Monday, February 21, 2011

The Shut Down Of America

Obama's famous words after the mid-term elections about taking a shellacking and hearing what the American people are saying seem to have faded into an abyss of fog. The promises to work with the people and the Republicans appears to be short lived or just more words uttered into the wind. The person acting as our Commander In Chief has neglected to work with and for the people.

Of vital economic importance to our country is our Federal Budget...I almost forgot ...we still don't have one! For over 2 years the Obama regime has known they needed to establish a new 10 year budget. It is totally beyond my understanding why they didn't put one together when they had complete control of Congress. At the last minute a temporary budget was put into effect which runs out on March 4. With just days left the new Congress is on vacation.

The republicans have put together a budget that will save us 61 billion dollars in Federal spending over the next 10 years. It was signed off in the wee hours on Saturday (2/19/11). The Senate has yet to agree on it. Speaker of the House John Boehner says Republicans will not back down. The Democrats say they will not give in. Obama says he will use his power to veto.

The question is will the bureaucrats in DC continue playing this game of 'Chicken' or will the federal government just close down? What will the consequences be?
  • If our federal government does shut down only essential operations will continue. 
  • National parks and museums would close, clean up at toxic waste sites would halt. 
  • Many Federal employees will be asked to stay home. 
  • Air traffic and national security will continue. 
  • During the last shut down under the leadership of Democrat President Bill Clinton passports weren't processed, SS checks continued although new recipients claims were not processed.
  • Passport requests were put on hold. 
  • Veterans benefits including medical were halted.
  • The good news...The Mail DID run!
While on furlough the employees will not receive paychecks, but will be reimbursed for their back pay in the future.

I don't think this sounds too bad, our country will continue with the essentials. Maybe that is what we need to make them realize they can downsize, just as any business would do that encounters a high deficit.

Our country is broke, the deficit has risen to unimaginable numbers that we will never be able to repay. At $14.1 trillion and climbing it is time for our country to take action. The frivolous spending the Liberals have enjoyed for the past few years has got to stop. Their answer seems to be to hire more federal employees, which is what Obama-care will do. We've already seen the whopping stimulus package that Obama pushed through immediately after his inauguration was nothing but a flop and a waste of our money!

Check out the  Debt Clock to track our deficit. It is very discouraging to continuously see where our money is going. The longer we take to repay it, the more we will pay in interest. Most of the federal budgets being proposed do not have the ability to repay our foreign debts.
It's time for our Country to be run in a business manner and not like it's a big game of Monopoly. Unlike Monopoly this is not a game, the money is real and the consequences are real. 
The fun and games are over...
it's time to get back to reality and face the facts, 
Our Country Is Broke!

Tea Party Deanie


  1. I can't believe how fast our debt is climbing. I support all the cuts the Republicans are trying to pass. I hope it is not vetoed by the Messiah.
    I'm glad they are standing firm and do feel sorry for the employees who will be furloughed, but then I wonder why...They'll be reimbursed at a later time for their missed work so they will get an unexpected paid vacation at our expense.
    Maybe the furloughs of the not so necessary people will make this government realize they can get by with less people and they will downsize.

  2. Just more proof that our government does not want to work for the people. I wish Congress would impeach the treasonous president.

  3. Just what we need, federal employees get a vacation at our expense. We have far too many employees than are necessary. Even the president has hired more staff members than any other president. We owe so much money to China, they keep loaning us money and we put ourselves farther into their communist grasp. While the people of the country worry about where we are headed with no budget in sight, Congress is on recess. Makes no sense to me, that we don't have a budget. Obama keeps telling the people they are going to have to budget and tighten their purse strings (which most of us already do) while they spend our money foolishly.

  4. Shut the government down. At least that way they can't do any more damage to us. lol
    Unfortunately a shut down will not affect Congress and Obama. But maybe they will wake up and realize they do have very important jobs to do. The budget should have been negotiated for a long time, now if we get one, it will be another thing shoved down our throats.

  5. A lot of National Parks are closed down for the winter months anyway. The "un-essential" employees probably aren't needed on full time basis. If the government can run without them on a temporary basis, then they can run without them on a full time basis.

  6. It's hard for me to see how this is such a huge problem. When Ronald Reagan was in office he told the air traffic controllers their time was up, they either go back to work or they're fired and replaced. Why can't we do the same thing today?
    I'm not in the union now but I have been in the unions and the biggest thing it did for me was cost me money. If our country is going to get back on the right track concessions have to be made. That means every body has to give up a little.

  7. Let the government shut down. Put some Rednecks in office. Happy hour begins at 5!
    We'll still get more done and accomplished than what we've seen now. If people don't want to work then let em starve.
    Man, I should become a Congressman.

  8. You said it all Rebel, if they're too lazy to work why should they live off the taxpayers like us? Let them live on a park bench and their life can go to hell. Stupidity is what brought our country to where it is. Move the Libs to the Middle East and let them deal with where their life is going. At least that way we could bring our country back to what it was in the past, FREEDOM.

  9. I say shut it down. I doubt if that will happen, a temporary budget will be in place before the deadline. We still won't have a budget and will have to go through this again in a few months. If the people in office can't do their job, they should be booted.

  10. I'm with Marie shut it down. If Dems can't uphold what they were voted in to do, why should they be wasting taxpayer time and money. In order for us to have an efficiently run government all parties must work together. Maybe the time has come when an honest third party could be elected in the US.

  11. I don't believe we'll see a government shut down. We could possibly see some states shutting down. The reason for this would be the government can print money, the states can't.

  12. I am sure an emergency budget will be in effect before the 4th. This government can't accept their responsibilities. I hope the Repubs. stand firm in their convictions and don't give in to the wackos on the left.

  13. Too much time is wasted in DC. There is no reason we don't have a budget except that Obama and his goof-offs want to spend our money on things we don't want or need. That is what is important to them, not running the country as they were elected to do.
    We will see some form of a budget, the country won't stop. Although it might be good if it did.


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