Friday, August 27, 2010

Honor Killings In America

"Help! Help! My dad shot me...and now I'm dying!" were the desperate last words of Sara Said to a 911 operator in Lewisville, Texas on New Year's morning of 2008.
The young life's of teen age sisters were taken from them for dating men not of Muslim faith. On New Year's morning their Dad took them off in a borrowed taxi cab. Went to an isolated area, locked  the child locks on the doors, Shot Sarah (17) and her sister Amina Said (18). He left the car and supposedly made a phone call. Sarah still alive called 911, Yaser Said returned to the car and finished her off while she was on the phone! The man has not been seen since. Two teens taken from this world because of family honor.

Honor Killings, sometimes referred to as customary killing, is the murder of a family or clan member by one or more family members (mostly male). The killers believe the victim has brought dishonor to the family. Some of the reasons for honor killing include unacceptable clothing apparel; wanting to terminate or prevent a pre-arranged marriage or preferring a person of their choice; engaging in certain sexual acts, including those with the opposite or same sex. The sicko perpetrators believe defending their honor justifies murder. World wide an estimated 5,000 people (mostly women) are victims of honor killings according to The United Nations Population Fund.
Such killings are primitive, brutal and enacted to make sure the victim suffers.
Honor killings are common in the Middle East and South Asia and compiled mostly of persons of Muslim faith. Honor killings are rapidly moving west with the influx of Islam immigrants.

In Ankara, Turkey a 14 year old begged her father not to kill her after being kidnapped and raped. The cold blooded killer, Mehmet Halitogullari boasted; "I decided to kill her because our honor was dirtied," the newspaper Sabah quoted the father as saying. "I didn't listen to her pleas, I wrapped the wire around her neck and pulled at it until she died" (The Associated Press).

The shame is these convicted cold blooded murderers are proud of what they have done and feel no remorse for their actions. Many times mothers and other family members are present at these murders and even condone what is happening!
"We do not consider this murder," said Wafik Abu Abseh, a 22-year-old Jordanian woodcutter who committed a so-called honor killing, as his mother, brother and sisters nodded in agreement. "It was like cutting off a finger." Abdel Rahim, a convicted killer who was released after two months, also said he had no regrets. "Honor is more precious than my own flesh and blood."

In many countries where Sharia or Islamic Law is present, women are so secluded they do not know what the international or national laws are and hardly ever have a chance to appear in court. Many times the law enforcement just turns a blind eye on these actions or do not enforce just punishment for the murderers of women. Police often cover up for the slain woman's family, or they don't bother file a report.

"It is an unholy alliance that works against women: the killers take pride in what they have done, the tribal leaders condone the act and protect the killers and the police connive the cover-up." Nighat Taufeeq of the women's resource center Shirkatgah (Lahore, Pakistan).

The Western world is waking up to the dangers of Islam and Sharia Law. It is already reaching this country and Canada. While the Us Government appears to be ignorant or blind about the dangers lurking in our country, Canada is doing something about it.
Canada is on the verge of adding honor killings to its federal criminal code, affirming the practice of murdering girls and women who supposedly bring dishonor to a family as "barbaric cultural practices" and "heinous abuses." Besides making honor killings a unique criminal charge, the Canadian government is looking at other strategies to address the gender-based violence, including the launch of television programs that will highlight the consequences of the abuse.

A 19 year old in Illinois was killed by her husband after arguing about her Western style clothing. A 20-year-old in Phoenix who was run over by her father in a parking lot while walking with her boyfriend's mother. A 25-year-old woman in Georgia strangled by her father for wanting out of an arranged marriage. And a 37-year-old in Buffalo, New York beheaded by her husband for wanting a divorce.

People wake up! These are not honor killings they are an act of violent murder that is sanctioned by the Islam culture! Sharia Law has got to stop! The atrocities it represents to women can not continue. If these people do not want to accept our culture then they have no right being in this country. Take your barbaric beliefs and practice them in your own country.

Many people want to leave their country and the Muslim religion but are forbidden, they face being executed for their Christian beliefs. If this administration wants to help the Muslim world so much why do they not help the people who truly want out of the hell they are living in? Where are all the humanitarian groups who are so quick to jump in on matters of little or no relevance as to the precious lives that are being brutally stolen for honor? These people do need our help and prayers.



  1. This is horrible! How can they knowingly kill their own family members? The assholes should be made to suffer just like they did to their so called loved ones.
    If the US government condones this kind of stuff we have to get rid of them!!
    Our government can't go along with Sharia Law and what they allow! We are stupid if we allow it to happen in the United States of America.
    I will fight the obama any way I can to see this is never allowed in the USA.

  2. These people suck! They cut off heads, they don't give you a trial, Why do we want them here? How can the pres back idiots like this? Because he is nothing more than the same thing they are? Read Freedom Fighters Blog. She sounds like a nice lady, but she is still a Muslim.
    To me you can not let these people in this country. Like it or not!
    Deanie that is a very good blog, to hell with them.

  3. Your website does not speak the truth, because as you have spoken, your country has taken the rights of the native people in the past. Honor is the only thing you can leave the world with, even if it involves your family.

  4. I am appalled to learn this is happening in this country. Until the debate over the Mosque in NYC I didn't know that much about Muslims and what they really stand for. What an eye opener this is!
    I hope the US follows Canada and makes honor killing a crime. Of course the lying leaders of this country support Islam.
    They are a weird bunch of people who believe the way they do.

    Anonymous, I agree honor is very important to everyone, but get real, this is the 20th century. Barbarianism went out years ago! Our world is civilized. Where have you guys been? It is NOT honorable to brutally murder some one just because they disagree with your beliefs.

  5. There is no dignity to honor killing. Murders of this nature are generally very violent and done with the idea to inflict as much pain as possible on the victim.

    A person could just say they committed a gruesome murder and it was done to honor their family. What kind of philosophy is that? That whacko is supposed to be honored for doing the right thing. My God, we can let these things happen here!
    If these people want to live in our country then I suggest they should be made to conform to our standards of living. If they can't they should just disappear from this country.
    Vote in November for those who do not believe in Socialism and Sharia Law.

  6. I have no use for any Muslim that stands by the quran. Anonymous said, without dignity you have nothing. If this is what they call dignity, then they're all worthless. In order for a person to live free I understand you have to respect others feelings, but I can see no respect for a bunch of people like this.

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  8. Mad Sally's RoommateAugust 28, 2010 at 5:33 PM

    How can Wafik Abu Abseh say it is not murder! Just like cutting off a finger! He has no remorse! What the heck is going on? Two months later he is released! What kind of absurd laws do the Islams practice, and they want to bring that shit into our country.
    Thanks Deanie for opening my eyes to this. I never realized this was so close to home. I will be paying more attention to what is going on.
    It almost seems like our current administration is going to just sit back and let these atrocities happen and as Freedom Fighter said in his blog as large numbers of Muslims gather Sharia Law is sure to follow!
    These are very scary times for the citizens of America.

  9. Glad people are coming awake and on board. I have seen repulsive videos of the muslim reality. Do strongly urge people to go to Gadi Adelmans site, listen to his podcast replays, read his articles, he is an American Jewish Terrorism Expert, muslims are not to be trusted. Their quaran is a fairytale demanding violence and Jihad against us, they are told to lie and deceive to get their agenda of murder accomplished. Keep Waking Up America@ :) - 911 should have awoken the lion and never seen it sleep again, yet the country has gone back to sleep.

  10. Great post Deanie. These people doing the honor killings...are these the so called "good Muslims" we hear ABOUT but never hear FROM? Or is this still the 2 or 3 percent who give the ones we never see a bad name?

    And, hey "Anonymous" cool name for an airhead.

  11. People go read this guy's story:

    Aboushaar Fouad
    Walid Shoebat, a Christian converted from Islam, who was once a member of Al Fateh Palestinian terrorist group said, [ America needs to be awakened from its sleep and its unwillingness to face the issues of fundamentalist Islam.]!/profile.php?id=100000365888130

  12. What they call honor killing is nothing more than plain murder and should be dealt with the same as you would deal with Charles Manson. If they make someone suffer then kill them, they should be dealt with in the same way. I guess that's what makes us a civilized race and them a bunch of terrorists.

  13. Congratulations to Canada for taking a strong stand against so called honor killings. They will be treated like the murderers they are!
    Come on USA we need to follow their lead an not use that as a legal excuse to murder someone.
    Sharia Law is evil and cannot be allowed.

  14. I understand the man who beheaded his wife in NY because his wife wanted a divorce is only being charged with second degree murder. How can this be? To me it was cold blooded murder. Whose honor is this man defending? Supposedly he is supposed to be a secular Muslim, to me that means he doesn't actualy practice what he believes in. Evidently he does or this outrageous crime wouldn't have occured. I guess the old saying once a believer always a believer is true with those people.

  15. How could they possibly charge the man with only 2nd degree murder? This only goes to prove that our laws are dysfunctional and we don't need these people in our country. Some of them may proclaim to be good but I can't stand any of them. This is murder in the first degree and should be treated as so. If they manage to build their mosque as a shrine I hope it burns down, that's what they did to our Towers!
    All I can say is Down With ALL Muslims!

  16. The insanity of that cult!
    My heart goes out to innocent victims. How could the father of a 14 year old not be punished for her murder? The child never had a chance in life. But then again, she had no other choice but to remain a Muslim. That is the sin of it all.
    Nevada, I hope it burns down too!

  17. Upsetindenver, in response to the man, who beheaded his wife: Mussammil Hassan told police on Feb. 12 his wife, Aasiya was dead.

    He is accused of this gruesome murder and in fact is only charged with second degree murder. "The charge is applied in cases where an attacker "acted under the influence of extreme emotional disturbance for which there was a reasonable explanation or excuse."
    New York Penal Law Section 125.27 states a person is guilty of murder in the first degree when he causes the death of a person and "acted in an especially cruel and wanton manner pursuant to a course of conduct intended to inflict and inflicting torture upon the victim prior to the victim's death."

    A first-degree murder conviction could have meant a maximum sentence of life without parole, but prosecutors say the charge may only be applied to 13 specific deliberate types of homicides, including murders of judges, law enforcement officers, witnesses, or in cases of torture, contract, terrorist or serial killings.

    In my opinion this was a severe act of torture as the man stabbed his wife several times before beheading her. Authorities believe she was still alive when he beheaded. If that doesn't constitute TORTURE I DO NOT KNOW WHAT DOES. Wouldn't you find this to be a "cruel and wanton manner?"

    It makes me sick that our government is going to turn their head on the laws of the State of NY, and the Laws of the Land.

  18. Also have you guys noticed, since the last president left office all we have is islam being shoved down our throats? I sure have noticed the change in the governments attitude toward the muslims, they are shoving them and the illegals down our throat to choke us out of our rights, liberties and all private freedoms.

  19. All of this is quite disturbing. pink, i have noticed and agree with you.
    We all have to work together to try to get our country back on track. they aren't going to squeeze us out.

    I think that byonly charging that man with 2nd degree murder our gov. is agreeing with Islam.

  20. The Muslim faith is nothing but killing and violence. If they want to practice this then stay out of this country. Honor killings to me is nothing but premeditated murder.

  21. Gramps thank you for not saying I am being crude, what I do share is what I am learning which is REALITY. If anyone trys to candy up the truth so that others eyes and their soft minds can feel comfortable then we as a free nation will be swallowed up like what is going on in European Countries today. We have to stand tough like our ali ISRAEL and fight off this invasion.

    Patriot Ken you are right on !! Sadly they will not stay out of our country now that we are truly vulnerable, thanks to open borders, a president that is said simply - sympathetic, and the liberal ideology.

  22. pinkpistol, from what I have been reading on your posts you do inform people of the truth. Many times I have found crude is the only way to get my point across. Keep up the good work, we have heard all of our life 'Honesty is the best policy.'

  23. There is not such a thing in my book as honor killing, it's nothing but plain murder. From what I hear the victims are supposed to suffer before they die. If that's the case, let's treat them like they treat their victims. There is no place in the US for this kind of law, you would think the prez. would stand against it instead of supporting what they do. That could prove one thing, once a Muslim always a Muslim.

  24. My heart does go out to the innocent victims of honor killings. Those young girls were evidently converting to the Western World. None of their pictures had them wearing head scarfs and they were dating non-muslims. I think the father should be shot, but I am sure he is in the sanctuary of Islam, and justice will never be served.

  25. VISIT:

    Would we give a Day Care License to a pedophile?
    How foolish do we have to be to think that the USA’s "Freedom of Religion," which is guaranteed by our Constitution, would apply to a group of people who come here and demand “Freedom of Religion” when in fact their very group does not believe in, accept, or allow “Freedom of Religion,” and in fact do not support the U.S. Constitution that recognizes that right, but rather expect us to accept another legal system, Sharia Law, as a part of their “Freedom of Religion” demands. What sense does it make to grant to someone an “Inalienable Right” that they themselves do not believe in when in fact, if they were granted this freedom, it would be used to destroy that very freedom for everyone.

    Think about it!


  26. Anonymous, well said.
    These people come here and refuse to live under our laws and our Constitution. They are free to practice the religion of their choice, but they are not free to demand we honor their laws. Their laws are to deny the existence of Christianity, and infidels are being executed for their beliefs. The children of young ages are taught that it is right to kill non-believers, they are brought to this country and intermingle with Christians and desire to learn about Western Civilization, then they are punished. If they don't want their people exposed to our culture than they should not come to the Free World.

  27. There is no heart at all that was their flesh and blood I would give my life for my kids.
    If they are in America and legal they should abide by our rule and laws not theirs. They gave that up when they moved here. They think they are going to take over America and are not trying to adapted. When he dies he will know what h--- is and no 72 virgins. They are a disgrace to man kind. America should prosecute to our laws only!!!!

  28. I agree anonymous, the Muslims should not have a separate set of laws. They are in this country of their own choosing and should abide by our laws and only our laws. Their laws should remain in the country they hail from.

  29. I wonder just where the woman's rights groups are. I would think they would be furious over the exploitation of women shown by the Islams.
    There is no honor in killing, these kind of actions should be stopped.


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