Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Terrorist Killed, then Body Quickly Dumped at Sea

Obama orders Sea Burial, cleansing and wrapping of the body for the most hated man on earth!

The world's most wanted terrorist lies at the bottom of the sea after being killed by our Navy Seals in a joint operation with the CIA. What is happening, why should we go to the trouble and expense to dispose of his body? After the body was positively identified, it should have been destroyed. The bastard did not care about the  bodies of the 3,000 victims of the 911 terror attack. Many of those bodies were never found, some only in bits and pieces, others so grotesquely mutilated only DNA testing could identify them. Does anybody really think that Osama Bin Laden cared for one second if they were ever given a proper burial? Hell NO!

It is an insult to me that we showed any respect at all for him. I believe that Obama's Muslim faith led to that decision. We spend our time and money to find, locate, kill and bury the murderous terrorist, then are expected to pacify the world with giving him a sea burial. I sure didn't see or hear of Bin Laden, the Al Qaeda or the Taliban caring if our victims were buried or not with proper religious ceremonies. They sure didn't get last rights read in a speedy ceremony. The Muslim victims they killed certainly were not honored with the Muslim tradition of a burial within 24 hours.

After identification of the body they should have cleared the compound put his body in there and blown him and the place to smithereens with only a hole in the ground to mark the site! Leaving no body for burial or friends and family to mourn over. 

I can see not making a grave-site a shrine to Osama's followers, but you can bet there will be one somewhere. Probably on the site of the compound.
Apparently Bin Laden was originally from Saudi Arabia and they refused to accept his remains. I suppose they didn't want the responsibility of burying him, or didn't want the attention that his grave would bring to them.

There were 5,000 to 6,000 military aboard the USS Carl Vinson, the aircraft carrier that held the memorial for Osama Bin Laden. It is customary for all personnel aboard to attend a sea burial. How many people aboard even knew what was going on. I have learned that one crew member e-mailed his mother on 4-30 (last Fri.) and said he couldn't access facebook and would be in touch with them as soon as he could. On 5-03 she still hadn't heard from her son. Now she is worried that the USS Carl Vinson will become a target for retaliation. 
I pray for the safe return of that vessel and all the crew members.

As time goes by I am sure there will be some leaks as to the location his body was dumped overboard, and his followers will be tearing up the ocean floor to find any remains. Or high above the ocean floor they will make a shrine to him and leave all kinds of trash to pollute the ocean.

What do you think should have been done with Bin Laden's body?

Tea Party Deanie