Friday, April 23, 2010

Conservative Leaders Oath To Texans

Citizens of this country are very scared and worried about the turn our administration is taking. Mid term elections are rapidly approaching and voters are uncertain about who to vote for.
With all the deceit, distrust and unrest in this Country many people do not know who to trust on the political scene. Irregardless, of how they voted in the past it is the future vote that will bring this Country out of the horrible mess it is in.

There is so much unrest in both parties, voters aren't wanting to believe either side. The Tea Party movement has awoken many people to the dangers of voting strictly a one party ticket. The movement is not trying to split the Republican party and start a new one. Many Republicans and Democrats have behaved in un-Constitutional ways. Unfortunately there are too many of them who have forgotten the oath of office they took when being sworn in as Representatives and Senators:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States."

Those words are not terribly hard to say, but do they mean it when they take that oath?  Recently it is apparent not many of them do. We have too many members of Congress who have been there for an eternity who think they own this country and what they want is all that matters. To heck with the Constitution, we will do it our way.

The highly Conservative Republican state of Texas has come up with an organization to help fellow Texans maintain and regain their trust. Realizing the great unrest in the citizens, State Senator Dan Patrick has created a whole new concept for state officials. One that I wish could spread through out this Great Country in all levels of government. All parties should adopt the attitude that is spreading like a twister through Texas' Conservative Republican Party. Members in the organization take an oath to uphold 5 core principles. These principles are not new and are well known to We The People, and contain the values in government we believe in.

Our Contract with Texas

"We give our word to stand for conservative principles and to put people before party.

We give our word to be fiscally accountable,limit the size of government,
 and fight for free market principles.
We give our word to protect our borders and to support a strong military.

We give our word to protect life, support strong family values,
and uphold the Judeo-Christian beliefs
our nation was founded upon.

We give our word to defend the Constitution and protect the sovereign rights of Texas."

This is a grass root movement, all but 9 of the Texas State Legislature members and most Republican candidates have taken this oath. The Congressmen and women who do not want to commit to "Our Contract with Texas" may find themselves without a job in the near future.

Let's spread the word and get every other State and the Congress of the United States to establish the same allegiance to the people as the members of ICROT have. Way to go Texas, once again we are leading the way and showing us there is a chance for "Change We Can Believe In."