Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tear Of Grief - Russian gift to USA

I received an email the other day that contained a little known fact about the generosity and sentiment a former enemy of our country gave the People of The United States. I agree with the thousands of people who believe this needs to become known to all.
Shortly after the terrorists crashed civillian airliners into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and into the ground in Pennsylvannia, Zurab Tsereteli, a renouned Russian artist was deeply distressed. He wanted to build a memorial for all the innocent victims. With tears in his eyes his envisioned what the memorial would be. Tsereteli came to the US, visited Ground Zero, researched where his Memorial should be placed and finally began making arrangements for the location for his monument "to the struggle against world terrorism."

Russian President Vladimir Putin was in Bayonne, NJ on Sept. 15, 2005, meeting With the town's mayor he spoke of the Unity of our Countries. They discussed the plan's for the memorial the Russians were to dedicate the United States to honor the victims. Although no ground was broken that day the decision was made to place it in Harbor View Park, formerly the Military Ocean Terminal. The park overlooks Lower Manhattan, where the World Trade Centers once proudly stood.
Pres Putin said "This monument will always give vivid embodiment to our unity. Certainly, this is going to be a splendid memorial."
On September 11, 2006 the 'Tear Drop' memorial was dedicated by Tsereteli. The ceremony was attended by former President Bill Clinton, Gov Jon Corzine, Mayor Joseph Doria, Jr., survivors and family members of victims of 911 and many other dignitaries.

The monument stands 100 feet tall, there is a jagged tear in the middle, leaving an opening for the 4 ton, 40 foot tall, nickel plated tear drop to hang. The base is 11 sided and bears the names of the 2,973 victims of the 911 attacks on the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the crashed plane in Pennsylvannia. The artist also included the names of the 6 victims of the 1993 Trade Center Bombing.
The majestic Tear of Grief is attributed as gift from "Russian President Vladimir Putin, the people of Russia and the artist" to the people of the United States, in the spirit of France's gift of the Statue of Liberty.
The spectactular memorial is visible from Lower Manhatten, the Statute of Liberty, ships passing through New York Harbor, airplanes and the Staten Island Ferry. Visiting the memorial will be number one my next visit to New York.

I believe this to be a true gift of sincerety from the people of Russia. Not only did the artist refuse any money for his work, but the Russians paid for the building, shipping and assembly of the monument. It is a gesture that cries out to the world that we must join together to fight the terrorists of the world in unity.

I am an avid news watcher and like many others had never before heard of it, there was quite a ceremony, and the dedication was well publicized. Maybe due to the fact the ceremony was held on the 5th anniversary most of the media's attention was based on the memorial at Ground Zero.

Watch this great video about the monument.



  1. After serving 2 terms in Iraq to fight the scum that destroyed the lives of so many I am delighted to hear about this memorial. It is truly a tribute to everyone. Russia soldiers were present in Iraq, uniting with the world to fight TERRORISM. I do not believe P. Obama has won the respect of the world in his mellow way of fighting our 'enemy combatants' (ha-ha). Russia would not have honored the US with a memorial if this jokester was in office.

  2. Hey Deanie, i have seen the 'tear drop' it is breathtaking. i also went to ground zero and remember the towers as they used to be. The Russians wanted to include the victims of the 93 bombings, but came up wiht problems because people objected. The artist put them in anyway. It is well worth seeing, i think the video was good.

  3. Hey C-G, I like what you have to say, and even though I have never seen it, it is a concern to me that Putin could likes one P and not another. I read on the forum you were bored, let me tell you about what I think. We're going to have a rally this year and I'm gonna be a part of it.

  4. wow - I never knew about this. What a surprise, glad you posted about it with all the extra link info for alot of us to discover!

  5. I too have never heard about this. What a shame no one seems to know about the wonderful gesture made by Russia. I'm sure if Obama had been in office back then, we probably wouldn't have received anything.

  6. It is really sad that a one time arch-rival of our country can put up such a wonderful memorial. I do not believe the memorial at ground zero is completed yet.
    This Pres is upsetting a lot of people, I just read freedom fighter and was so mad I wanted to choke Obama. It is good to read a happy article for a change.

  7. What a wonderful memorial! I vaguely remember hearing about it, but never paid much attention to it. I guess the media really botched the coverage on this. Even the mainstream didn't seem to have anything about it. Maybe because it came from a country that Bush was able to communicate with????????

  8. Deanie, I am a history teacher in Tx. and feel that what they are trying to do to our books is unexcusable. I have read and seen on TV the Tear of Grief and was inspired by it. I do believe Russia was becomming an ally to the US. Although I voted for President Obama and still hope he has a chance of renewing his promises, I think at this time we have lost a lot of allies. I congratulate you on an article well written.

  9. The article was very good Deanie, but today I think we are dealing with bigger issues. Do you think the HC conference shouldn't be spoken about more than a tear drop?

  10. Shame on the US for not making this more known. I don't believe we have a permanent memorial at ground zero yet. Wonder what's taking so long? Are the dems in charge of constructing it? Maybe Pelosi and Reid don't want to vote on funding it.

  11. I have heard about the monument, but did not know it was a gift from Russia. I can't believe for a second Russia would give us such a nice gift if this Pres. had been in office. I found it to be a very interesting article and did enjoy the links.


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