Friday, June 18, 2010

Despite Backlash Jan Brewer Stands Her Ground

Arizona's new immigration law has reached new highs. Not only are there protesters against the law, but supporters of the law are gathering in every state. The controversial law is setting forth precedents for other states to follow. Michigan, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania are a few states with legislation before their state congress. Texas along with other states are planning to introduce similar laws in the near future.
There is an overwhelming majority of American Citizens who are strongly want a law similar to Az to be enacted in their states.

The SB 1070 is already working! Although an accurate count can not be made at this time, one school district (still in session) said parents of 70 students yanked their kids out of school citing the new law as the reason. According to Homeland Security in 2007 a mass exodus of 100,000 took place, after Arizona enacted a similar law to this one. Reports of illegals saying no one will pick them up for day labor, they don't want to be harassed, it's racism are among the remarks being used from people leaving Arizona.

Sorry folks, it's the law! States have the duty to uphold Federal Laws and it is illegal to be in this country without proper documentation. Arizona is simply doing what the Federal Government refuses to do. Get with it and quit crying, go back to your cherished homeland you do not want to give up! Don't go to another state, soon that state too will wake up and give you the boot! More and more the citizens are waking up to the added expense the illegals are costing us. We don't want your drug dealers, kidnappers, murderers, human traffickers and illegals in this country. Obama wake up, your desire for amnesty for all illegals can not and should not happen!

Arizona has several law suits pending action. Organizations such as the ACLU, the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund, the National Immigration Law Center, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, ACLU of Arizona, National Day Laborer Organizing Network and the Asian Pacific American Legal Center (a member of the Asian American Center for Advancing Justice) have filed federal a lawsuit against the state's sheriffs and county attorneys.  Related article

There are many other lawsuits coming forth from Az police, a legal citizen from DC, illegal immigrants, the city of Tuscon and other organizations.   Related article

Arizona's Attorney General Terry Goddard (D) strongly opposes SB1070, and is named in the lawsuits. Gov. Brewer(R) believes there will be conflicts of interest if he is to represent the State of Arizona. Both are running on their respective parties tickets for Governor   Related article

It is not official yet, but Hillary Clinton announced Thurs. 6/17/10 that The Department of Justice is filing suit against Arizona. She announced it on Ecuador TV. Apparently Clinton does not have the authorization to make such an announcement.

Besides the lawsuits to contend with Governor Jan Brewer has to deal with the support of all the illegal last year Arizona dished out a whopping $2.7 billion. The state also has to deal with all the drug cartels and human traffickers. The border towns are on constant alert to watch for the danger. The citizens of her state overwhelming want border security. Cries for help go unanswered from the Federal Government.

Yesterday was two weeks since the 'anointed one' blessed her with a few minutes of his time. Within the last two weeks he was supposed to send a committee to assess the situation along the border. As is common with Slow Show Obama nothing has been done. Quite a while back the border states were promised 1200 troops and allocated $5 million. I think the troops are now aiding the Gulf Coast States, to heck with Arizona!

Arizona is introducing another bill that the state will not issue birth certificates to Anchor Babies. Read my previous article "Deporting US Citizens" about the 14th Amendment and it's proposed meaning.

Cities, States, and organizations are boycotting Arizona for doing what the Federal Government Refuses to do! has a petition to boycott ALL the Boycotters of Arizona. Show your support, sign the petition now!

I believe the companies, individuals, cities and states who are against Arizona and their strong stance on illegal immigration do not want the borders closed. They are trying to pass amnesty for ALL the illegals, which in the end will destroy this great country. For years the Socialistic Democrats have fought for illegal rights. It is time to stand up against them and let our Congress members know we don't want amnesty for the illegals. That can not be even discussed until we have SECURED OUR BORDERS. If we started amnesty and leave the borders open, we will be consumed with illegals.

Since when does an illegal have the right to sue a state in which they are living? I think that is an outrage and a farce to our justice system. There should not be any laws that protect the rights of illegal lawbreakers. Immediate deportation should be enacted as soon as an illegal is identified. This sleazy administration needs to get on the ball and whip this country back together. Read the understand the Constitution Congress don't make us another Socialistic third world country.