Friday, October 15, 2010

Motor Voter Law Being Shredded

Voters Beware - voter fraud will reach an all time high this year. We got rid of Acorn, but their damage was done and most of it has not been undone. Illegal people are registering to vote and there appears to be no cross references to stop it. The DOJ is not prosecuting voter fraud and enforcing the laws of the land. They have made exceptions for states not to send out their absentee ballots on time. By doing so, many overseas soldiers will not receive their ballots in a timely manner to have them returned on or before the election date. What a sin our government can not insure that the men and women, who are so willingly fighting for our Country, will be allowed to vote. If their ballot is returned too late, their vote will not count!

In 1993 President Bill Clinton signed the National Voter Registration Act into law. The NVRA act also known as the Motor Voter Act was established to enhance the Voting opportunities of every American. When applying for a drivers license or renewal you can register to vote. The provision was enacted to make easier access for registration to minorities and underprivileged Citizens. Persons applying for disability or welfare assistance were given the opportunity to register to vote at various public offices including the Department of Motor Vehicles. Thus the nick name of the Motor Voter Law. Mail in registrations were also made available, currently you can register on-line in many states and no ID is required.

Of great importance is Section 8 of the Motor Voter Law, which is being ignored by the US Department of Justice. This section creates requirement for how States maintain accurate and current voter registration lists for federal elections. Persons who have become ineligible to vote due to death or moving from the district must be removed from the local rolls . A person convicted of a disqualigying crime (felony and not regained their Civil Rights) or deemed mentally incapacitated are to be removed from the voter rolls.

One would think with the great electronic technology we now have the lists would be easy to maintain and cross reference files would be formed and be available to all states, so a person could not possibly vote as a dead person, illegal or a felon. Mail-in voting requires no identification.

A group of concerned citizens in Houston, Tx. created "True the Vote", a Tea Party style grass roots effort to stop voter fraud. They began looking into households with more than 6 voters. They discovered most voting districts in this group Republicans had 1,800 and Democrats had 2,400. They discovered one district with 24,000 addresses with more than 6 registered voters per household.

Their findings determined vacant lots had several voters registered. A halfway house with only 8 beds had more than 40 voters for that address. The findings focused on a voter registration group call Houston Votes. Of the 25,000 registrations the group submitted only 1,793 were valid. Other findings True the Vote uncovered were: One lady registered 6 times on the same day; illegals were registered; 1,597 registrations named the same person multiple times, often with different signatures; one  registrar for Houston Votes turned in so many applications in one day it was humanly unfeasible to do. If dead, ineligible felons and illegals are allowed to vote, it is voter fraud.

Whistle blower J. Christian Adams in a recent interview on Fox News revealed that DOJ Julie Fernandez currently supervising the voting section says, "We have no interest in forcing this provision of the law it has absolutely nothing to do with increasing turn out, that it prevented access to the ballot box and we're just not going to do it." The Bush administration filed a case against Miss. and also the New Black Panthers, which this administration dismissed. 
No further voter fraud cases have been brought forth in the Obama administration.       Video

Another DOJ whistle blower, Chris Coates, DOJ former Chief of the Voting Section was subpoenaed by the U.S. Civil Rights Division (CRV and subsequently forbidden to testify by the Department of Justice. Fortunately he did testify before the CRV read his testimony here. He fully supported Adams statements, and a full investigation is underway against the DOJ. 
These two men are true Patriots who stood up against this corrupt government and for the Constitution and our citizens. 

These are just some of the examples of what is going on in voter fraud, and absolutely nothing is being done about it. In my opinion, the reason the DOJ is not prosecuting voter fraud is the Democrats need all the illegal votes they can get in order to win the election this November. If you know of any voter fraud going on in your district, contact your voters league and your district attorney. It is time for a rejuvenation of our justice system, let's be like the "True the Vote" organization and take matters into our own hands.

I do not want to elect officials based on illegal votes. It is my belief that much voter fraud went on in the 2008 elections and it should have been investigated by this administration.
Acorn and the SEIU have close ties to the far left Liberals. Look what we won, an administration based on deceit and lies who want nothing more than to dictate to us how we will live. They are shredding our Constitution and our laws.

Proof of identification should be required on all voter forms and at all voting locations.

If you are mad as heck about this contact your local government and representatives. 
Share you thoughts about this with us.
Tea Party Deanie


  1. You are right indeed. The DOJ does not want to stop voter fraud as most of the fraud appears to be coming from the left.
    What a disgrace to see this happening in the land of the free.

  2. I feel pretty fed up with the whole system.
    Point: This day in the super-age there should be no way for voter fraud to happen. All legal citizens here and abroad (military oversees) should be voting and it should be instantaneously recorded.
    Room for error and illegal activity should not be part of this equation

  3. pp, I too am fed up and mad with the system.
    If we can set up electronic voting polls in the states why can't we do something similar to that for our military overseas? Sure seems it would be better than trusting the US Mail to deliver on time.

  4. What the heck are we even paying the DOJ for. Their leaders don't want to do what is fair and lawful. They just want to ignore what is happening in the country if it will hinder their agenda. It is all right for them to sue the State of Arizona for doing their federal governments job, but do not uphold the rights of our voters.

    I am mad as he## about this. We will change much of the corruption in the next two years. In 2012 we WILL end corruption. America is watching with wide eyes every move they are doing.

    Don't be intimidated when you go tot the polls. Vote for the persons YOU believe will do the best job for this country.

  5. This administration is so far to the left, they will stoop at nothing to get what they want. i remember when the motor voter law was passed many people who wouldn't have bothered to register did. It's a shame that government doesn't uphold the laws.
    Maybe more people will come forward and state just how crooked this administration is.

  6. It just gets deeper and deeper. When will the corruption end? It's certain not with this admin.
    Adams and Coates are true Patriots, our country needs more people like them. They are out there and some are running for office in 2 short weeks our country will see a dramatic change for the better.

  7. The motor voter law is a good one and should be enforced by the DOJ. It is this admins. agenda to not obey the laws of the land and to rewrite the Constitution to their own liking.
    Voter fraud is at an all time high, with this admin. pulling all the stop signs and yielding to the corruption.

  8. I'm mad as he## about this. Our government is due for a makeover, and it is coming in Nov. I hope when we regain some control of congress that there is a thorough investigation into the actions of this administration. We all know they do not represent the Constitution and do everything they can to destroy it. Hopefully most of their actions can be repudiated and become null and void.

  9. This government does not know how to do anything right. The absurdity of letting dead people and felons register to vote has got to stop. Our government can't even get ballots out to our military. What has our country come to when the department responsible for overseeing the enforcement of voters rights will do nothing. The DOJ needs to be investigated.

  10. Mad Sally's RoommateOctober 21, 2010 at 4:01 PM

    It's a shame when our troops overseas fighting for our country can't vote because Liberals fear the loss of an election.

    When people have to run on fraud and underhanded tricks it takes everything our country stands for away. Take the bast---s out this year and let's take our country back.
    People like this are the pond scum Pelosi found when she drained the swamp.


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