Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sex Changes To Be Paid For By Taxpayers

This politically correct country has gone crazy. The wacky city of Berkeley, California is now contemplating the idea of paying for their employees to have SEX-CHANGE OPERATIONS! I am disgusted with the idea that any person would want to go through such a procedure. Even more appalling is the idea that a city would actually condone such an act and pay for it!

Berkeley faces $252.8 million in deficits for pensions, disability and worker's comp. Instead of putting money into a budget to fill pot holes or improve the city they are considering the idea of putting $20,000 in a yearly fund to pay for Sex Reassignment Surgery. Sex Change Surgery can cost as much as $50,000.
Some companies have insurance policies that cover Trans-gender Care, the city's healtcare provider does not offer coverage for this.

Of course there are stipulations to be awarded this benefit:
  • It is a first come first serve basis. 
  • An employee would have to have worked for the city in their desired gender and never switched back to their God Given Gender for one year. 
  • They have to receive continuous hormonal therapy treatment for the same period.
The grotesque proposal scheduled to be voted on Jan. 18th was pulled from the agenda pending further investigation. The vote is rescheduled for Feb. 15th. Berkeley, with three quarters of the voters registered as Democrats, has long been known for some of its wacky laws and the traditions of progressive politics has included a ban on nuclear weapons and a law forbidding the declawing of cats.

The city has nine benefit categories funded at only 77%, and yet they think they should forgo the benefits for employee pensions, etc. and just give some freak $20,000 to change their sex!

My personal opinion is that the choice to change your sex is immoral, very degrading and should not be placed on the tax payers of any city or state to fund. This should be the responsibility of individual persons to fund. A sex change operation is an elective surgery and should not be the burden of taxpayers or added to the cost of holders of insurance policies.
I personally believe in natural and holistic health care for myself. Most insurance companies will not cover the cost of homeopathic care or treatments. What the hell is this country coming to when an insurance company will cover something that is not a physical or natural disorder?

San Francisco has for a long time given their employees Trans-gender Care, the premiums of all employees has risen just because of this coverage. Many years ago all women had to have maternity even if they have had a hysterectomy and could not get pregnant. I do not see the logic in any of this.

This makes me mad to think that for a handful of people I will be forced to pay for something I do not believe in. Do you think city's and state's should pay for such things as this? If I lived in Berkley and discovered my tax money was going to pay for this kind of surgery I would be raising all kinds of hell and more than likely move.

Tea Party Deanie