Thursday, December 30, 2010

Out With The Old, In With The New

2010 saw many changes to this wonderful country. We endured a Congress that truly was not for the good of our Country. They seemed to care less about what the majority of the people wanted.
The Socialists were taking over our Country. The people spoke out louder than ever before. Tea Parties and other grass root organizations formed to create a voice that couldn't be overlooked. Some members of Congress heard our cries and changed their ways, others continued with their selfish, Liberal agenda.

November elections came in like a whirlwind. The far left had no clear direction to head in. Patriots popped up all over the Country, overwhelming the Liberals with their words of truth and belief in our Constitution. Many of them taking oaths to uphold our Constitution. These virtually unknowns literally swept the trash out of the House.

Next year promises to be brighter for the future and welfare of our Country. The new electorates promise us hope and change we can believe in. The 112th Congress has truly been elected by and for the people.

The new Congress knows we will be monitoring their every move. We have come a long way to restoring the values of our Constitution in a very short time. We still have much to do in the next few years, our fight is far from over but we do have a chance now.

As Obama says the Dems took a shellacking in the November elections. Our first step has been overcome, now we must show the disbelievers that we mean business and will not stop until We The People have control our our government.

Government is designed to work with and for the people, not as we have seen in years past against and without us. The next two years promise to be very challenging, although we have control of the House and the ability to control the Senate, we still have a very Socialistic president who can and will quickly veto anything the new Congress presents before him.

We need to give the Congress members our support and continue to let them know how we feel and we WILL BE WATCHING. I have great hope for the future of our Country and feel we are headed in the right direction. I am not saying good-bye to the defeated officials but I will say good riddance to them, and welcome the newcomers with open arms.

My New Year Resolution will be to fight harder for the Freedom of our Country 
for now and especially for the generations to come.
Do you have faith that we will overcome the Liberals Big Government monopoly on our Country?
Happy New Year!
Tea Party Deanie