Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stop Obama's Socialism - Make Your Vote Count in 2012

Before the 2008 elections Obama created such dysfunction in the political arena he was able to "Wake The Sleeping Giant." With another critical election looming in the near future we are resorting to the pre-Obama days. Mid term elections spawned a Republican upset in Congress and had much unity and enthusiasm from the voters. It seems to me that we have lost that unity although we are enthusiastic about electing a Conservative President.

We had 11 contenders running for president in 2008. This year we have a total of 18, many of whom have already dropped out or will, leaving 8 major candidates. I fear that the upcoming presidential election will be much like the previous one for the Republicans. Citizens are so divided as to who we want to elect, there is much bickering and slander going on amongst the candidates and the voters. Many are devoting themselves to the idea that a miracle will happen and such hopefuls such as Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Allen West and Marco Rubio will at the last minute jump into the race.

Wake up Patriots, elections are right around the corner and we don't have time for all the confusion that we experienced in 2008. We can't waste our time on the hopefuls and wanna-be's, or all the mud slinging that is going on. I hear many people say if their choice isn't nominated they will not vote. That attitude will not win the Presidency for us. Remember 2008, many Republicans were so upset their candidate didn't get the nomination they wouldn't vote for McCain. We gave the election to Barrack Obama.

The mass confusion has got to stop. The last election saw only 2 major contenders for the Democrats and voters really only had 2 people to devote their energy on, this year so far the only major candidate is Barrack. There is no doubt who the Dem voters will devote their money, strength and energy on!

With less than a year from the most important election we must unite, choose and support a candidate who CAN BEAT OBAMA. I realize we all think our choice is the best, but we seem to be devoting our time to cutting down the opponents instead of looking at their accomplishments, qualifications and strengths to overtake Obama.  
Popularity has no part in this election!

Just like us the candidates appear to be set on beating and belittling each other that they have forgotten who their real competitor is. Obama is the real threat and just loves to see us so divided, we are playing into his hands if we continue down the path we are going.

The right person is out there and it will be one of theses candidates, but they will get no where if we stay so divided. In 2008 Obama spent all his time campaigning for president, not beating Hillary. McCain spent most of his time campaigning for the Republican Nomination, not campaigning for President.
It appears to me we have forgotten that the campaign isn't against ourselves, 
it is against Obama and the Liberals.

The bashing of each other at the debates isn't telling us anything except that some one screwed up in the past. They better start telling us what they can and will do for this Great Country we call the Land of the Free before our Freedom no longer exists.

Each and every vote will make a difference for generations to come.
Tea Party Deanie