Friday, July 9, 2010

Az Lawsuit - Another Ploy For Minority Votes?

From day one, the Obama administration has been refuting the wishes of the majority of Americans. I won't go into all the details since we all know what they are.
Arizona's SB 1070 has been under fire since it's conception, by this administration, the ACLU, states, cities and various organizations. Obama has claimed this bill as misguided and irresponsible. Despite frantic calls from Az. Governor Jan Brewer, he has shown his irresponsibility by refusing to meet with her. He finally granted her a few minutes of his precious time last month, I am sure as a result of pressure from the media.

From the day he was sworn into office as the President of the United States, he has shown partiality towards the Hispanic and minority communities. He has promised the Illegal Aliens (the majority of whom are Hispanic) complete amnesty. Which he has yet to fulfill.

He started a racial problem with a college professor (whom he knew) and a law officer, which resulted in a solve-nothing "Beer Summit." As if that was going to stop, what he interfered in, to begin the aspect of racial profiling.

As time goes on it is obvious this man disrespects the United States of America. I wonder why he just doesn't resign and go ruin someone else's country.

After his refusal to send assistance to the border states, Arizona decided to uphold the Constitution of The United states of America and pass SB1070. The short bill (17 pages) is patterned after the Constitution, and the states are obligated to uphold the Constitution. That is what is Arizona is doing. The law specifically specifies there cannot be any racial profiling in asking for identification and citizenship status.

Although Obama has ridiculed the bill on moral disapproval, his Department of Justice is suing the State of Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer. Read the Lawsuit it is only 25 pages double spaced.

The administration stresses the lawsuit is about the law and it's legalities, they claim Az is trying to enforce immigration status and that is the the federal government's responsibility and not the states.

All this leaves one to wonder if this is not another campaign ploy to get the Hispanic voters on the side of the Democrats. Polls show over 70% of voters favor SB1070, I do not think there will be enough Hispanic voters turn out at the polls this November to help the Democrats. I live in Lubbock, Texas where Hispanics are the majority, and I have not met one who believes the bill will promote racial profiling. Many of the Hispanics voted for Obama, but shortly thereafter have changed their party affiliation. They do NOT want amnesty for ALL illegals. And the DO approve of SB1070 and say they will be proud to show their identity.

Has the Obama administration overstepped it's bounds by suing Arizona? There are already states and organizations and even an illegal suing. Many scholars believe the lawsuits will not stand up in court, including the DOJ's. Arizona is already strapped financially and they are asking for donations to aid in their defense. Now the Federal Government is suing Az for the same complaints, why add the burden of a Federal lawsuit to the state of Az. Why am I going to pay for a non-American government to sue an American State. That's right you and I will be paying the bill. I will donate gladly for the defense of Arizona, but my tax dollars will be paid very begrudgingly.

Greta van Susteren of Fox News has a great blog out about the DOJ's lawsuit, here is just on excerpt from the lawsuit filed with the court:

"If allowed to go into effect, SB 1070's mandatory enforcement scheme will conflict with and undermine the federal government's careful balance of immigration enforcement priorities and objectives..." (paragraph 4 of the lawsuit)

Greta's response: "If I were representing Arizona, I would want to know who wrote the above. Why should the government's "careful balance of immigration enforcement priorities" give the feds green light to ignore violations of the law? We have laws so we all know where the line is and the Feds can't keep moving the lines. And how can the fed government's objectives be anything but lawful enforcement of the law it has written and passed? If the feds don't want to enforce a law, the feds should abolish the law. Selective enforcement is not right - either enforce the law or get rid of it."

Gov. Brewer's response to the lawsuit filed by the DOJ: "It is wrong that our own federal government is suing the people of Arizona for helping to enforce federal immigration law. As a direct result of failed and inconsistent federal enforcement, Arizona is under attack from violent Mexican drug and immigrant smuggling cartels," she said in a written statement. "Now, Arizona is under attack in federal court from President Obama and his Department of Justice." She also accused the Obama administration of a "massive waste of taxpayer funds."

I believe Obama will do anything he can to get the minority votes. If we have an honest Justice System he will not win this lawsuit on the grounds he filed on. What do you think?



  1. I think the Supreme Court is fairly honest and does not back him all the way. Thank heavens for that! I haven't read the lawsuit but what Greta had to say, I think some good attorneys are going eat the DOJ alive.

  2. Newt Gingrich just said on Greta's show that Eric Holder is calling the shots against Arizona.

    Who the heck is the President of the US? Gosh we better recount the votes. Supposedly Acorn is out of anything to with elections! What would the outcome be if we had an honest election?

  3. Mr. ProcrastinationJuly 9, 2010 at 8:13 PM

    I like what you are saying, throw the ilegals out, I don't have the money to pay for them; and then throw the ADMINISTRATION out who wants to back all the illegals. God Bless America.

  4. The Sinner is fighting back to show he is the messiah. It seems when he doesn't like something he finds a way to unlawfully bash the wishes of the majority of the people.
    He made it clear he opposed the new Az law from the beginning. Despite the vast majority of AMERICANS are in favor of sb1070 he throws a lawsuit on them. What a waste of money! I will send some of my hard earned money for the defense in Arizona. Where do I send it??

  5. Am not surprised anymore at what this administration is doing - they are making up rules as they go and tossing everything out they do not agree with.
    He said he was voted in for change and to bad those that voted for him did not have a clue what changes he and his leftist marxist people meant and their intentions to "change" our country.

    What they are doing to the constitution is appalling. They have a big radical plan in effect and are working at breaking down our very core foundation, The Constitution of The United States of America. Pay attention everyone, if you haven't been, start right now !!!

    Stop this madness !

  6. btw, Good post Deanie, glad to see you keeping track of this situation. Hope you get through to some people that need awakening... although we pretty much know the end result of this problem to.

    I do have a question for anybody, "" so has the fed govt ever sued a state before ? ""

  7. We here in AZ are being sued the Obama Regime over an immigration law which was carefully crafted to mirror the fed government's own law...which the Regime chooses to enforce in selective, haphazard fashion. Basically, we are being sued for obeying federal law. I guess this is just more of that hope-and-change thing at work.

    For pinkpistol: I found at least one instance where the feds have sued an individual state. The Bush administration sued Illinois for refusing to implement the national job data base in a timely fashion.

  8. I have never looked into your question, Pink. But it is very interesting and I will study it more. Hopefully I can answer it intelligently.
    Laurence if get any more information on it, I would like to know.

  9. This administration has no clue what to do about anything. The stupidity of wasting taxpayers money on a lawsuit that probably won't hold up.
    Arizona carefully chose the words of the bill to coincide with our Constitution. But don't forget this administration doesn't know and understand the Constitution.
    Waste our money is all they know how to do.

  10. Mad Sally's RoommateJuly 11, 2010 at 2:07 PM

    It is sad to think this excuse for a president would try to sue a state because they are protecting their citizens and upholding the law. Him and his administration have to be the sorriest SOBs this country has ever had. I hope Governor Brewer wins.

  11. It is deplorable to think this administration has the right to govern what a state will do within its borders. What good is the DOJ going to do by suing Arizona? We are wasting more taxpayer money for our government to fight the Constitution of The USA.

  12. The United States should not be sueing Arizona. It is their responsibility to take care of the border and immigration. When the Feds do not uphold the Constitution, it is the State's right to defend themselves as long as they don't go beyond the Constitution.
    I do not think the the DOJ will win, unless Obama can get a crooked Judge.

  13. I hope Gov. Brewer hires some great attorneys, we all know this administration will go to extremes to get what they want. Greta V. has some good points about the lawsuit, maybe she will be on the team!
    Where can we go to send a donation to the defense fund, I hear they have over half a million. I am sure the cost will be horrendous.

  14. What we have here is an egotistical government gone mad! Most presidents make an effort to work with both parties and the states.
    Not this one, he is the exception because only his views and concerns matter. He is deliberately trying to break our country. We will end up living in Socialism if we do not take action soon.

  15. Way to go Jan and Greta. Let them all know what we think of their lawsuit.
    I still don't understand the stupidity of the DOJ filing with all the other suits against Az. Those suits should settle the dispute.

  16. The lawsuit filed by the DOJ is a waste of taxpayers money. I do not believe it will go in their favor. If it does we all know it will be because the administration stepped in with more of their unethical tactics.

  17. When is you new blog coming out?

  18. The stupidity of our government to sue the State of Arizona for upholding the Constitution!
    The country can only hope he doesn't corrupt an honest judge. bho has done it before.


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