Saturday, September 11, 2010

911 - The Day Our Country United

There is much controversy about Pastor Terry Jones who wanted to burn the Koran on 9-11 to commemorate the victims of the dreadful 911 terrorist attacks. Muslims all over the world held rallies to let us know that Christians and Americans would not be safe. Pastor Jones of the Dove World Outreach Church said he had a message to get out. Word quickly spread through the blogosphere, cable news, even mainstream media and local TV and radio stations quickly jumped on this news.
Christians around the world are plagued with mixed emotions on this subject, others said do it, while others disagreed. Jones has called off the book-burning after receiving a call from defense Secretary Robert Gates. I do hope he sticks to his word.

The horror that unfolded the morning of Sept. 11, 2001 will never be forgotten. 19 al-Qaeda terrorists boarded and hijacked 4 commercial airline flights, headed for long distances, carrying a large amount of fuel. As we all know, 2 planes were diverted directly into the Twin Towers. One plane plunged into the Pentagon. The third plane did not complete its mission as passengers and crew members bravely overtook the hijackers and crashed the plane into an open field in Shanksville, Pa. The speculated direction of that plane was either the White house or the US Capitol building.
All 246 passengers and crew died as did the 19 hijackers; the Twin Tower attacks killed 2,606 innocent people; the Pentagon attack claimed the lives of 125 people who were inside the Pentagon. A total of 2,966 people died, and thousands others were seriously injured, two more deaths were added to the list as a result of the attacks.

For days, months and years after the devastating attacks Americans and the world united in an unspoken bond. For the first time in years Congress came together in a totally bi-partisan unity. America and countries from around the world openly shared their grief. There were people from 70 countries killed at the Towers. Christians, Catholics, Jews, atheists and Muslims shared the pain of their lost loved ones.

Flags were flown at half mast throughout the Country. Stores handed out flags to their customers. Signs were everywhere displaying the anger and anguish we all shared. The world shared our grief and sent letters of condolences and support to the victims families. President Bush vowed to get the Taliban and al-Qaeda, our Country needed restitution for the deadly events of 911. Despite the fact the UN was not behind an immediate infiltration of Iraq, Bush made the decision to go ahead with a military surge. The majority of the Country supported Bush for his aggressiveness, our allies quickly stepped in. The world was united in war with the terrorists.

We Will Never Forget who was responsible for the invasion. Islam Radicals boasted of their deeds. It is a well known fact that Islam wants to conquer our Country. The Koran states they are to conquer and kill infidels. After they have conquered they build giant temples to commemorate their deeds.
We can not let our guards down now or ever, our Country is very vulnerable to terrorists.

I thank God for the actions taken to stop the Koran burning, the consequences would have been severe and could have erupted world violence and terrorism to an extreme we have never seen. I am sure Radical Islams feel they have won another victory. This is not a victory for them or anyone else, this is the RIGHT thing to do. No different than the Muslims wanting to build a mosque at Ground Zero, that is the WRONG thing to do.

I often wonder what Obama would have done after the 911 attacks. From my observations there would have been little if any retaliation. If the Koran burnings take place and violence erupts, would this administration show any form of aggression towards radical Islam? No, I don't believe they would. After all, Obama wanted to go over and talk to Bin Laden. What a joke! Our Muslim backing president does not have the cajones to defend this Country in a terrorist attack or any other kind of attack. Talk and words will NOT stop Islam, they do not believe in any form of peace talks. They will attack us and openly talk about conquering the world. The so to say "peaceful religion" is only peaceful within their own kind. Their ideas that they can get along with the Christian is totally garbage. In Islam countries, they are attacking and brutally murdering unsuspecting Christians. They want no part of any UN and their Humanitarian Committee.

World Peace is still in the distant future. Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize, for what? He wants world peace, but has done nothing to stimulate it, instead he has gone out of his way to destroy our relationship with many of our allies and has elected to tell the world we are not a Christian Nation but a Muslim Nation. I only see us drifting farther from the prospect of World Peace than ever before.

Today, 9 years after the invasion on our Country, we still mourn the innocent lives that were lost. We still wonder what the purpose of the attack was. Did Islam need to show their power or just prove they could invade our Country? It was a warning to ALL AMERICANS AND THE WORLD, we will not let our guards down. As we solemnly remember the victims we must also remember the cause of our sorrows.

God Bless America!



  1. You are right, Deanie our country and the world did unite. I wonder what happened to that unity?
    It is a shame it couldn't last forever.
    The horrific terror attack will never be forgotten.

    We are all thankful we did have an aggressive president in office when this happened the potus probably would have slapped them on the hand and told them never to do it again.

  2. Obama says the acts of 911 were done by a small handful of radical Islams, what a bunch of BS. Radical Islams are recruiting new terrorists by the thousands world wide. If a handful of them could do what they did on 911 just think what 1,000s of them could do.

    Just after 911 the country did stand together in the fight against terrorism. Where did the unity go? I joined the Army shortly after 911 and did a tour of duty in Iraq. The war and fighting was horrible, I still have nightmares but would do it again. The joy I observed by the citizens of Iraq when the giant statute of Saddam Hussein was toppled was wonderful. Those people felt they were finally being freed from the terrorists that controlled their country. I pray for them everyday and hope they can remain a free country.
    Remember we did not start the war, they came to our country and attacked us. I will never forget the horror of that day. I along with 1,000s of others joined the military willingly and were ready to risk our life for the future of this country.
    The sorrow I felt yesterday while watching the memorial services can't be expressed.
    I am an Irag Veteran and very proud that I did something for the country I love so much.
    God Bless America and all the victims of 911!

  3. Well said, Randy and thank you for your service. Yesterday, many of us relived the trauma of 9/11/2001. I hope the video replay of the horrorific tragedy will serve to remind people of the anger and the loss on that day. To even speak of building a mossque on that site would have been unthinkable then and unforgivable now. Using TPD's numbers of 19 ISLAMIC terrorists and 2966 American casualties, and not counting those who have since died from injuries of 9/11 or the many servicemen who have been killed in the WAR ON TERROR, the kill ratio is 156 to 1. This is tanammount to a Mecca in the western world,

  4. It's true they believe infidels have to be killed. The problem with this is to them anyone who doesn't believe in Sharia Law is an infidel. The only thing that leaves me to believe is you would have to kill the rest of the world and leave the Muslims to do as they wish.

    I can't believe that any true American who believes in our Constitution would ever consider letting them build a mosque so close to the place they destroyed.

    I was happy to see the news coverage yesterday, let's hope it wakes many people up to what these people are trying to do to us.

  5. Well said, Deanie!
    Too bad we couldn't maintain the unity and bipartisanship in this country and congress. The unity we have now is with all the Conservatives uniting preserve our Constitution!

  6. Why do we still wonder what the purpose of the attack was? It is very clear and spelled out in the qur'an. We should not be second guessing at this point in time, this just shows our continued ignorance or arrogance to face reality and actually learn about the dangerous threat we live in - do we think nothing of WW2 and what happened to the Jews ? ISLAM is HERE folks wake up and stop wondering why the attack happened.
    The muslims are in our country doing things and stealing our freedoms every day. BTW ... Look at the current sympathetic government we have in power right now that shun or friend Israel and bow down and cater to the muslims - Our leader whom I have heard his father was muslim therefore he was born muslim at birth.

    I cannot stress enough please start reading articles - the information is coming to us from all over the world, people are sharing the truths --

    Has anyone gone to his site and read anything he has to say? or Listened to one of his podcasts yet ?? Can you not spare a little time ?

    I keep track of other sources as well.

  7. After the 911 attacks the country did stand together; in sadness, disbelief, shock and fear of what was to come. Flags were flown for months following the attack. Everyone had a common interest to discuss. As the years went on the unity seemed to fade. Today everyone is afraid of our president and what socialistic actions he will take next.

    With the emergence of the Tea Parties, people of all faiths and color have united regardless of their political party. Our voices are being heard and many strong Dems are changing their political party. Candidates are hearing what we have to say. Keep all the Tea Parties and Grass Root Organizations going, they are making a difference. I was sad when my daughter said they couldn't say "under God" or pray before eating her lunch. We have to change in November.

  8. sadmom, I share your sadness. Fortunately we are able to afford to put our children in a private Christian School (at the present time.) We are worried about the economy and if we will have jobs next year.

    I too remember the togetherness of this country after the attacks were made on American soil. I will never forget. I am glad we had great leaders who were not afraid of going after terrorists. We should thank President Bush for making sure our Country was safe from terrorists.

  9. The 911 tragedy brought a unity in our country that had been seen for years. We all stood united, emotions were shared with each other. Patriotism flowed across the nation. We were proud Americans who wanted show the world we believed in our Constitution and country.
    It would be wonderful if this country could have remained united. Maybe the election will bring some sense of bipartisanship to us. United we will stand, divided we will fall.

  10. Our country can not unite again until this administration is totally gone. Mr. Obama does not believe in the unity of the country. He wants to domineer and control, even though he has no clue what he is doing.

    I pray for the day we will become a country that believes in the Constitution by the people and for the people. Then we will unite.

  11. I hope it doesn't take another tragedy to make this country unite again.


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