Friday, January 14, 2011

The Dems Show Of Civility

It is with great despair and anguish, I am writing this article. My heart grieves for all of the victims of the brutal massacre Saturday at a Safeway store in Tuscon, Az. Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-Az) lays at deaths door after suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. 9 year old Christina Green was fatally shot, her young life cut short by a very disturbed person. Five others also perished in the deliberate attack focused on Gabrielle.

As I sit here today I am terribly disturbed by the reactions of some of our citizens and media. I over heard one person (a Republican no doubt) say, "at least it was a Democrat." The media which strongly supports the Democrats are quick to place the blame on Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Bill O'Reilly and the whole Tea Party Establishment. I don't understand why they want to blame somebody or a group of people for the dastardly actions of one man, Jarad Loughner. At this point in time the motif is very unclear and to make false accusations is insane...on anyone's part!

I worry that this incident will stop all the Town Halls, the street corner or coffee shop gatherings. Congress members are now looking at the safety of their own lives, this should not be happening in this Country, the Land of the Free. They have mingled with their constituents for years, endured various threats, but now the threats have become a reality to them.

It is obvious the shooter has some very serious mental problems, which seem to have been overlooked. In my opinion a mental problem should not be a reason to commit murder. Evidently this assassin had planned this with the full intention of killing Gabrielle Giffords, the others killed or wounded were unfortunately in the wrong place.

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik was quick to pin this shooting on a politically upset citizen. Dupnik said the deadly incident was prompted by anger, hatred, and bigotry in political rhetoric. Shockingly this his slanderous talk against the Conservative talk radio shows, Tea Parties, Sarah Palin etc. came within hours of the bloody massacre in Tucson. Injured were still being transported to hospitals, family members had not been notified and this jerk was making false accusations creating a tidal wave of similar smears coming from the left sided main stream media. On Sunday he continued his smears against gun control, talk show hosts and anyone who doesn't agree with him! It is definitely time for him to shut his mouth and do his job of providing evidence about the real cause of that crime, the maniac murderer Jarod Loughner! How dare this man so blatantly speak out against people and organizations that are trying to restore the Constitutional values our Founding Fathers set forth for us.

We now have members of Congress declaring they will get or already have concealed gun licenses and pack whenever they go out in public. I do not see any reason why a member of Congress should not carry a concealed gun, after all he is also a citizen of this country.  Many members who are against citizens owning guns are already contemplating drastic measures to take our 2nd Amendment away from us.

Terrance Gainer the Senate's sergeant at arms said Tuesday that Congress members don't have the right to carry guns! I thought these men and women who serve our Country have the same Constitutional rights as We The People. I know many of our lawmakers think they are above the law, but in reality they still have the same rights as any other citizen in the US. If the members will feel safer meeting with their constituents if they carry their own weapon I don't think anyone should take that right away from them. I doubt if Gabby was carrying a gun she could have stopped the psycho who in an instant and without any warning changed her life and the lives of so many others. She is an advocate of the 2nd Amendment.

Trent Humphries has become a national target because he is the leader of the Tucson Tea Party! He is getting very real and serious death threats. The "CIVILITY" the democrats are crying for is a complete mockery, these threats are coming from members of their party.

The Blame Game Has Got To Stop!
It is time to take control of the real cause of what this madman did. The problem we need to work on from this tragedy is that of mental health. People are given medications to control their mental disorder and told to go about their life as usual. There is no control over them to ensure they take their medication for theirs and our safety. Un-medicated these people can go off into another world in a matter of seconds. Years ago if you had a mental problem you were banished to the State Mental Asylum until it was proven you could live without being danger to the world.

The weirdo responsible for this tragedy displayed disturbing signs to many people, but nothing was ever done to control his mental afflictions. They signs basically were overlooked by many people he was associated with. It is obvious now that this man acted alone and politics played no role in his decision to attempt to assassinate Gabrielle. This is a case of a pre-meditated assassination attempt and should be treated as such. I don't feel sorry for him. The guy needs to be put out of his misery, and we can do it legally!