Friday, November 19, 2010

Government Supports Sharia Law - No Pat Downs

 TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has enacted stiff new laws for airport screening, much to the chagrin of many travelers. As the days go by we are hearing more horror stories about uncalled for invasions to a persons personal body parts. The full body scan is very invasive to many people and they are opting out for various reasons. When they opt out or are in airports without full body scanners, they are given a body pat down. A Homeland Security newly enacted law allows TSA workers to do a complete body pat down. TSA agents are not telling the people what or when different body parts will be invaded by them.

I just read a blog written by a young mother traveling with her infant son who went through all the standard procedures she had endured on previous trips. After the agents went through all her carry-on belongings she was told to stand with her legs apart for a pat down. The agent did NOT inform her of the new law or what she was going to do. I can only imagine the humiliation this young woman went through. She was NOT told she could have the pat down done in a private room.

After the screening and body search was complete and she was told she was free to move on,  "I stood there, an American citizen, a mom traveling with a baby with special needs formula, sexually assaulted by a government official. I began shaking and felt completely violated, abused and assaulted by the TSA agent." The young mother has posted the whole story on her blogsite,
Our Little Chatterboxes  Please read it and let her know you stand behind her. She has Patriotically contacted her attorney. She has a final thought to share with all of us; “It is acceptable and encouraged that a TSA government official can do something to an American citizen that US military personnel cannot do to a member of the Taliban.”

In another TSA related incident a 71 year old man had his pants yanked down to his ankles in front of other travelers! The man had an artificial knee but the uncaring agents eager to exercise their authority without any warning to the man humiliated the man so much he did not make his 50th anniversary trip to Florida with his wife. Watch the video of this man's ordeal.

These are just a few of the atrocities inexperienced TSA agents are putting travelers through.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has informed Muslim travelers to where their hijabs when traveling and to exercise their Sharia Law rights: “It is a violation of clear Islamic teaching that men or women be seen naked by other men and women,” the ruling states. “Islam highly emphasizes haya (modesty) and considers it part of the faith. The Qu’ran has commanded the believers, both men and women, to cover their private parts.” Women are told only to allow a pat down of their head and neck Supposedly Homeland Security is making exceptions for the Muslims, they will NOT be subject to full body scanners and full or partial body pat downs.

It is deplorable to think that a Catholic Nun must go through the scanners and pat downs but a Muslim will not be subjected to them. I do believe it is against Catholic religion to be sexually assaulted by anyone in any manner. Where are their religious rights?
From a very young age we are taught not to let anyone see or touch our personal parts. Now we are told to let complete strangers do just that! The morals we were taught as young people are being stripped from us by the government and because we apparently do not have any laws forbidding us to expose ourselves to strangers our right to privacy is being ignored. Elderly women are particularly modest about showing their private areas to anyone. This type of screening can leave devastating effects to those who have any sense of modesty.

CAIR is sending a message out to terrorists, be sure to wear your hijabs when traveling, you will not be subjected to a search and you can also insist that you will pat down your head and neck and then let them test your hands for any explosive residue that may be hidden in your scarf. Although it is not common in the Muslim world for women to carry out terrorist acts, what's to say that the men will not dress as women and insist they do their own pat downs.

It is frightening to think innocent Americans who love this country will go through these ordeals 
and the very people we are fighting will not be subject to the searches. 
Is our government more concerned with the wishes of the Muslims and their rights 
or are they afraid to deny the Muslims and Sharia Law?

Tea Party Deanie