Friday, May 21, 2010

The Haunting Of Ground Zero

Muslim Terrorists are on the rise in the US. The shocker is that we are discovering they are Home Grown. With so much controversy over the Muslims in this country a fear is growing among our citizens. I realize and want to emphasize that not all Muslims are terrorists, and should not be treated as such.

We know the Twin Towers were blown up on 9/11/01 by Muslim Terrorists. Nearly 3,000 people were killed, 300 of whom were Muslims and many more seriously and permanently injured. Unfortunately that act of terrorism has caused us to be very cautious and critical of the Muslim world.

On 9/11/11, the tenth anniversary of The Twin Towers Bombing a 13 story Mosque is to be opened just 2 blocks from Ground Zero! The "community center" will include a swimming pool, sports facilities, theatre, meeting rooms and a place for some 2,000 to gather for prayer on Fridays. There will also be a Muslim Culture display and will be open to the public. (As they haven't begun construction I do not foresee that date being reached.) I have heard that date was chosen to honor all the victims and families of the tragedy.

Nihad Awad, the Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) stated "building this mosque is the solution not the problem, because Islam calls for rapprochement with other religions and…a culture of moderation."
In an attempt to bring hope to the Muslim Community of NY and all New Yorkers to move on from the 9/11 attack Cordoba House will be built.

Daisy Khan, Executive director of the American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA) says; "For us, it's a symbol, a platform that will give voice to the silent majority of Muslims who suffer at the hands of extremists. A center will show that Muslims will be part of rebuilding lower Manhattan," adding that Cordoba will be open to everyone.

The property was purchased by Muslim investors and is located in a zone that qualifies for the Mosque to be built. They are having problems with the finances but feel certain they will get the funds. Many are speculating where the money may come from and feel any donations should be transparent. The estimated cost of this structure is over $100 million.

There are many people and organizations fighting a Muslim shrine being built just 600 feet from Ground Zero.
A rally against the mosque is planned for June 6, D-Day, by the human-rights group Stop Islamicization of America. Executive director Pamela Geller said, "What could be more insulting and humiliating than a monster mosque in the shadow of the World Trade Center buildings that were brought down by an Islamic jihad attack? Any decent American, Muslim or otherwise, wouldn't dream of such an insult. It's a stab in the eye of America."

Madeline Brooks, a member of the New York chapter of Act! for America, a non-profit organization that "is opposed to the authoritarian values of Islam fascism," believes the Cordoba Initiative's agenda is to co-opt the 9/11 narrative and transform it into a Muslim conquest.
"Is it a victory for Islam over non-Muslims?" she asks. "Is this a feather in his (Rauf's) cap?"
Brooks says she's received hundreds of angry e-mails from people who say they can't believe the audacity of this project. "Why here?" she asks. "Why are you offending and outraging people... stirring up a huge hornet's nest?"

In response Rauf says "This is where we can amplify the voice of the moderates," he says. "We have been condemning terrorism since 9/11; our voices have not been heard."

Awad added that "the Muslims should reassure the American people by disseminating correct information about Islam, which is a religion of peace and love." He also said that "there are supporters and businessmen who are overseeing the [mosque] project, and they are also concerned with putting forward a culture of dialogue."

This center will be open to the public with the hope it will bring in the local tenants and tourists to enjoy their facilities. They also want to teach the American people and people around the world what they're true culture is. They are classifying this as a community project. These people believe Muslim is now an American religion.

Many people from New York do support the Mosque, but most don't respect the location it will be located at. They feel it is like betrayal to the victims and their families of 9/11. Ground Zero is considered sacred ground by millions of people and the arrival of the Mosque in the neighborhood has brought much horror to them. Why should we honor the Muslim faith when that faith has done so much to harm us and our country?

I believe there are many wonderful Muslims in America and they have a terrible road ahead of them. Most of us do not know or understand their religion and at this point we don't care to. All we know is that Muslims attacked our country on our soil; killed our brothers, sisters, Moms, Dads and children. The attacks are becoming more in number and many fear for their safety.

Can we find it in our hearts to forgive the honest decent Muslims for the acts of a Nation who holds contempt against us?  The Mosque may be a good idea, but should be located somewhere not overlooking Ground Zero.
For the sake of humanity I think we should distinguish between the two groups.