Friday, September 3, 2010

No Tolerance for Muslim Law in USA

We can no longer tolerate the fact that some people just don't believe the threat our country is under. Sharia Law is here! Believe it or not! It is time for our country to stand up and say Sharia Law is not the Law of America, there are no exceptions! We will not bend our laws to make life in the Free World easier for you. You can not go around killing some one and then make us believe it is honorable - It is Deplorable!
With the passing of each day, the United States is coming closer to the threat of Sharia Law. Islam is not religion, it is based on politics. They believe they should conquer and control the world! Sharia means THE WAY. Sharia contains laws for virtually all aspects of life. Their laws are ancient and barbaric, there is no negotiating when in court (if you can call it that). The laws will never be changed, they will stop at nothing to conquer the world. Our country will become a third world country with only a handful of wealthy people.

Creeping Sharia blog reveals interesting facts:
It is illegal for a Muslim to have to pay interest! Yes, it's true and even the IRS acknowledges the fact that the Qu'ran fobids them to pay interest. IRS waived the interest payments of a man on religious grounds. I wonder what would happen if all of us tried that?

The city of NY may make a $70 million tax-exempt loan to the controversial Ground Zero mosque. "This proposal appears to a normal bond situation with bonds paying interest from monies paid by the borrower. However, Muslim teachings forbid the paying of interest. This applies to government as well as private company loans." Why should anyone loan a Muslim money when they do not have to pay interest.

Minnesota bowing down to Somali citizens who want to maintain the culture and Sharia Law of their homeland. This video tells of the threat to the United States Sharia Law is here! Somali taxi cab drivers are refusing to carry passengers who have dogs with them, yes even a seeing eye dog! They will not transport anyone if they have alcohol or bacon.
The local target store hires Somali checkers and moves them to another department because they refuse to touch a pound of bacon. (Another good reason to boycott target.)

Zaytuna College is teaching their students to overtake Our Country.
A new four-year college in Berkely Calif offers only 2 majors; Islamic Law and Religion or the Arabic Language. Zaytuna College hopes to become the first accredited Muslim college in the US. If they receive accreditation it will be easier for students to receive financial aid. The accreditation process takes several years to obtain. To class they bring with them all the customs of Islam: bearded men wearing their skull caps and head scarves for the women;  men and women sit on different sides of the auditorium.

According to Imam Zaid Shakir (Professor and co-founder of Zaytuna) says most of the teachers of Islam received their education in other countries. The following are quotes from Shakir  
  • "Islam has never become rooted in any land until that land had its own Islamic scholars."
  • Jihad is physically fighting the enemies of Islam to protect and advance the religion of Islam. This is jihad.”
  • “Islam doesn’t permit us to hijack airplanes filled with civilian people,”If you hijack an airplane filled with the 82nd Airborne, that’s something else.” Acceptable targets of jihad, he says, include U.S. military aircraft.
All in all we have to understand where the Islams are coming from. A small minority of Muslims came to this Country to escape Sharia Law and to live in the Free World. I wish these 'good Muslims' (if there really are any) would join us in our fight against Islam. The majority of them are not here to be our friends, they are here to conquer us and begin training terrorists in this Country. I realize we have many 'home-grown terrorists' at the present time, but what is in the works is extremely frightening. The Muslims are teaching children at a very young age to practice Jihad. Watch this very disturbing video of a not so innocent, obviously brainwashed three and a half year-old girl. Click on some of the other videos related to this to see how totally devoted the children are. What kind of people would teach children it is good to kill what they call infidels.


  1. Mad Sally's RoommateSeptember 4, 2010 at 2:35 PM

    I never knew they didn't have to pay interest. Of course there are a lot of things I never knew about the Muslims until recently. Why should they be exempt from paying interest? This is our Country and the IRS is now making exceptions for them.

    I think that Muslim college should not be allowed to be accredited. Our government will be giving them interest free loans and they are teaching them to attack us.

    As for their concept that it is not legal under Sharia Law to hijack an airplane filled with civilians, what the heck happened on 911? Will those Muslims who died aboard the planes be banished or worshiped because the broke their law?
    we can not allow these kind of actions in our country.

  2. Ignorance breads hatred and it shows here. Your patriotizied needs reflection. Hey redneck readers, you need to step out and get some fresh air. Muslims are here and they are here to stay. They have been here since the founding of this great country (read history) and they have not taken over and they won't. Not interesting. Majority of them know what other Muslim countries are like. No one wants that. So chill.
    Do not cause embarrassment to this country like before with blacks, Chinese, Japanese, Irish Catholics, native Americans, Jews , and others. You need to learn from your mistakes or you will lost and a cause of shame for the rest of us.
    May god say us all from the ignorantss

  3. onswing - There is No hatred here any more than is coming from the Muslims who believe they will conquer the world. Isn't it hateful for Muslims to teach children to hate Jews and Christians. You do not think hate is exploited when Islam teaches their followers (innocent children)to KILL infidels, and they will conquer their countries and lives?

    Before I woke up and realized what was really happening in our Country, I too was very ignorant. I have been studying and watching what is happening and am appalled that there are so many people who were like me. We have to get the word out and inform people like you, or we will lose our Great Country.

    How am I causing embarrassment to our Country when so many people do not even know the dangers that are building within the Muslim world. If you find it an embarrassment to sit idly back and not inform the citizens of America, then I truly feel sorry for you and you are the type of person who will let Islam into our country.

    Where are the links to Muslims being a part of this country when our Founding Fathers were building a Free World? Strange I never read about them in any of my history books.

    Check out this link showing how the Muslims have taken over the streets in Paris, France. Just like US, France believed the migration of Muslims would see them adapting to French Laws, but just the reverse is happening. They are adapting their lives around Islam.

  4. Geezo whats with the lefty talking points above. Read some history yourself and see where Islam has taken over countries and how they did it. At the onset they rarely strike militarily from always begins from within, when the "peaceful" Muslims start becoming more aggressive "all of a sudden", once they reach about 2% of the population..

    And "onswing" when you are calling someone ignorant, you should have the grace to use proper grammar and recognizable spelling.

  5. onswing, where did you go to school? You must have forgotten any history lesson you ever had.
    Are you one of those good muslims people are always talking about?

    Good comeback TPD and Laurence.

    We do need to spread the word and make everyone aware of what is REALLY hapenning.

  6. onswing, "Ignorance 'breads' hatred and it shows here"? At least you got part of it right. Bet you folks could teach us redneck readers a lot about 'tollarence' also. Geez.

  7. onswing - Your comment shows you to be a person of little intelligence in my opinion. When you speak in the past of different nationalities, we have had conflicts or wars with, you are battling with hatred toward this country. When you speak of Muslims, you are dealing with a law that develops like a cancer. Muslim law must not come to the US for the sake of Freedom.

    I am sure you won't understand this, but unlike yourself when I write about God, it is spelled with a capital, your God must be a very small one.

  8. Touche' RR. Well said!

  9. With quotes like those coming from the Imam Zaid Shakir, it is obvious what the students will be learning. They will be taught to become Islam leaders and to conquer our country. It is really a shame that there is even a remote chance they can become an accredited college.
    Taxpayers will be paying to teach people to overtake our country.

  10. We can not allow Sharia Law into this country. The values of our Founding Fathers did not include the sin and hatred of Islam. Let's show the world we are and will remain a FREE country.

    onswing, I believe you are the ignorant one. Show me the presence of Islam in our early history. I do not believe there is any proof to your statement.

  11. Please keep learning all you can about Islam and the quran. Passages in there are call to kill US, the infidels. One of the people whom I follow pointed out what verses etc... and the message is loud and clear.
    These people want us dead. They will kill with little reason, such as a written book, a cartoon or burning of their book.

    Keep a keen eye open everyone. We are living in very dangerous times.

  12. They have already killed in our country, do not forget Saturday 911 * when we the innocent were breached and abused.

  13. pink, I will not forget 911, nor will most of this country.
    I am ever so grateful for all the articles and links you are posting. I am learning and sharing the ways of Islam and do have a different opinion about the muslims.
    I am indeed scared about what I am learning.

  14. We will fight to the end to keep Sharia Law and radical Islams out of America. There is no freedom in their beliefs. They only want to conquer and rule.

    I am glad to see America waking up to the truth. We are in a war with Muslim terrorists. Obama said we are not at war with Muslims but with terrorists. Wake up pres. the terrorists are Muslims.

    Pray for America today as our wounds have not healed over 911. Our strong faith will heal the wounds, but we will never forget,


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