Friday, August 20, 2010

Test Tube Steaks Coming Soon!

Oh My Gosh! Do you realize we could already be consuming cloned or artificial meats?
We have all heard about Dolly the Sheep who was cloned. Get ready for this they are cloning cows, pigs, goats etc to use for breeders. Dairy farmers clone the best producers and then use them for breeding purposes. In actuality we are consuming the offspring of cloned creatures.

Here's a brief description of what is involved: "A cloned animal is an exact genetic copy of its 'parent.' So logic would imply that th­e composition of its milk or flesh would be exactly the same as that of the animal whose DNA  scientists used to create it. To clone a specific animal - say, a pig --you take a donor egg from a female pig and remove the egg's nucleus, where the genetic information lives. You then insert the nucleus of a cell taken from another pig into the egg. The egg now contains the latter pig's DNA. An electric current then stimulates the egg to begin growing, and the result is a genetic copy, or clone, of that pig."

You may never know what you are eating again!
There are no rules about labeling cloned by-products! The only way to know for sure is to eat only Organic labeled products - The National Organic Program's criteria for organic certification exclude products from cloned animals and their offspring.

The US livestock industry says cloning animals will be the way of the future, it is already widespread in other countries. The cost to clone one cow is $17,000 verses purchasing a traditional bull at $4,000. That bull better have what it takes to pay for itself!
Mark Walton, president of Via Gen (the US leading animal cloning company) says the program is still in the experimental stages. Livestock farmers are trying to determine if it will be feasible to invest in such a program.

If that doesn't turn your stomach a little sour, then this will. According to Jason Matheny of New Harvest are studying the process to produce cultured meat by an in vitro cloning process. Of course they are touting the in vitro method uses 90% less land and water and generates 90% fewer greenhouse gases. They will only clone the very best meats from dead animals. The crazies from PETA have offered a $1 million prize for the first organization to bring cloned meat to market by June 30, 2012. Peta also believes these fake meats should be on the market yesterday. What gives, they don't want us to kill the animals that provide food for us, but it is okay to kill them if we clone their meat!

2 years ago the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determined meat and milk from cloned animals is safe to consume. America has to go ahead to sneak this into our food supply. Europe is not using the cloning process and members of Parliament may ban it all together. Many people are cautious and leery of the idea of eating food from clones and the Whole Foods Market has banned the sale of any products of cloning.
I believe the wholesalers and distributors owe it to us to properly label these types of products. The meat and dairy products we purchase in the stores come from animals that are given steroids, vaccinations and their food source is filled with chemicals. They take these animals full of chemicals and clone them, breed them and pass this stuff on to us.
As for me, I will continue to purchase my beef, sheep and pigs from sources I know who raise them naturally. They will be slaughtered, aged properly and butchered to my desire. The difference in flavor is unbelievable. The overall cost is considerably less than if I purchased the same cuts of meat in a grocery store.
I am not for the cloning of animals for any reason. The idea of cloning meat just repulses me, If I am going to eat a steak I want a natural one, not one that is a product of a glass jar. To me that would be an artificial chunk of meat, and we know that almost all artificial products contain harmful chemicals. I want to know what I am eating.
What do you think, should labels be put on foods that are cloned or artificially reproduced?



  1. How the heck are they going to clone meat? I read the article and feel they will be using all kinds of unnatural chemicals to grow cultured meats. What is this world coming to?
    When they start that process on the market, I may become a vegetarian - I also want to know what I am eating. Certainly when this becomes wide spread they will have to have an identifying label on it.

  2. What our government is trying to do is sad. For one if they would teach the people to grow some of their own food even in small areas, we would have healthier food. In the second place, we have the land area in the US to raise many different breeds of animals. I think cloning with chemicals could become another one of governments nightmares. People that do nothing but live off the government would accept it, but people with any ambition would figure out a healthier way to do it. Look what they have done to our milk supply, by pasteurizing it, it's no longer that healthy for us. Possibly if they fired half of the FDA then started of with some new rules the US could get back on it's feet.

  3. Leave it to the wackos at PETA to come up with a prize for making cultured meats! I am going to write to my Congressmen requesting a law that all meats that are cloned should be labeled.
    I have problems with the concept of cloning and do not wish to partake in this experiment.

  4. FDA makes manufacturers of natural medicines put on the label "Not FDA approved." Why shouldn't products that are clearly not natural warn consumers on the label?
    Many people find the idea of cloning repulsive. I will never knowingly eat such products and will be looking into buying naturally raised beef. The idea that they are making artificial meat makes me sick!

  5. You may want to read Jim Bonham's very informative blog about genetically modified foods. He has a list of foods that are genetically modified and how to distinguish the difference.

  6. I could go along with the cloning of live animals much faster than I can the cloning of meats. To me that will be nothing more than an artificial sweetener or artificial flavorings that are added to foods. Why not just leave nature alone and keep things natural?

  7. ugh just skimmed the title tonight after just finishing a huge ground turkey patty for my evening meal I don't dare read any stories pm meats. Will check your article out tomorrow


  8. Mad Sally's RoommateAugust 24, 2010 at 5:07 AM

    PP, hope you enjoyed your turkey patty.
    The idea of cloning sickens me too. It may come to the time that all meats and produce will have to be labeled with the source of origin.

    I know artificial insemination has been around for a long time, and do accept that. I do not accept the concept of cloning, or making artificial meats.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Deanie as I didn't realize any of this was going on and will check out Jim's article tomorrow, there is so much to learn.

  9. I personally do not believe in the cloning of animals for any purpose. At the cost of $17,000 to clone a bull that should perform better than the one purchased for $4,000, I don't think that is cost effective.
    As for culturing meat in test tubes that is just disgusting! I agree labels should be placed on every product that is genetically modified or reproduced. I too want to know what I eat and where it came from.

  10. Yep! All packaged cloned meat and their by-products should be properly labeled and that lable should read CRAP! Probably much of this stems from the T.R.Malthus debate in the "perfectability of society" and his (1798) "Essay on Population" which hypothocized that, at some point (world) population growth will exceed the ability to produce enough food. Combine that theory with animal rights activists and the scientific community's insatiable appetite for experimentation, much of it at taxpayers expense, and you start to get the picture. Some will still eat "high on the hog" while others feed on swill.

  11. Geeze....I hope they don't clone the Turkey In The White House.


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