Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Road to Recovery

The future of this Country is ours for the taking. The Election Rebellion created quite an uproar in DC. Many Dems and Rinos were given their pink slips. To the dismay of the Democrats, the House of Representatives quickly changed hands, we have gained six seats in the Senate. Republican governors have taken over the states. Knowing all this we are still in a state of euphoria! Unfortunately many of the hardcore Left Wing Socialists remain in office to support Obama's tyrannical agenda.

Will these Constitution shredders have any pull with Obama during the next two years?

I believe they will have much pull and will use what ever means necessary to push their Socialistic agenda forward. Since our victorious election, Obama and Reid have said they want to work with the Republican Party. The same people who locked doors in the faces of Republicans and refused to work with them in the past NOW want to work with us. I do not trust them for a minute, I fear they will continue to sneak things in on us and do all they can to slander the Republican Party. It is my understanding the remaining Dems desire to continue with their ongoing agenda despite what the people want. They still aren't listening to We The People.

In a show of humbleness Obama tried to instill in the minds of the people that he had learned his lesson and things would have to change in DC. Supposedly he has seen the light and has decided his job is to  
"look at all ideas coming across the table." I still wonder why he couldn't realize this two years ago... when the people began telling DC what they wanted. He clearly dispelled any prospect of transparency or bipartisanship.

Obama says he will be "Happy to look at GOP on healthcare." Very few items (if any) the GOP favored on healthcare were included in the bill. Obama and his administration made it clear to the Country our ideas and concerns were invalid. It would be his way no matter what the consequences. November 2nd showed him the consequences of their Socialistic ways.

Obama went on to say "People don't want us to re-litigate what we did the past 1 1/2 years." 
Would you like to change your mind on that statement Mr. Obama? There you go again telling us what we want. We the people do not want your healtcare and would welcome the opportunity to re-litigate it. This is one bill that should never have been passed and hopefully will be repealed. Most people in this Country do realize we need healtcare reform, and do acknowledge the fact that certain parts of the bill are good. We Did Not and still Do No want government takeover of our healthcare system. If the not-so-arrogant-one really wants to work with and listen to the people he will jump in with the Republicans and Repeal or Reform the greatest injustice he did to us.

In my opinion, one of the most absurd statements he made was,
"I've been willing to compromise in the past. I'm willing to compromise in the future." 
Please tell me if I am wrong, but I can not think of one position he took that he compromised with us.

I believe his 'humbling speech' was a clear attempt to change peoples' minds about him. Mr. Obama takes the election results as a personal threat to his future. He is already on the campaign trail for 2012! This is just a show of what we will hear from him during the next two years.

Let us not fall for his laced words, the man still believes he rules this country! He can not and will not change his arrogant ways overnight. Patriots do not let yourselves be deceived by his sudden display of humbleness, I believe it was all a show for the citizens to change their views about him. The next two years our elected officials have to accomplish all they can to right the wrongs of the previous two years. We The People have to continue our work to educate those around us to the Socialistic ways of this president. We did win a victory, but the real victory will be won in 2012. 

I would like to hear your views on the infamous Obama defeat speech.