Sunday, September 19, 2010

America's Schools: Relenting to Islamic Customs

We can no longer say "One Nation Under God" in our pledge allegiance; Schools are banning Christ from Christmas; Anything religious can not be in school functions; Teachers get sued for praying before a meal at an all adult function; Children are not allowed to pray before eating lunch! This is an outrage. The ACLU stands behind all theses actions and sees they are enforced, they turn the other cheek to the teachings of Islam.
The tragedy of all this is Islam IS being taught in schools and Christianity is NOT!
The school board in California allows 2 days to teach students about Christianity while 2 weeks or more are allotted for the studies of  the Muslim Religion. In the teachings nothing is told to the young students about Sharia Law, Jihad and Terrorism. The dangerous teaching of Islam is spreading across the Country in our schools. They are not being taught the truth about the perils of Islam.

Shortly after the vicious attacks of 911 seventh graders were indoctrinated into the Muslim culture as part of the teachings of European History. In their 2-3 week class, they are forced to role play the Muslim way of life. Believe it or not, they design prayer rugs, take an Arabic name, and recite Muslim prayers tha begin with "In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful." The children are forced to memorize the Muslim profession of faith: "Allah is the only true God, and Muhammad is his messenger." Parents are even requested to partake in the sick role-play at home and pretend they and their children are Muslims.

Outraged parents sued the school district in San Francisco, but an unrelenting Clinton appointed Federal Judge basically told the parents to get over it, the state is only teaching another culture, and that the Muslim role playing was OK in public schools.

The following teaching points are included in the 'Islam: A Simulation of Islamic History and Culture, 610-1100' program to brainwash (not educate) our children:
Students adopt a Muslim name and wear Islamic attire!
Children recite from the Qu'ran!
They participate in mock battles against "Christian Crusaders" and encouraged to praise Allah when the conquer!
Islamic prayers are taught and the kids are encouraged to use Islamic phrases such as "Allah Akbar"! The battle cry of Islamic Victory!
They are told to "Become a Muslim warrior during the crusades or other ancient jihad" during a hands on learning project.

Schools across the country are implementing Islam Customs into their curriculum.
Schools are encouraging Muslim students to pray at school by accommodating them with prayer rooms, special rooms for them to go to during the fasting of Ramadan. The day that ends Ramadan is becoming a school holiday in many districts in this country. Taxpayers are paying for foot baths to be installed in restrooms so children can easily wash their feet and hands before prayer rituals.
Schools are allowed to display a Muslim star and crescent during Ramadan and Menorahs during Hanukkah. Heaven forbid if Christians display anything religious at Christmas in schools or a public facility. What the heck are we doing to the Freedom of Religion and this Country?
Muslims go to court citing First Amendment Rights and win. 
Christians go to court citing First Amendment Rights and loose. 
The ACLU stands behind the rights of Muslims, while they crucify Christianity! 
Christians must stand against this.
It is perfectly proper for Muslims to pull out their prayer rugs and pray in the middle of streets, blocking pedestrians and traffic from their daily routine. Heaven forbid if we disturb the daily rituals of Islam! Christians, Catholics and Jews can not pray in public anymore, but put a scarf or a beanie on your head and pull out a prayer mat and it is acceptable anywhere!

Recently Wellesley Middle school took sixth grade students on a field trip to a local Mosque, one concerned mother volunteered to chaperon. The permission flier sent to parents stated, "During our visit we will get a chance to hear from Islam members of the Cultural Center, learn about the architecture of a Mosque and observe a midday prayer service. According to the mother the students were told of the 'wonderful beliefs' Muslims have, the people at the Mosque were attempting to solicit and brainwash the children. When it came time to observe the prayer service. The girls and females were asked to leave the prayer area, while the young boys remained with the Muslim men. To her horror some of the students actually prayed and bowed down to Allah! Watch this very disturbing video.

It is time we realize what is happening, Muslims quietly came to this Country wanting to change their way of life. They destroyed our Twin Towers and the lives of innocent people. Muslim religion should no be taught in our schools as they are doing. By forcing children to recite Muslim prayers and role play the actions of Muslims is not teaching our children the culture of them.

We have to stop the teaching of Muslim in our public schools! There is no respect being given to the Christians in this Country, when they take Christian beliefs away from our children so we won't offend anyone. The practice and teaching of Islam in our schools is wrong. We should not be catering to these people who come to our Country to live in the freedom of the western world. This is America and they just as others who come here need to adopt our customs. Our president actually endorses the Islam ways and will do nothing to enforce the rules he believes in regarding Christianity in public places. We need to write our Congress and let them know we will not tolerate the Socialistic ways they are taking our Country.



  1. There you go stirring people up, Deanie! That's one of the things I really like about you.

    After the Election Revolution we, as patriots, must become even more activist in the daily workings of our government at ALL levels. If at all possible parents should rescue their children from the abusive public schools system. HOMESCHOOL your kids! Run for, and take over local school boards and town councils. These are our kids, our schools, and our country...lets take em back.

  2. If I had children, they would not be participating in these classes. I would probably be home schooling them as Laurence suggested.
    I could understand if they were just teaching the CULTURE of the Muslims and the facts were stated truthfully. As I read on one of the links they are not even teaching the truth about the Muslims. We really do need to participate in the running of our government, they have had their way far too long.

  3. Parents should teach the children the religious doctrine at home and in their churches, the schools should stay out of it.

  4. Yes, Deanie, you are stirring things up. I'm very glad you are. I never realized the schools were going to such extremes to pacify the Muslims. As far as I know, it hasn't reached my children's school yet. They are still in elementary school, but you can believe I will be checking out all their extra curricular activities thoroughly. I am going to check in with our school board and see if any of this is going on in our district.

    To see that this doesn't happen, I may consider running for the school board. My children have a lot of years ahead of them in this district and I will never allow them to partake in these activities.

    Thanks for waking me up. I will share this article with my friends and neighbors.

  5. I have not found any evidence of Islamic teachings in my kids schools yet. Thank God! When I do is when I will attempt home schooling.

    It is an outrage that they are actually making the children partake in Islamic customs, to the extent of re-enacting their battles. This country is going to hell and we better do something about it and fast. Our leadership is not willing or capable of stopping this.

  6. I had no idea this is going on in our schools! It is harmful to our children to learn the devious ways of islam. I too will be checking the curriculum out, if this is scheduled for my kids classes, I will keep them home. Parents should be informed about these classes and should have the right to opt out.

  7. I am really disturbed by all of this! We need to wake up and realize what is going on in this country. When Christians are not allowed to pray in public why the hell are we allowing Muslim culture and prayer rituals in schools and other public places.
    We need to get onto our representatives and let them know how we feel. I suggest waiting until after the November elections and all the rinos are removed from office.

  8. I have been on our school board for years and so far we have managed to keep Islamic rituals out of our school. We are fighting to put Christianity back in the school, but the fight with the ACLU is very costly and time consuming. The districts allowing the traditions of Muslim should also be allowing Christian traditions.
    It is incorrect to say we have Christmas Vacation, we now have a Winter holiday. Easter is considered Spring break, so technically we do not celebrate religious holidays.
    I understand some districts are making holidays for Ramadan. These new traditions are a disgrace to our Founding Fathers and our Country.
    Unfortunately there are many people who would like to home-school their children but can't afford to quit their job.
    As Lawrence said, get involved at the local and state levels, as well as the Big Government.
    God Bless America

  9. The ACLU does not need to be involved with the schools curriculum. I briefly heard something on Fox News last night that in one History book there was one reference to Christianity while there was something like 26 references to Muslims. What kind of things are we teaching our children? It is time to take our country, schools, and our lives back.

  10. DON'T BUY THE BOOKS! Simple as that. Do a Textbook boycott. Parents, educators and schoolboards have control if they would just use it. If it ain't right, DON'T BUY IT!


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