Saturday, March 12, 2011

Are Gun Totin' Mama's The Way Of The Future?

In the heels of our country's unrest over the last two years, the citizens voices are being heard. The fear of our Constitutional Rights being taken away by big government has made States take action to ensure our Rights are not infringed upon. States are returning the Right to Bear Arms to the integrity of their citizens. 

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, 
the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."
Constitutional Carry is the right to carry a concealed gun with no special license, permit or fee issued by a state. A victory for the Restoration of our Constitution was won in Wyoming last week Gov. Matt Mead (R-Wy) became the fourth state to enact this legislation on Mar. 3, 2011. Last April Gov. Jan Brewer (R-Az) signed the same legislation in Arizona. They joined Alaska and Vermont in adopting Constitutional Carry. Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Utah, Kentucky and Idaho have similar proposals.

The right to bear arms and protect oneself and state without the interference of government is our Constitutional Right. The Freedom to carry is our right as citizens of the United States of America. It is our right to defend ourselves, our homes and our Country if attacked.
"To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them." (Richard Henry Lee, Virginia delegate to the Continental Congress, initiator of the Declaration of Independence, and member of the first Senate, which passed the Bill of Rights.)

Many States still feel the need to control who owns a gun and who can carry a concealed weapon. The laws in themselves are good and are meant to protect the citizens. If the laws are upheld by the citizens and not abused by the government they are good. I do not believe the Federal Government has the right to make a federal registry of every gun owner and gun in this Country. They most certainly do not have the authority to TAKE OUR GUNS AWAY. Many people should not be allowed to carry a weapon as they may have the intention to do bodily harm on themselves or others, this is the main problem of gun control. How do we stereotype to keep guns out of the hands of criminals?
 It is not the guns that kill, it is the person who pulls the trigger that kill.

"Constitution shall never be construed . . . to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms."   ~ Samuel Adams ~

In today's society many people hear of a gun killing and panic, then say they hate guns and all guns should be banned from civilian use, this is totally a Socialistic attitude. That is such a crock...A gun in your hand could save the life of you or a loved one.

We are seeing the sales of guns to women increasing drastically, 
they are forming groups and learning the necessary skills and laws to handle them properly. With so many criminals on the streets a person needs to be able to defend themselves. The honest person needs to be one step ahead of the criminal. Young and old, men and women are feeling the need to protect themselves and are doing something about it. Go for it women protect yourself and your loved ones. Join one of the Gun Toting Mama's groups and participate in their classes and competition.

Switzerland has a unique policy, in that they encourage everyone to own a gun, they have programs to teach every citizen the responsibility of gun ownership marksmanship. They have the lowest crime rate in the world and most of the crimes committed in that country are by non-citizen foreigners. Young people are taught the respect of guns at an early age and participate in shooting contests. Shooting is a national sport to them. 

"The great object is that every man be armed . . . 
Everyone who is able may have a gun." ~ Patrick Henry ~ 

While the Constitutional Carry Law is a victory for the Freedom of our citizens, I also believe we need some form of gun control and insurance that new gun owners have the knowledge, respect and responsibility to own a gun. 
It is indeed a privilege to live in this Country and to be able to own a hand gun. Unfortunately it is the people who abuse the privileges bestowed upon us by our 
Founding Fathers that we have to have some form of gun control.

Tea Party Deanie


  1. Annie get your gun!

  2. 1Tea-edTexan...That is exactly what is happening. Women and men are purchasing guns at a record pace, they're stocking up on ammo and preparing for what ever comes about. Those, who have never owned a gun are going out and purchasing them and many don't bother to take a gun safety class.

  3. Contrary to what many of my friends say, I am not a person that would have a gun in the house. My religion teaches me a person should not kill. I fear the violence we have in the world today. It appears to me there should be a better way to handle the problem. What if children got a hold of the gun and unknowingly shot someone? This could be a disaster in the future of that child's life.

  4. Although I do not agree with gunHater because I don't believe Religion says we should stand there like sheep going to slaughter while people impose harm on us or our families. I do have a concern over children who are not knowledgeable of firearms getting their hands on a gun. With some of the kids I teach I could loose half my classroom.

  5. I'll go along with you to an extent teacher.
    I fear children who don't understand guns getting em in their hands. Maybe I look at another side of the pic...if somebody comes into our schools and starts killing our children wouldn't it be nice to know that someone had a gun to take him out with. Justice for all only comes about when you have the right to defend that which you love and that which is yours.
    As the old saying goes you can take my gun from my cold dead hand.

  6. If I had children, I could be a pistol packin' mama. I don't believe it's the wave of the future I believe it's the survival of government leading us in the wrong direction and criminals who try to take what we work for away. My goal in life is to keep what I've worked for and nothing more.

  7. I purchased my first gun a year ago. I attended a gun safety class and obtained my CC Permit. Having never owned a gun before I am glad I took the course.
    I like the idea Switzerland has about including the children in safe gun handling. I take my 11 year old son to the shooting range. He enjoys the time we spend together and has learned how to load, unload, shoot and clean a gun. Next year he will attend a gun class specifically for the youth in this country. I think it's a great idea.

  8. In reference to gunHater: I'm not putting you done for your statement but what if someone broke into your house with the intention of killing your husband, kids then raping and killing you? It appears to me a gun could come in handy at that time. I wouldn't have any problem using it. As for the kids getting ahold of the gun, that's what the purpose of locks are for. I hope for your sake what I described never happens but if it does I hope your neighbor has a gun and would be able to save you. Guns don't kill, people do.

  9. I took everyone's advice and I have signed up for a gun class along with some of my friends. I still haven't purchased a gun yet but will. I am seeing everyday that we all need to be prepared to protect ourselves. Being a single mother the worry about my children getting hold of my gun does bother me. The do have classes just for the kids which when the next class comes up they will attend. It is important for them to understand and respect the importance and the dangers of a gun.

  10. Throughout the world small and big countries are rebelling. They want their freedom and to become a democracy and not a dictatorship. They have had enough with the unfairness of being stripped of their rights. Not unlike the people in the U. S. We don't want to see our country head in the direction of Socialism. We protested and spoke our feelings last November did show the big government we want to get rid of the Socialistic ways we are headed.
    Be prepared, things are going to get tough.

  11. gunHater....buying a gun is like buying automobile may not like it, but you may need the protection, so you make comparisons, buy the one that's right for you, learn how to use it then put it in a safe place and hope you never have to use it.

  12. Good advice 1Tea-edTexan. I think guns are a source of protection and for putting food on our table. It's those who abuse the responsibility of gun ownership who are causing harm not the guns.

  13. I stand by the 2nd Amendment believing that every one should have the right to protect themselves. When big gov. takes this amendment away, we could be like the Mid. East trying to protect ourselves with rocks and clubs.

  14. Mad Sally's RoommateMarch 16, 2011 at 5:07 PM

    I'm a gun-totin' woman who can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan and never ever let you forget that you're a man!
    God Bless America!!

  15. "This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future." Adolf Hitler, 1935

    Pray to God this never comes about in America. We will no longer be a Free Country.

  16. eddie...thanks for that poignant reminder that unspeakable evil is sometimes cloaked with a pretense of public good.

  17. Look at all the countries who took guns away from the citizens, they all ended up in dictatorship, socialism or communism. That result is not what the people of the greatest country in the free world wants and we will keep it a free nation. We will keep our guns and live according to the Constitution.

  18. I believe women should know how to use guns. I always said I wouldn't have one in the house, but with all that's happening I'm considering taking a gun class and buying one. I guess it's better to be safe than sorry.

  19. My mom and dad taught me at a very young age to respect firearms. I have 4 older brothers, they were avid hunters, so it was natural for me to become involved in hunting. Our family vacations were always major hunting trips, what a great time we had. I have 2 very young children who accompany my husband and me to the shooting range. At ages 3 & 4, they know never to touch our guns which are kept locked at all times and well out of their reach. They already understand the damage a gun can do. In a few years we will teach them to shoot. With the proper teaching even the very young have respect for guns and that respect will grow as they grow.

  20. I am all for the gun totin' mamas of this country. Everyone needs to know how to defend themselves and the ones they love. If we continue to let just anyone into this country we will see more violence. The illegals can get their hands on certain types of weapons easier than a citizen can. Border states do not have the government protection they need and are telling people to protect themselves. I've go my guns and know how to handle them.


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