging is coming from the dems. They are not leaving office with honor.

  12. Klein is part of the 'swamp' Pelosi promised to clean up when she became Speaker Of The House.
    I have also heard West's wife's work ID # was on that mailer.
    There is not excuse for this kind of negligence or malice in politics.

  13. Mad Sally's RoommateOctober 10, 2010 at 4:29 PM

    This is a very good article.
    I hope Mr. West will bring in his lawyers and sue. Anyone that would do this to any family should not have a trial. They should not pass go and proceed to jail immediately (as in monopoly). It's despicable what politicians will do.

  14. I haven't heard too much mudslinging from the Conservatives. I know it's there but the Dems have totally lost control and are virtually stooping to the lowest means of demeaning their opponents.
    West is really in a tough situation with the destructive flier sent out. He is a good man and will overcome the callousness of the Dems in Florida. I have heard there are many Dems who are outraged and will not vote for Klein. Looks like the Klein will probably loose due to their own stupidity!

  15. This just goes to show how desperate the dems are. It sure seems with all the laws that congress makes we should be able to control these types of actions. We know nothing will change if we can't change our congress in November. VOTE!

  16. unfortunately this administration has no scruples! they are not going to leave office with grace. The more dirt they sling the easier it is for us to take over in November.

  17. What a bunch of sorry sobs. They could ruin Allen West's life. BS like that is not acceptable in this country. The career politicians are not going down without ruining it for someone else. I say vote them all out and start with fresh ones.

  18. After a stunt like that Klein should withdraw from the race. I am sure Allen West will put him in his place in November.

  19. With less than 3 weeks to elections I think we are going to see so much more smut coming our way.

    In a recent debate between Sen. Klein and Allen West, Klein never spoke about his qualifications or why people should vote for him, all he did was tell people why they shouldn't vote for West. West won the debate.

  20. What do you think about someone from Jerry Brown's camp calling Meg Whitman the "W"??
    I think it is shameful and whoever said it owes her a public apology. then they call Christine McDonnell a witch.
    Sometimes the slander and name calling can turn against them.

  21. April, I think the use of the "W" word is kinda like the mosque at ground zero issue. They have the right to their opinion but is it wise or appropriate to use it? Wonder what the first lady might think about this kind of slander.

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