Sunday, March 20, 2011

What Does Obama And An Ostrich Have In Common?

The past 2 years has produced nothing productive for our country. Oh sure we wasted a lot of money on a stimulus package that did nothing. Cash for clunkers cost taxpayers too much money and did not get the clunkers off the street. We got a health bill that the majority does not want and will add trillions to our deficit. The only time Mr. Obama seems to make relative statements is when HE wants something, then he goes out on the limb to promote it.

Mark Penn, former Hilary Clinton campaign manager has said Obama needs a similar act like the Oklahoma City bombing in order for him to "reconnect with the people." President Bill Clinton used that tactic to "reconnect" by blaming the bombing on militia organization and by degrading Republicans.

MY GOD how many more catastrophes must this Country endure to get 
Obama's Head out of his A$$?

On Nov. 5, 2009 a Radical Muslim stationed at Fort Hood opened fire on fellow soldiers, killing 12. That evening he addressed the Native American Tribunal to promote ObamaCare. He talked a full 2 minutes before making a comment about the tragedy that had just occurred. Watch this video he even gives a shout out to a medal of honor recipient before acknowledging the victims and fallen heroes at Fort Hood!

The Gulf Oil Spill was another chance for him to "reconnect with the people." He blew that opportunity by refusing assistance from foreign countries who were familiar with massive oil spills, instead he took the advice of "experts" who had never encountered an oil spill or the procedures for drilling. On several occasions instead of meeting with professionals he elected to play golf.

The Arizona shooting was his perfect opportunity to downplay the Conservatives, and many on the left were quick to accuse the Tea Party Activists. Well that too failed as it turned out the assassin is a whacko. Obama used the what should have been a solemn Memorial Ceremony to promote himself and his party. The eloquent speaking evasive Commander in Chump even called for Civility. We know that was just words said into the wind.

Japan and the Libya crisis could have been used to glorify himself. Instead he remained silent for far too long. What this person doesn't realize the world looks up to the leader of the greatest FREE nation for strength and support. On the day our Country was set to launch Tomahawk Missiles into Libya to enforce the long overdue "No Fly Zone" he his in Rio on a so called business tour with his family to South America.

He signed economic contracts with the President of Brazil and praised them for their offshore drilling and promising to be one of their biggest purchasers of oil....While at home he has shut down our rigs and stopped drilling for our OWN natural resources, resulting in the unemployment of thousands of workers. Our un-employment rate is still at a critically high level and this idiot proposes to support other countries and increase their work force.

I think Newt Gingrich said it all:  "Well, I think what is increasingly clear is that we have a spectator in chief instead of a commander in chief," Gingrich said on Fox News. He went on to say:
"It is maybe the most passive and out-of-touch presidency in modern American history,"  accusing the president of "avoiding his job right now."
The evasive mystery man holding the title of President of the United States always appears to be in a world of his own. The everyday problems that face the citizens are just ignored by him. World problems are not something he cares to be involved with either. As long as he can run around with the arrogance we have all grown to dislike and he can do whatever, whenever he likes he is a happy and content man. 

I do not believe he has any respect for this country or the people in it. Sometimes I feel he just isn't up to the job he was elected to do. Surprisingly he hasn't realized that he can't run this Country like a Community Organizer. 
I say if he can't cut the mustard then he better get the Hell out and give us back 
our Country and our Constitution!

Tea Party Deanie


  1. If a normal person fails over and over and never gets a job done they're fired. Because of Liberals this seems to be different in the POTUS' life. It appears he can continue to screw the country up with their blessings. Where is the Liberal mind coming from?

  2. Mad Sally's RoommateMarch 20, 2011 at 3:47 PM

    I like the title to this article. You finally asked a question I can answer; What does BO and and ostrich have in common? An ostrich sticks his head in the sand while his butt sticks up in the air; the other always has his butt in the air while it sits on his shoulders. When provoked an ostrich will fight the other will run to the golf course.
    This man will never lead our country to prosperity only to despair.

  3. Re: MY GOD how many more catastrophes must this Country endure to get Obama's Head out of his A$$?

    I feel we have to endure many more. That could be the reason he's pushing ObamaCare so much. Can you imagine the procedure it would take to remove an entire head from a rectum?
    Once the procedure is complete he could once again stick his nose in the air and show the US his arrogance. My concern is will they have to use medical instruments to pry it out? This could make his head long and slim.

  4. If you knew my grandkids you could understand where we are today. they believe the government will take care of them. what would happen in the future if government wasn't there and the people had to fight for what they wanted. i am disgusted with how they look at the world today. it's a take,take, & take world today and no give. Im worried about where our country is going, mr Obama is leading us down a dead end.

  5. Obama always seems to be AWOL when a major decision has to be made. He either takes a trip, plays golf or worries about the NBA results.
    When he does say something it always very cautious and incomplete. It is obvious he does not want to engage in a conflict, but by sending the tomahawk missiles into Libya he has placed our country in a position that we can't back out of. The bozo thinks we aren't and won't be involved in another wrong he is. He made a major decision then left the dirty work for Hilary Clinton. What a chicken shit man we have in office.

  6. I like the analogy between the prez and an ostrich. It seems any time there is a problem he just buries his head in the sand. Someone needs to let him know that ignoring the problem doesn't make it go away it only gets worse.

  7. Obama is still playing the blame game. Although the US took control over the air attacks on Libya, they are not responsible for the bombing of Gadaffi's complex. What is he hiding now? Why are we even over there?

  8. Obummer does have a way of hiding out when things get tough. Our country deserves better and we will have it soon.

    I just heard he is sending $2 billion to Brazil to increase THEIR jobs in the oil industry. Of course he is not here to tell us about it but some committee did. What about spending that kind of money and we drill our own oil. We have lots of unemployed workers here.

  9. The Missing In Action is cutting his 'vacation' short by one day to come back and handle the Libya situation. I wonder what he thinks he will do that isn't already being done? He thinks the swipe of his pen and more executive orders will solve the worlds problems. He seems to believe he doesn't need Congress or the people backing him and he can do whatever the heck he wants.

  10. While our joke for a POTUS was on his working vacation (LOL), the missing in action prez went ahead and obligated our country to support Brazils oil drilling and does nothing for our country but get us into another war. While away he keeps saying this is not a war...Now he wants no part of it. What the hell does he call what we are doing over there?

  11. BO doesn't have the word war in his vocabulary. He looks at this as a U.N. run coalition so that he can sleaze out of it and not make anyone mad. He appears to me a person who thinks he can win over everyone's hearts with words. It would sure be nice to have a leader instead of a pansy running this country.

  12. Our president has been absent for anything important that has happened in this country. He has not made decisions that are for the people. We have to continue standing up to this administration and either make him be a leader or we should get him out of office.

  13. I think we'll see a big change in the next election. People I know who voted for the prez admit they regret it now. I believe his social agenda is to have big government run the country, that way the people will have no say and we will end up like China.

  14. Newt got it right "Spectator in Chief" I think we should all use that term to describe the acting POTUS. He has not been present for any meaningful meetings and/or actions that will benefit the people in THIS country.
    I'm sure if a major disaster struck this country under his watch we would never see or hear from him. I think we would be up Shit Creek under his watch.

  15. An ostrich buries his head when he is frightened. BO hides his head whenever something serious is happening or when someone does not like what he is doing.

  16. I could better define what a jack-ass and Obama have in common...but you may not post what I have to say.

  17. Rebel Rouser I can imagine what you want to say. LOL. My feelings exactly.

  18. I wonder where he will be when and if a full war breaks out in the Mid East...He is never around when needed. When he does speak on a controversy most of us more confused than before he attempted to explain. He will go down in history as the worst president this country has ever had.


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