Friday, June 4, 2010

Backdoor Obama Strikes Again

How did this get past all of us? Our anti-American leader has pulled another one over us. Last Friday a brief was filed with the Supreme court asking them to make a special exemption for businesses who break the law by hiring illegals.

All states run a criminal check of individuals applying for a business license. The states individually determine what crimes would disqualify a person from obtaining a license. A business owner could have his license revoked if he commits a crime.

I find it interesting that Janet Napolitano, while still governor of Az in 2007 signed a law adding businesses who hired illegal aliens to the list of crimes that could revoke one's license. Whatever made Napolitano sign a bill into law like that and now change her mind?

In Obama's obsession to challenge Arizona's new law he wants the Supreme Court to say that the individual states do not have the right to make their own laws. That's right, he wants to take away a state's right to determine what are crimes! He is trying to take away the right of individual states to uphold Federal laws.

"Those provisions disrupt a careful balance that Congress struck nearly 25 years ago between two interests of the highest importance: ensuring that employers do not undermine enforcement of immigration laws by hiring unauthorized workers, while also ensuring that employers not discriminate against racial and ethnic minorities legally in the country," Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal wrote the Supreme Court. "There is no reason to believe that Congress intended a result that would subvert the purpose and operation of its general prohibition on state sanctions."

I wonder why since there are so many dems in Congress he doesn't just have them pass a new law stating the states can not make it a crime for hiring illegals? Why go through the Supreme Court. Maybe he doesn't think this bill will pass...

Approaching the Supreme Court to rewrite laws is disrespectful to the rule of law. But then when has this administration showed any respect for this country or its laws? It is a Federal Law to be in the US illegally, it is illegal to hire an illegal immigrant.

It more than likely is a ploy to banish the Az law and prove to every one that only the Federal government is authorized to handle immigration issues. We all know how Obama feels about the law.

Let's contact our Congress and let them know we do not approve of this administration,s intrusion into State Laws. This arrogant person wants to control each and every one of us and our States too. I wonder what deceit he will throw at us next?
I can't wait until November - better yet 2012.