Monday, February 7, 2011

The Indians Are Coming

We hear all the time just how secure our borders are. Obama and Napolitano say illegal entry is dwindling, our borders are more secure than ever. Arizona has gone beyond the call of duty and imposed SB1070 to deter the illegals from coming into their state. Our Federal Government sues them, then tell the National Guards stationed along the border they can not detain illegals, they can not carry firearms and they can not confront them. This really makes me feel safe, Obama sent troops to the border but they can not do a darn thing! (Another waste of taxpayer money). The drug traffickers and human smugglers know that our National Guard is not a threat to them.

Our country is now coping with an invasion of people coming here illegally from India. The last 3 months of 2010 650 Indians crossed our borders in Texas, they were taken to detention, interrogated and claimed they were in fear for their lives and were seeking asylum. Many have been released on their own recognizance, with the promise they would appear in court. The majority never appear in court. They were released and free to go anywhere they wanted. Since the mass exodus began last year 1,600 have been detained...up drastically from 2009 where only 99 Indians were caught. It is speculated that possibly a thousand or more have entered our country without being detected. These people pay from $12,000 to $20,000 to smugglers for their nearly month long illegal journey to the US. They are smuggled into Mexico from countries such as Ecuador, Guatemala and Venezuela. Believe it or not Mexico requires travelers from India to have a Visa.

With the astonishing increase in Indian migration the courts have began imposing stricter regulations on them. Most of them say they fear for their lives, and blame the countries political structure. The majority of these people come from poverty stricken countries and speak broken or no English. The judges have began deporting some or putting $10,000 to $40,000 bonds on them, thus they are released and free to go where ever they want until their court date to determine if asylum or deportation should be given.

Recently Radical Muslim Cleric,  Said Jaziri who had been kicked out and banned from Canada and France was caught entering the US in the trunk of a Mexican BMW. He paid a Tijuana smuggling cartel $5,000 to get him anywhere in the United States where he would be safe.

Police officers in Arizona are being told by the cartels to look the other way or die. Gunfire coming from cartel wars in Mexico is in-filtering our border towns. American road workers are being fired upon from the Mexican side. People are being attacked and killed while enjoying a day of boating on border lakes. People protecting their property are being sued by illegals and they are winning! Will justice ever prevail when it comes to illegal lawbreakers?

Meanwhile Janet Napolitano went to Afghanistan to teach them how to secure their borders! What a joke that is, she is no one to talk to them about border security.

Obama wants to give ALL the illegals here amnesty and give them the God given rights of our Constitution and the charity of our welfare system. There can be no talk of amnesty if we can not secure our borders. Just imagine the migration we will have in this country. Our already broken economy and budget can not sustain any more burdens.

We shouldn't be giving asylum to people like the Indians who have no threat on their lives, most of them are so poor, they see a way to come here and enjoy the fruits of our labor. We have got to make the Liberals understand that we can't afford any more free-loaders in this country.

Tea Party Deanie