Saturday, January 30, 2010

A New Future

mThere has been so much talk about the State Of The Union Address that Obama with his usual flair of eloquence gave on Wed night in only 70 short minutes. The sad thing is no one seems to be talking about the wonderful GOP Response given by Governor Bob McDonnell (R-Va). In a few minutes he summed up Obama's speech and showed the same flair of eloquence as Obama but with sincerety. I fear the delay between the Prez's speach and McDonnell's was too long and some people didn't want to hear the recap on Obama and clicked the TV off. Maybe many people flipped him off during the long and dull speach. The person most enjoying it seemed to be Nancy Pelosi.

Gov. Bob McDonnell was recently sworn in following a special election, which started the upset of the Dem party and the beginning of the Grand New Party (GNP). A Revolution is beginning.

Although encouraged with Obama's talk on unemployment, McDonnnell said "1 in 10 American workers is unemployed. That is unacceptable." Not actually condeming the current administration he went onto say "Good government policy should spur economic growth, and strengthen the private sector’s ability to create new jobs."

The Gov. talked about Health Care and agreed we need to reform it stating "Republicans in Congress have offered legislation to reform healthcare, without shifting Medicaid costs to the states, without cutting Medicare, and without raising your taxes." Implying the partisan Dems carried out all the negotiations without any support from the Repubs. The Repubs solutions are not 1,000 pages and would be read by all and not tax us to death.

McDonnell brought up the near disaster on Christmas Day and commented on the beliefs of the majority. "This foreign terror suspect was given the same legal rights as a U.S. citizen, and immediately stopped providing critical intelligence. As Senator-elect Scott Brown says, we should be spending taxpayer dollars to defeat terrorists, not to protect them." I wish more of our Administration had those feelings.

On the Administrations  handling the banks, auto industry and even small businesses he had this to say, "Top-down one-size fits all decision making should not replace the personal choices of free people in a free market, nor undermine the proper role of state and local governments in our system of federalism."

Realizing the fears the citizens of the United States have about the direction this Country is headed, he stressed we shouldn't be. "Some people are afraid that America is no longer the great land of promise that she has always been. They should not be."  I am afraid we will fear for this Great Country if major changes aren't made this year.

His closing statements talked about the beginning of a new future for our wonderful United States of America, Land of the Free.

"Our Founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to create this nation. Now, we should pledge as Democrats, Republicans and Independents--Americans all---to work together to leave this nation a better place than we found it.
God Bless you, and God Bless our great nation."

These are just a few of his remarks. It was very encouraging to hear someone who happens to be hearing what we are saying.
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The People Of Massachusettes Have Spoken

On Tues. Jan. 19, 2010 the United States was sitting on pins and needles as we awaited the election returns for the special US Senate seat in Massachusettes. An Independent Scott Brown was running on the Repub ticket against Martha Coakley the well known Dem candidate. From the beginning the odds were against Brown, as the election drew near, the Dems realized they were in trouble. Mass. is predominately a Democratic State. The seat up for grabs was the one occupied by the legendary Ted Kennedy for 46 years.

The citizens of Mass. came together and took this Country by surprise, they had the courage to stand up for their strong beliefs and say they were fed up with the current administration.

Brown is an Independent who ran with the Republican party. His overwhelming victory has stunned the world.

"As state Senator, Scott Brown has led the fight in Massachusetts against wasteful government spending and higher taxes. He is a free-market advocate who believes our strength as a nation flows from its people. He believes in a culture of family, patriotism and freedom. At his September 12 announcement of candidacy for the U.S. Senate, Senator Brown articulated a core set of beliefs that guide his thinking.

•Government is too big and that the federal stimulus bill made government bigger instead of creating jobs
•Taxes are too high and are going higher if Congress continues with its out-of-control spending
•The historic amount of debt we are passing on to our children and grandchildren is immoral
•Power concentrated in the hands of one political party, as it is here in Massachusetts, leads to bad government and poor decisions
•A strong military and vigorous homeland defense will protect our interests and security around the world and at home
•All Americans deserve health care, but we shouldn't have to create a new government insurance program to provide it"

Sounds too good to be true, we now have an Independent person who was elected on the Republican ticket with the same beliefs we the people have. The change we want is coming to DC.

Scott Brown comes to the US Senate with new hope for all the people of America. He was little known throughout the Country, until the real Patriots of the Country discovered him. The Republican Party realizing what a critical vote this was began pushing his campaign, Patriots across the Country began to feal his beliefs are real and not just a lot of promises.His record as State Sen proves that. Brown fought State Government for the beliefs of his constituents. The support for him came as a big surprise to the Dems, they tried to save the election, but failed.

There is already talk on both sides of the party to revamp their political strategies, could this be the beginning of a bipartisan government? Will both parties move towards the center for the good of all the Country?

I believe he will be the first of many free advocates to enter the political arena this year. The people are finally being heard. Yes change is coming if we all work together and have the courage of the people of Mass. voters. They appeared at the polls in record numbers on a miserable snowy day for a special election. They realized just how 'special' this election was. It could be the turning point for the future of this Country.