Saturday, December 18, 2010

Scrooge, Grinch or Santa Claus

With a failing economy, high unemployment and uncertainty in our government many people are struggling to get by this Christmas. People are spending money this year on presents but not like they did in years past. As owner of a small mobile home park, we do our best to help our tenants when they are down. We have a policy of making payment arrangements, giving families with limited funds gifts for their children. We have deferred payments and loaned upstanding tenants money until January when they received their income tax returns. Many of these friends and neighbors are struggling exceptionally hard this year. Churches and organizations that used to help needy families do not have the funds this year. Unfortunately our funds are at a lower level this year and we can not do as much as we have in the past. It breaks my heart to see the anguish on their faces when they are unable to do for their children.

This year our country has more families than ever before needing help to have a good Christmas for their children. A post office in New York who receives Santa letters and does their best to see that the children get their wishes says they have received about 20% more letters this year. Many of the letters from children are not asking for something for themselves or for toys, one child wants a coat for Mama; another wants a job for Daddy; some are asking for warm clothes to wear.

Our small community has a Toys For Tykes program every year at Christmas. It is well organized by the volunteer fire department, I have heard they have more needy children on their list this year than ever before. Every little bit helps, so give what ever you can to programs like this, the Salvation Army, local food banks and don't forget Toys For Tots!

We know what Christmas is about, the sharing and giving to others and the celebration of Jesus' birth is most joyous. Young children know we are celebrating 'Baby Jesus' Birthday" but they do associate the new toys with the reason for the season. They still believe Santa will bring them what they want, they don't understand that Santa is broke this year.

It terribly disgusts me when I see people flaunting the money they have at this time of year especially when so many are doing without. The first lady of this country purchased a vintage dress from a second hand store to wear to a Christmas program, the estimated price tag is $2500. Imagine what kind of wonderful inexpensive toys that could buy for 100s of  1,000s children who are in need this year. What ever happened to her philosophy the the needy in this Country would not do without?

Secret Santas are popping up all over the Country. A Salvation Army Pot at the K-Mart in Fort Oglethorpe, Tennessee brought in $5,500 in one hundred dollar bills. Another Kettle in front of Walgreen's in Joplin, Missouri contained Five $20,000 cashiers checks from Santa Claus. The checks were folded and wrapped with a smaller bill. Another anonymous Santa left $40,000 for the food bank in New Hope Minnesota.

Their generosity is incomparable to the actions of our greedy government. The pork in the bills they are trying to pass has got to stop. Why should we give money to study pig shit, contaminated grapes, the study of prostitutes in China (maybe Japan), stupid mice on an uninhabited island or $6 billion for the creation of ethanol which will increase our food supply cost? If we need to have any pork in our bills, we should use it to educate the uneducated and put them in the work place; create jobs for the unemployed, or just give it to charities who will distribute it in a justified manner. We have many highways and bridges across this Country that are in dire need of repair, we could create many jobs by using some of the unnecessary pork to fund projects like this.

Sadly this year, this Country is now seeing many changes that not for the best interest. Many people are so depressed they can not hold a job, people have given up looking for work creating hardships for the taxpayers, they have no incentive to go out and get a job. Desperate people are turning to stealing to get some of the necessities they need or want. Someone stole hundreds of toys from a drop off center for Toys For Tots. A Salvation Army bell ringer stole his days take from the kettle. Two teenage girls mugged a 74 year old lady in a mall parking lot, they got only $65. Holiday crimes are unfolding across this country. The Grinches are stealing Christmas from the needy in this country in record numbers.

People see the Scrooges of our Country spending more and more taxpayers money foolishly, they are becoming mad and don't know which direction to turn. Seniors on Social Security are not receiving a cost of living raise for the second straight year, yet Congress votes to increase their own salaries. Congress is already overpaid and their self imposed raise could easily be dispersed into the nearly defunct SS account. Congress votes to send relief aide to many Countries around the world who do not appreciate what we do for them. It is time we distribute some of this charity to the citizens of this Country who do appreciate it.

If you can afford it, please give to one of the many organizations that are trying to see that no one does without this year. The change you drop in the Salvation Army Kettle is put to good use. The toys you donate are distributed to children who would not otherwise see a gift this year.

Remember this is the season to give and to share with others. Share your joy and compassion with those less fortunate than you. A couple dozen cookies given to a children's shelter or a nursing home will be rewarded with smiles of gratitude. An inexpensive toy dropped in a donation bin may be the only present a young child receives this year.The man who just shot the gunman at the Florida school board is known as Santa Claus spends his spare time collecting toys and fixing them up to give to the needy children in his community. Any small thing you can do will bring tears of joy to those less fortunate.

 Will you be a Santa, Scrooge or a Grinch this year?
God Bless One And All - Have a Very Merry Christmas!
Tea Party Deanie