Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DOJ Distorts The Tenth Amendment

Texas recently passed a law to require voters to have a state issued photo ID. As with anything else that is good for the States and Citizens the Obama administration rejects the idea of photo IDs. Naturally the Department of Justice (DOJ) says this law would discriminate against African-Americans, Hispanics, people of low-income and college students.
Texas joins South Carolina who is already battling with the DOJ over their new photo ID Law.

In October of 2011 The Washington Post ran an article titled Five Myths About Voter Fraud.
1. We need state voter ID laws to prevent fraud.
2. Requiring identification at the polls affects all voters equally.
3. The new laws are cheap for states and voters.
4. There’s no way to fight photo ID restrictions.
5. Perpetrators of voting fraud don’t face serious legal consequences.
Please read the article to see why the Left doesn't want photo ID enacted.

In my opinion state voter ID will decrease fraud at the polls. States are still giving ballots to "dead people". James O'Keefe is still on the trail of voter fraud. You may remember his video of "Primary of the Living Dead" filmed in voting polls in New Hampshire. The left was furious and demanded his arrest. They must really be furious now that New Hampshire State Senate passed a new bill requiring voter ID.
Just today, the day after the DOJ declared Texas photo ID Bill illegal O'keefe released a new video about the primary election in Vermont. Once again they were given ballots for persons who recently passed on. They were never required to show their ID, although while checking into a hotel, going to a bar and applying for a marriage license they were required to show photo IDs.

Most states require a resident to present proof of U.S. citizenship to obtain a photo ID. Such as:
    ―A certified birth certificate*
    ―A valid U.S. passport
    ―A consular report of birth abroad
    ―A certificate of citizenship
    ―A certificate of naturalization
Alternate forms of identification may include: a bill from a utility company, a 1099 or W4 form, a social security card.
Upon meeting state requirements the fees are not so huge that it would put much of a burden on most people for example:
Wyoming residents pay $10 and it's good forever. Texas charges $16 for persons under 60 and renews in 6 years. If you are 60 + you pay only $6 for life.
South Carolina pays $4 for 4 years. California is a whopping $26 for 6 years, but if you are 62 and up you pay nothing and renew in 10 years.
If you want to know how simple it is to get a photo ID in your state, click here.
Most states have online renewal available.

I am so sick and tired of hearing all the excuses people use for NOT having an ID. I asked a neighbor who is on state Medicaid and Food Stamps if she had to show IDs for herself. Surprisingly she not only had to show her personal identification but that of her children. She had to get them Social Security numbers, birth certificates, and school records. Now if a single mother of four children could do this don't you think that all the people in the welfare system must have identification and the necessary paperwork in order to receive all this.

What is the beef with the left in people identifying themselves at the polls. Lower income, elderly, Hispanics and African Americans all have the same opportunities as the rest of the citizens. I'm sure at one time or another they have all had to show some sort of ID. If they are here legally, there is no excuse for them NOT to have their Naturalization papers on hand.
Texas offers transportation to low income, disabled and elderly at a very reasonable price. There are many Churches and organizations around who will voluntarily transport the needy to the voting polls and help them register them to vote. I feel confident those needing a photo ID can readily have the assistance in finding all the necessary paperwork. I have a friend who took elderly people to the polls, she didn't care how they voted just that they did!

The Democrats who fight this are afraid of losing the votes of the lower class. It's time we stop all this nonsense and let the States determine what is best for them. The DOJ is undermining the The Tenth Amendment To The Constitution Of The United States.

Let me know how you feel about photo ID.