Saturday, August 7, 2010

Spend - Spend - Spend

Obama has been preaching to the citizens of this Country to "tighten your belts in this unstable economy". He has even gone so far as to tell the Country we do not need to spend our money in Vegas. Which vastly hurt Las Vegas' economy. In other words we should not have any freedom to spend our money as we see fit. We, The People, have been doing all we can to make ends meet and most of us enjoy very little or no entertainment. Our unemployment rate is at an all time high. Our Country's deficit continues to grow and we are worried and mad. It appears to me that when this president speaks and tells us what to do he, his administration and his family do not need to follow his orders, they do just the opposite.

We all know Michelle and Sasha took a fantastic vacation to Spain. There is much controversy about the cost and who is paying for it. According to the law, the government does not pay for personal trips for the first family. The cost of the round trip air flight is about $178,000. The room rates at the Villa the Obama's stayed in range from $400 to $6,500 per night! Apparently the First Family is to pay for the expense of the Air Force jet and any other expenses.

What does irk me is the money we, the taxpayers, will have to pay for all the security guards to go on vacation with Michelle and Sasha. We pay for ALL their expenses. For security reasons, we aren't allowed to know how much of our money was wasted so Michelle could live like a queen!

Obama wants to take from the rich and give to the poor! I am laughing about that, we sure don't see him reaching into HIS pocket to share his wealth with any of us! We have to cut the deficit he says, but at who's expense? Ours of course. He never has to live like we do and pay for insurance or wonder if he will have anything left for his retirement. He doesn't have to wonder about unemployment, he will continue to receive his current salary long after he is out of office. These new demands and laws he is putting on the citizens are more than we can afford. I still haven't heard what he ever did with the money he received from the Nobel Prize (which he should have had the decency to refuse). Supposedly he was going to give it to a charity.

The money this administration is blowing on frivolous actions is very degrading to our Country. Our Country should come first, but I don't feel our Country means anything to them. It appears to me that Obama is playing a game of Life, but never grew up and realized he is playing with real people, real businesses, and real money not a game board.

Michelle has 22 personal staff members, yes We pay their salaries. To see the list of titles and names check this out at Snopes. Obama has created 38 Czars, all of whom receive generous salaries from us. Past Presidents and First Ladies all had Czars and personal staff, but this is ridiculous. Never before have we had such spend-aholics in the White House. 

I am so appalled that the person who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. thinks he is so much better than us, that HE deserves to spend OUR money as he sees fit. We have given our children's futures to greedy Socialists. Not one of his expensive bills he has passed have the majority of the people wanted.

If none of the above pisses you off keep reading. 

The arrogant pres was scheduled to give a lecture on the economy to a local DC business just 6 miles from his beloved oval office, a mere 20 minute drive through DC with his motorcade. Sounds like a pretty simple trip to me. The money spending Socialist didn't want to drive so he took Marine One on a 6 mile joyride! Marine One is the Presidential Helicopter, and always flies in groups of identical choppers, sometimes as many as 5. At the destination there is generally at least one fully dressed Marine to greet the President and a limousine is waiting. WE pay for all that.

I could not find any figures on the expenses we will pay for this flight, but I can imagine the humongous price tag we paid for his joyride. Years ago we frivolously chartered a very small helicopter (carried 2 passengers) for an hour flight and paid $400 for the ride. 
I can not imagine the cost of his 6 mile flight aboard Marine One for Obama and his entourage.

According to CBS News this is his 300th trip aboard Marine One.

We need to work on our Representatives and Senators to pass new laws that will curtail some of the frivolous spending our government does. They are cheating us out of our Country.



  1. Obama does not know how to save money, either his own or the countries. I can not imagine letting his wife spend that kind of money for such a short trip, and not take both daughters. This just goes to show that all he wants to do is spend our money.
    I didn't know that Marine One had look-alikes. So no matter how far he flies the chopper, more go with him. What a waste of money.
    I agree we should make laws that restrict the presidents usage of our money.

  2. Great job, again, Deanie. This is the most arrogant president since...well, I guess forever. All the others at least pretended that the citizens were important.

  3. This topic has been really pissing me off.
    We are getting so screwed, its like they are slapping us in the face with it. I love the way they think they are Godly and have no one to answer to for their actions.
    They will see our love in return sooner than they can imagine it will be 2012 and they will be history.
    Our country will still be in a shambles in the wake of their destruction I fear.

  4. Burke, how true you are. Our country will be in shambles for quite some time. Hopefully next year we will have a more partisan House and some things will change for the good. Actually some of the polls say the conservatives will win with a landslide. I hope they are right.

    I do not think we should have to pay for security for such an elaborate trip as Michelle took. But that is the law. I only hope that is all we are paying for. Congress needs to control the amount of expenses they are allowed per year. I do not like the idea that we pay for Obama to run all over the country to campaign for the Socialists.

    Change is Coming

  5. Mad Sally's RoommateAugust 8, 2010 at 6:39 PM

    Deanie, could you and Richard send me a million dollars so I could do the same trip that Michelle did? lol

    If you can't do that how about $5,000 so I can do the same trip, maybe not as extravagent. It's a shame what this pres has done to us with our money. Let's hope in November we can stop some of the madness.

  6. It's a shame what BO is doing to our economy. I believe he thinks this is a big vacation for him and his family.
    A question off the subject, While Michelle teaches obesity to our children she seems to be putting on a considerable amount of pounds herself. Could that be the term 'the pot calling the kettle black?'
    Cooking supper will post on the forum later.

  7. Too bad we will never know what this country is spending on unnecessary actions of the first family.
    Wasting our money is the goal of this administration.

  8. The first family needs to be a put down a notch or two. Why are we paying so much money for them to travel all over the world? I think if they elect to take such elaborate vacations, they should pay all expenses, including security.
    There should be a limit as to how much we will spend on activities such as these.
    I am sure Obama would chastise any one else for taking a 6 mile joy ride in a chopper.

  9. Yes Deanie, this does piss me off! Why should we pay the extra expenses for the body guards to go on such an extravagent vacation. The first family needs to learn they are not Gods.

  10. Why should we think the Obama runs his personal finances any differently than he runs our country?
    His greed will be his downfall. I wonder how much his 6 mile chopper ride cost us, does any on know?

  11. Yes this family does like to spend money foolishly. They continue to show their disrespect for the people of this country.

  12. Earlier this year, I heard that the obamas received (not exactly earned) four and one-half milion dollars in income. Do not know if that amount includes the million dollars "given" to barrack by the norwegians for some alleged contribution to world peace. And have not heard if that award was actually donated to some charity. Really could use a Paul Harvey with "the rest of the story" here. But income in the millions is pretty substantial and the elite are of the persuasion that, what good is wealth if you cannot flaunt it? And of what use is political position and power if you do not use (or abuse) them? In talking about the national economy, your president has said that in these tough economic times his childrens' college fund has suffered too. Now isn't that just the saddest thing you can imagine? Surely all who have lost their jobs, all those who have lost their homes, all whose life savings have been eradicated and all whose families have been devistated or destroyed by the president's mis-management of the economy are heart-broken over the obama's financial hardships. Maybe now, before the election, would be a good time to start thinking about replacing economic advisors.


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