Monday, February 28, 2011

Quiet Community Wakes Up To Terrorism

The quiet town of Lubbock, Texas and the surrounding communities mourned with the world in the wake of 9-11. Although we felt secure in the fact that terrorism would never reach the isolated towns of the South Plains, we were well aware of the threats in cities across the Nation. Never did most of the citizens believe that terrorism could be born in this area. This just isn't something that is supposed to happen here!

There are many people with feelings of disbelief, shock and fear. This community has never experienced anything like this. If we have one terrorist in our midst, who's to say there aren't more. The question will become who can we trust? We live in a very friendly part of the Country where striking a conversation with the person in line at the grocery store or giving someone a warm smile and a "Hello, how are you today?" are everyday common events. I hope this incident doesn't change the trusting and friendly attitudes of our citizens.

With the recent arrest of Khalid Ali-M Aldawasari, suspected of creating a weapon of mass destruction many people are taking a closer look at our community. The 20 year old Saudi Arabian came to America in 2008 and attended Vanderbilt University (Tenn.) as a student of the the English Learning Center. He mastered the English and continued his education at Texas Tech in Lubbock in the fall 2009 majoring in chemical engineering. Due to poor grades, 6 weeks ago he transferred to So Plains College.

Reporters on the grounds of SPC could not find any students there who knew him. The students were aware of the situation and are very concerned that a Muslim could come to this country as a student, attend prestigious colleges and be taught the English language to perfection. Worst of all he was taught the art of making chemical bombs, which he clearly intended to use to cause Jihad across America.

The following are comments made from college students who had encounters with the suspect, some of whom lived in the same building with the terrorist:
  • "He was just a normal guy I guess,  sometimes he seemed a little weird."
  • "He was kind of quiet, he always stood off by himself in the corner using his ipod or something. Somebody like that who is secluded makes you wonder like what's he doing on his own time, I guess as it turns out he's was making bombs." 
  • "It's unbelievable and shocking you know, that this happened in Lubbock, much less in the same building,"
  • "It's scary, I don't want that going on anywhere, much less where I lay my head at night, what if he messed up and blew up the whole building,"
  • "...cant believe he was living down the hall from someone who had the intentions of committing a terrorist attack in the US."   Source
Mayor Tom Martin said "It's a terrible think that we have people in our country that are doing this but it's very rewarding and reassuring that our local law enforcement and federal and state agencies can work together to take them down."
The Mayor also said "This is West Texas, I'm sure he'll be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

Congressman Randy Neugebauer released a statement saying "I was shocked.  This stuff can happen anywhere, even Lubbock, Texas."  The Congressman also said. "Intelligence gathering is one of our best defenses.  This was extremely good work by the FBI to prevent a tragic thing from happening."

According to the Lubbock Avalanche Journal:
  • Members of Lubbock’s Muslim community reacted with surprise, shock and dismay. Apparently no one in the Muslim or Saudi Arabia communities knew Aldawasari. Some of their comments:
  • “They are just allegations. If it’s true, I think the Muslim community condemns any action like that.
  • “We condemn violence and terrorism without reservations,” 
  • “We like to give (a) plain message to everyone that Islam is a religion of peace. Islam is a religion against terrorism or terrorists or any person who wants to terrify any human being,”
Former roommates (2009) said Aldawasari didn't talk to them much, stayed in his locked room most of the time. Said he banged against the walls when agitated. He kept his bedroom door locked at all times, even when he went into the kitchen to eat. They never saw any of the items the FBI had gathered. They were shocked to learn that their former roommate is a terrorist.

Our Country owes a huge Thank-you to two companies who were crucial in thwarting Jihad against America. Carolina Biological Supply of Burlington, N.C. for being alert and taking action to stop the delivery of the chemical. They became suspicious when Aldawasari said it was for use for an off campus experiment for Texas Tech.  Upon hearing from the supplier to stop the deliver Con-way Freight, the shipping company, notified Lubbock police and the FBI the same day with similar suspicions because it appeared the order wasn't intended for commercial use.

I can only imagine the devastation this Osama Bin Laden follower could have caused had it not been for the courage of two companies to become involved with a suspicious order. I know the citizens of this area are more aware of what is really happening in this Country and the World. This hit home to many people that terrorism can strike anywhere not just in the big cities. No body or place is immune to the threats of the Jihad terrorists. Wake up America we are at war with the Radical Muslims who wish Jihad upon ALL infidels.

How would you feel if this happened in your home town? Share your thoughts with us.

Tea Party Deanie


  1. After the shock wore off, I would be mad as hell that this guy could come to our country on a student visa for the purpose of learning how to make a bomb. Shame on our country. Supposedly some chemical company in Saudi Arabia is paying all his expenses. I hope there is an investigation into that company too.

  2. So why aren't the Muslims who don't believe in Jihad speaking out more? If they are a peaceful religion you would think they would stand up for their beliefs.
    We would be outraged if this happened in our city.

  3. We should all write to the two companies who took the initiative to question the validity of the person purchasing that chemical. Had it not been for them there is no telling how long this terrorist would have gone unnoticed and the damage he would have caused.

  4. I agree with you sadmom. We do owe a lot to those companies. Sadly enough too many people don't have the courage to become involved and report suspicious activities.

  5. It would be a surprise to wake up and find out that your roommate is a terrorist. It really makes you wonder about some of the people around you. I think if I was in his position West Texas would be the last place I would want to be tried. Those rednecks will take ya out and hang ya before the jury has time to say guilty. Of course if he was up North he would probably have to do community service.

  6. The Muslims would be in hiding if this happened in our community. They know they are not welcomed here, I'm sure there would be an uprising of some sort against the Muslims.

  7. I think we have home grown muslims in the process now of preparing for Jihad. When it hits close to home people realize how serious the problem is. In order for our country to remain free we must find these pockets of terrorism and destroy them. If we don't do this the radicals will take over.

  8. A Facebook FriendMarch 3, 2011 at 4:55 PM

    Rita Meyer said:
    that is not good.. even our best and safest and most cherished American type strongholds they are going after.. You would be surprised how many tiny way far out from civilization towns have just one family .. things that make ya go hmmm I asked a lady one time who is a palestinian why she chose to move to an amish type of community and she got very evasive.. and scary acting.. Plants? yes, I would say so.. creeps!

  9. Rita, I agree, many of them are plants. If they do not associate with the people they choose to be surrounded with, something is missing and not right. They are the ones we should be watching. This guy in Texas and the Fort Hood Shooter were said to be loners and weird acting. America we better be watching out for these kinds of people.

  10. It is becoming evident every day that we are not safe from the radicals no matter where we live.
    The immigration guidelines need to be stricter. We can't just keep letting people into this country because Congress doesn't want to change the laws. It is time for immigration reform.

  11. It is shocking when a small community discovers a person is living amongst them who is capable of mass production. The worst part about this is he went to school specifically to learn how to make bombs. I hope Texas shows him no mercy. I hope the DOJ doesn't get involved, they will probably just slap his hand.

  12. Doesn't Texas have a slogan..."hang 'em high?"
    Sounds like Texas will take care of the jerk.


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