Thursday, January 6, 2011

From a cotton farm, pizza parlor, car salesman...To Congress

We asked for change and we got it!
November hailed a shellacking for the Democrats and a long awaited victory for the Republicans or should I say the Conservatives, thanks to the effect the Tea Party organizations have.   
Of the 107 freshmen elected to the 112th Congress of the United States of America. We acquired 13 NEW Senators and 94 new House of Representative members were sworn in on Wednesday. Of the 13 new Senators only one was a Democrat! The house gained a whopping 85 new Republicans, while the Democrats only gained 9 new Democrats.

These new freshmen are offering us a breath of fresh air and a simplicity our country desperately needs. We want the new Congress to listen to us and understand our plights! We grew tired of all the old Rinos who only wanted for themselves and not our Country, so we ousted them and hired people who respect this country.
Well Patriots, we got it! This New Congress is very diversified, and at least 35 of them have NO EXPERIENCE in politics! Let me introduce you to some of our new Congress members:

These Patriots come from all walks of life: the Republicans gained 5 new Hispanics, 2 Blacks and 8 women!,
We recently elected 6 doctors, 3 car dealers, 2 funeral directors, a former FBI Agent, a pizza restaurant owner... If that's not diversification for us I don't know what is!

Stephen Fincher is a gospel-singing cotton farmer from Frog Jump, Tennessee. He has never been to college or involved in politics. His campaign slogan was "Plow Congress" he flipped a long time Democratic seat to the GOP.

Ex-Philadelphia Eagles lineman Jon Runyan (R-NJ) when questioned about his lack of political experience replied, “Yes, I have no experience raising taxes over and over again. Yes, I have no experience increasing the debt. Do you really think the people who created these problems are going to be able to solve them?”

Newbie Ben Quayle (R-Az) son of Former VP Dan Quayle fought hard for his win through a nine way fight to win his seat. In an ad he called Obama the "worst president ever" then declared “Someone has to go to Washington and knock the hell out of the place.”

College Rodeo star Rick Crawford (R-Ark) gave up rodeo competition after being seriously injured and accumulating large medical bills. He soon became a well-known rodeo announcer, later using that experience to starting his own farm news broadcasting network. The courageous risk taker was a bomb disposal technician during his stint in the US Army.

Billy Long (R-Mi) owns an auction company and hosts a morning radio talk show. He participated in local political campaigns since the age of nine. Little Bear, his dog, helped his campaign tremendously with this trick: Long would ask, "Little Bear, would you rather be a Democrat or a dead dog?" Naturally the little dog responded by rolling over and sticking his feet up in the air! What a good campaign manager.

Our Country has spoken, we have elected a wide variety of people to represent us. With so many local, state and federal government seats being occupied by individuals with little or no political background our Country is sure to change the direction we are heading. These Patriots ran for office with the belief they could change the direction our country. We chose to elect these people for their belief in the U. S. Constitution. With them they bring a diversity of new ideas and hope for a better government.
To meet more of our New Members of Congress click here or here.

I welcome all the freshmen and returning members to the 112th Congress and pray we will see some partisanship in the Greatest Country On Earth.