Sunday, February 7, 2010

America's History Being Rewritten

Political Correctness is sweeping across the country and will soon be instilled in our schools. Our history, civics, health and other courses will change.
It appears that Tx and Ca are the leading buyers of school textbooks, and what they want will be implemented in the textbooks our children use in school. These states purchase all their books from major publishers who cannot feasibly print textbooks for all the different states curriculum. When these states decide that changes need to made, it affects all the states. Texas is on the verge of voting in March to make some ridicules transformations to the history of our country's history. California's financial situation has not allowed them to buy new textbooks for a few years, so The Countries Eyes Are Upon Texas!

Our children will no longer call the men and women "Founding Fathers" that's too sexist! We long have known that our "Founding Fathers" also included women and I have never heard any women complain about it. They will soon be referred to only as "The Framers."

Once politically correct "Senior Citizens" (disrespectful)  will be known as "Older Persons." I recently celebrated my 60th birthday and I do not want to be called an "Older Person." That phrase makes me feel older than I am!

Guess what else, an old fashioned hot dog, ice cream cone and all other unhealthy and delicious foods will not be shown or discussed in the Health Books.

We no longer will have a "Jungle", it will be a "Rain Forest." For some reason I do not believe the Jungles in Africa even relate to the "Rain Forests" of the Amazon. Of course that could be because I am becoming an OLDER PERSON, before I am ready.

Neil Armstrong will no longer be in the books. Why? Because the panel choosing the contents say he is not a scientist.

Unbelievably Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower may not have a place in history. They will be replaced by Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates. We all know of all the accomplishments Oprah and Gates have achieved but how stupid to eliminate two great Presidents who led our country through a World War!

Outrageously, Benjamin Franklin, one of our "Founding Fathers" (I don't believe in the new politically correct term) who fought for the freedom of this Great Country and created our Constitution may be equated to Cesar Chavez as significant political figures. Chavez was instrumental in the rights of agricultural workers. I do not see a comparison to the two.

History of Nathan Hale may be replaced with the story of the man who invented the Fireman's Hat!
Columbus Day, Christmas, Religious and Patriotic statements are proposed to be erased.

If this happens we can probably presume the we will no longer be American Citizens but Global Citizens.


Contact your Congress person and tell them to stop the Texas Board of Education changing our Countries History.,2933,85594,00.html (has a great list of some of the other proposed changes)

Deanie 2-7-10


  1. Where are these idiots coming from? I enjoyed American History when I was in school. I could understand updating history, but not taking away what the US was built on. If they do succeed at doing this I hope they put in a page about the do nothing Prez and the corrupt politicians.

  2. I hadn't heard about this. I am outraged as I have 2 young children and want them to know how our Founding Fathers built the foundation for our country. I may have to consider home school. I can understand the schools do have to include some new history but not take away our true History. I could care less who invented the fireman's hat. That is not American History!

  3. I think this is totally wrong, all they are doing is dumbing down our children. That just goes to show how out of touch our teachers are. If I were a teacher I would be mad as blazes. (I didn't know if I could say hell or not.) On the poll question I also wanted to vote that is also Un-American.

  4. This was a very good article. I have been coming to this site for about a week. 2 of my friends are young teachers. I told them about this article and they said they would be checking it out.

  5. Gosh that makes me mad! Another thing that is bothering me is why TEXAS (can understand CA doing it since thats all they do is go against the truth and realities of the country)?

    Why would they even consider the changes ...

    These are sad sad times.

  6. What happened to the good Ole USA? If Tx lets them get by with this I don't think the rest of us will have a chance. All we can hope for is they are a big enough state to fight them.

  7. Will they take 'Uncle Sam' out too? That disturbs me as I have been called Uncle Sam for years because I believe in the Freedom Of Our Country. I guess they will take that out of our schools too. I know they will if we continue to let Obama have his way.

  8. I do not think these are good changes for our children. They need to know what our country is all about. I agree that our new history needs to be spoken about also.

  9. I like this article, we should all be concerned about what people are tryin to do to America. It seems to me there are more people trying tohurt our country than to help.

  10. You're right Gramps!! It seems most of our elected officials are doing more harm than good. That's OK our time is coming.

  11. This is outrageous. Where can we go to help fight this?

  12. Ann at the end of my post are some sites that you can go to. The first link is the boardmembers e-mail. You might also check some of the sites listed on the left column of this page.

  13. I heard that they may not be taking Christmas out after all. I also heard it was going to be replaced with Diwi a Hindu Religion. Also that they would have a chapter on Hannaka. Have they forgotten our Country was built on Christianity?

  14. If they rewrite American History I hope there will be a place in it where our kids can read about the people want or get the President impeached. That would be great history for our country.


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