Friday, August 27, 2010

Honor Killings In America

"Help! Help! My dad shot me...and now I'm dying!" were the desperate last words of Sara Said to a 911 operator in Lewisville, Texas on New Year's morning of 2008.
The young life's of teen age sisters were taken from them for dating men not of Muslim faith. On New Year's morning their Dad took them off in a borrowed taxi cab. Went to an isolated area, locked  the child locks on the doors, Shot Sarah (17) and her sister Amina Said (18). He left the car and supposedly made a phone call. Sarah still alive called 911, Yaser Said returned to the car and finished her off while she was on the phone! The man has not been seen since. Two teens taken from this world because of family honor.

Honor Killings, sometimes referred to as customary killing, is the murder of a family or clan member by one or more family members (mostly male). The killers believe the victim has brought dishonor to the family. Some of the reasons for honor killing include unacceptable clothing apparel; wanting to terminate or prevent a pre-arranged marriage or preferring a person of their choice; engaging in certain sexual acts, including those with the opposite or same sex. The sicko perpetrators believe defending their honor justifies murder. World wide an estimated 5,000 people (mostly women) are victims of honor killings according to The United Nations Population Fund.
Such killings are primitive, brutal and enacted to make sure the victim suffers.
Honor killings are common in the Middle East and South Asia and compiled mostly of persons of Muslim faith. Honor killings are rapidly moving west with the influx of Islam immigrants.

In Ankara, Turkey a 14 year old begged her father not to kill her after being kidnapped and raped. The cold blooded killer, Mehmet Halitogullari boasted; "I decided to kill her because our honor was dirtied," the newspaper Sabah quoted the father as saying. "I didn't listen to her pleas, I wrapped the wire around her neck and pulled at it until she died" (The Associated Press).

The shame is these convicted cold blooded murderers are proud of what they have done and feel no remorse for their actions. Many times mothers and other family members are present at these murders and even condone what is happening!
"We do not consider this murder," said Wafik Abu Abseh, a 22-year-old Jordanian woodcutter who committed a so-called honor killing, as his mother, brother and sisters nodded in agreement. "It was like cutting off a finger." Abdel Rahim, a convicted killer who was released after two months, also said he had no regrets. "Honor is more precious than my own flesh and blood."

In many countries where Sharia or Islamic Law is present, women are so secluded they do not know what the international or national laws are and hardly ever have a chance to appear in court. Many times the law enforcement just turns a blind eye on these actions or do not enforce just punishment for the murderers of women. Police often cover up for the slain woman's family, or they don't bother file a report.

"It is an unholy alliance that works against women: the killers take pride in what they have done, the tribal leaders condone the act and protect the killers and the police connive the cover-up." Nighat Taufeeq of the women's resource center Shirkatgah (Lahore, Pakistan).

The Western world is waking up to the dangers of Islam and Sharia Law. It is already reaching this country and Canada. While the Us Government appears to be ignorant or blind about the dangers lurking in our country, Canada is doing something about it.
Canada is on the verge of adding honor killings to its federal criminal code, affirming the practice of murdering girls and women who supposedly bring dishonor to a family as "barbaric cultural practices" and "heinous abuses." Besides making honor killings a unique criminal charge, the Canadian government is looking at other strategies to address the gender-based violence, including the launch of television programs that will highlight the consequences of the abuse.

A 19 year old in Illinois was killed by her husband after arguing about her Western style clothing. A 20-year-old in Phoenix who was run over by her father in a parking lot while walking with her boyfriend's mother. A 25-year-old woman in Georgia strangled by her father for wanting out of an arranged marriage. And a 37-year-old in Buffalo, New York beheaded by her husband for wanting a divorce.

People wake up! These are not honor killings they are an act of violent murder that is sanctioned by the Islam culture! Sharia Law has got to stop! The atrocities it represents to women can not continue. If these people do not want to accept our culture then they have no right being in this country. Take your barbaric beliefs and practice them in your own country.

Many people want to leave their country and the Muslim religion but are forbidden, they face being executed for their Christian beliefs. If this administration wants to help the Muslim world so much why do they not help the people who truly want out of the hell they are living in? Where are all the humanitarian groups who are so quick to jump in on matters of little or no relevance as to the precious lives that are being brutally stolen for honor? These people do need our help and prayers.