Saturday, February 13, 2010

Young Americans Taking On Big Government

In these troubling days that are ahead of us, we look back on how our Country got into this mess. I believe a lot of the 2008 election had to do with the fact we were all tired with the Bush Administration and really wanted a change. Little did the young and old people who voted for Obama know what they were to get was going to be disastrous for this country.
Obama was voted in not for his political standards but on his charisma. Oh how he fooled everybody with his grand remarks and promises that turned out to be false.

Many of the young people I talk to today whom voted for Obama wish they would have studied the candidate and paid more attention to the politics of this country. They are now learning how this country is being run and actively studying the candidates vying for the votes in 2010.

Many young adults just don't have the time or care what is going on in this Great Country. Some say they don't understand, so they remain ignorant to the world around them. Many young Patriots feel there is something they can do to change the our Country's Political system and are doing it!

Mike Huckabee (Fox News) featured 2 young men on his Feb. 6, 2010 show who are both still high school seniors, 18 years old and running for public office!  What a wonderful show of Patriotism and Courage these young men have. I am so impressed with these young men and their great aspirations for this Country, I want all of you to know about them. 

Matthew Flynn of Canton, NY a registered Republican is running for the State Legislature District 8. Flynn embraces a hardline approach to fiscal conservatism has gained him a considerable amount of support.

Flynn's opponent running for the GOP primary is Kevin D. Acres, a Madird dairy farmer. Acres, a 20 year member of the Madrid-Waddington Board of Education and has much support that comes with that position in public elections several time.

Jared Christianson (D- Ellsworth, Wi) is the youngest person ever to run for the seat of Governor of Wisconsin. He is very verbal on bipartisanship, which is what our government lacks the most. Jared has lots of public relation experience including working through the Civil Air Patrol (Cap), a youth leadership organization. CAP has provided him with communication skills, integrity, leadership skill and disaster relief skills as he worked his way up to Deputy Cadet Commander.

He faces some seriously experienced contenders, on the Dem side he will have to face off with the Mayor of Milwaukee, Tom Barrett. On the Republican side he faces County Executive Scott Walker and former US Rep. Mark Neumann. All very strong and tough contenders.

These young men have seen, studied,understand and lived through this administration's policies. Jared and Matthew are showing the courage to make a stand for their beliefs. Some may say they are too young to be serious candidates, but I believe there are many more young people out there that would like to do something, but are afraid they are too young to try.

Both Jared and Matthew are very well spoken and serious about their campaigns. They share the same convictions many of us share and truly want to do for our Country what they can. Check out their websites and see that there is hope for the young adults of our Country, show them that although we may live elsewhere we support their actions.

It is hard to predict what the outcome of these two elections will be. No matter what I'm sure they will soon be in the spotlight of the Political World. They are truly an inspiration for the young people of this Country. You are never too young or too old to make a difference. I believe in the near future we are going to see many more unlikely candidates stepping into the world of Politics and changing the way politics are being run.

I wish both these young men Good Luck in their Political Future. I will be looking forward to seeing what the future holds for them. Click on their name to go their websites and e-mail them with your support. Young Adults like these two are the future of our Country.



  1. I stand up for America's youth. They are the future of our country. Maybe we do need more young, new blood and ambitions in our government. It is obvious the old ones need to change their ways or our country is in desperate trouble. Power to the young people of our country.

  2. I have a lot of respect for these young men. They have more nerve than I do wanting to become a politician. I wish more of our young people today could show the same ambitions.

  3. I think that the young politicians do have have new ideas and they should try them out. I also wish more young people would get more interested in our countries direction.

  4. These young men are to be commended for what they are doing. I wish more young people would get involved like them. I will forward this on to my friends because it is important and maybe their children will get the incentive to do the same.

  5. I think they are awfully young, but do admire them for wanting to make a change in our political policies. If they are qualified and can do the job I guess it is great.

  6. I agree with Wes, they are very young and not quite mentally mature but wow I am impressed with them for even paying attention! Good luck to them * *

  7. I wish my grandchildren would even pay attention to what is going on. I can't see them participating in politics in any way. Good luck to these 2 young men.

  8. Today's youth can take a lesson from these guys. I agree with you P and Wes they are VERY YOUNG. It is hard to believe Wisconsin will vote in an inexperienced Jarred, only 18 as governor. But if he has the qualifications and knowledge to run the state maybe it will be good.
    I believe Matthew may have a chance running for the legislature. Tomorrow when I have more time I am going to their sites and wish them Luck. I think everyone should too.


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