Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why Should Immigrants Be Eligible For Welfare?

There are currently 11 million illegal aliens residing in the US.  State governments spend an estimated 11 to 22 billion dollars supporting immigrants. It is very disturbing that immigrants make up 11% of our population, even more upsetting is they are 20% of the poor population. When most immigrants come to this country, they are coming from a poor country to increase the quality of their lives. Many of the immigrants are much poorer than our native citizens. Unfortunately these immigrants are often not qualified or do not want to work. Increasing our impovershed population.
18% of immigrant households are below the poverty level, while only 11% of native households are below the poverty level. More immigrant households (21%) take advantage of our welfare system than do our native households (15%). That is 43% higher.

Immigrants coming here legally must pass a public charge test. They must have a US sponsor who pledge their income to support them. Before receiving an immigration visa the potential immigrant is supposed to be evaluated by American Consular Officers, to determine if he or she will become a public charge. If deemed to become a public charge their visa is denied. The sponsor must have an income only 25% higher than the poverty level. (The government defines poverty as an annual income of $22,025 for a family of four, $17,163 for a family of three and $14,051 for a family of two.)

Unbelievably refugees, asylees and all amnestied illegal aliens are exempt from the public charge requirement. Guess what? We The People will be become their sponsors, since Congress decided we will pick up their support bill. (Immigration and Nationality Act § 237A(5).)
Go figure, as an example a sponsor has an income of 200% above the poverty level, he is considered not legally poor. Then his income is split with the immigrant now they each are at the 100% poverty level. Eligibility for some welfare programs kicks in before the 125% level so immigrants and sponsors can be eligible for welfare.
Since food stamps, pre-natal care, nutrition programs, housing assistance, energy assistance, job training programs, child care services, free or discounted school lunch, public shelters, health clinics, Medicaid and cash welfare programs that are not the family's sole source of income are not considered under the public charge test.
Immigrants here legally cannot receive federal means-tested public benefits for 5 years, furthermore they cannot receive SSI or food stamps until they obtain citizenship.
Regardless of their immigration status, immigrants are eligible for school breakfast and lunch programs. The can receive immunizations, emergency medical care, disaster relief and other assistance that is deemed necessary to protect life and safety as identified by the attorney general.

Illegal immigrants cannot obtain any of the following federal public benefits: grants, contracts,licenses, loans, retirement, welfare, health, disability, public or assisted housing, secondary education, food assistance and unemployment. Unless a state law is enacted they are barred from providing state or locally funded benefits to illegal immigrants.

It is very disturbing that immigrants make up 11% of our population, even more upsetting is they are 20% of the poor population.
It's obvious we need to do something to slow down the immigration rate. The illegals are coming across the Mexico Border at a rapid pace. Living in West Texas I have had the opportunity to know a few illegals. One I can honestly say is married to an American and has 2 children born here. He received 17 DWI's over the years, has been deported back to Mexico on numerous occasions, only to return a few months later illegally. Finally he was put in prison for 2 years. On his release he was deported again. He is now back with a legal green card. Look at the expense this one man has incurred on us and we welcome him back legally.

Instead of worrying about putting our citizens back to work, the Obama administration issued 1,130,818 green cards. Mexico citizens were issued 164,920 green cards. We see these workers coming over here, many of them can not speak English, therefore companies have to hire translators. The jobs over a million foreigners obtained could have been given to legal, Native Americans. Does Obama not know the unemployment rate is nearing the 10% mark and the under-employed (Peoply who have quit looking for work) is around 17%.

It is apparent this administration is doing nothing to decrease the unemployment rate. Some members in Congress are suggesting proposals that will only make matters worse for this Country. Believe it or not they think we should increase legal immigrants eligibility for benefits! An amnesty act is likely to be forced on us this year. According to the CBO an estimated $2.24 billion would be added if they are made eligible for Medicaid and State Children's Health Insurance Program.
It is my belief we have to discontinue being so liberal with the immigrants coming into this Country. We are bringing people in legally, and they know we will take care of them. We have to close our doors to some of these people. If they come here and can not make a living for themselves and their families they should be deported. Our laws must be revised to exclude them from becoming a burden.

The Federation for American Immigration


  1. With all the money we spend on illegals it appears even a blind man could see that they are bankrupting the country. I can't understand why I should have to pay for a bunch of damn illegals getting free money from the government. I have enough trouble keeping my own family going.

  2. If people come over here legally or illegally why should we have to support them? Something must be done to change the laws that govern our immigrants. Our country is rapidly becoming a 3rd world nation. Yikes!

  3. In my opinion they shouldn't be given anything. My ancestors came to this country with nothing and had to work for every penny they made. If they are not legal through the bunch of freeloaders out. If we don't we're not going to have a free country anymore.

  4. Its all about greed of the elected officials and getting mass vote from the illegals right?

  5. If immigrants come to this country, their sponsors should be researched and able to afford the expense of taking care of them. I can see the imigrants coming over here who are educated and able to support themselves. There are too many low income families that are native Americans that really need the help.
    Giving amnesty to all the illegals will only cost the taxpaying citizens more money.

  6. It's pretty sad when you go into a store and the people waiting on you speak Spanish better than English. There is a site called 'Press One For English' When I have to deal with a place I am purchasing products who speak Spanish better than they can English I walk out.

    I am a disabled vet, which means I receive a VA disability pension, Just one step ahead of being homeless every month, and that's not a "Oh, whoa is me" comment. There's a point to this,
    There's a 25-year-old illegal immigrant woman living in Florida , with eight kids. Yes, eight "anchor babies" and she receives just shy of $1,500 per month per kid, plus medical, plus food stamps. Oh, wait. That's not PC. It's called Social Assistance now. You do the math on that yourself. I'd say that she was schooled early in how to make it in the system. Twenty-five years old, eight kids yep, she started early.
    This women who never has paid a dime in taxes of any kind. Is here in this country illegally. She hasn't paid one one cent in Taxesand makes more in one month, legally, than I receive in over a year and a half

    She's here illegally and with just one kid would make over twice what I receive per month. She has eight and she's not a stand-out case. She's not alone. That's the way the system works. Millions of illegal immigrants know this, (Haven't you seen the pamphlet? It's handed out all along our borders, "The Illegal Immigrants' Guide to Keeping America Just The Way It Is.")
    Did you know that the federal government provides a refugee in this country with a monthly stipend of $1,890, plus $580 a month in Social Assistance? That's $2,470 a month, tax-free. That's more than someone making $15 an hour, and they have to pay taxes to boot!

    Now, in defense of the Veterans Administration, they are doing what they can with what they've got. At least this country has a VA. It's the Senate that keeps passing laws, rules and guidelines, cutting their budget, Their hands are tied by the very government that's supposed to give them what they need to get the job done, by the government you voted into office.

    The point to this story? Just why are you paying such high taxes to support this incredibly screwed-up government? And I'm not proposing you stop paying your taxes. That's wrong. There are good programs and reasons to pay your taxes and support our government. What am I proposing is To ((Vote)).
    The government, our government, is broken and we as the voters. We fix it by voting.
    If your state Senator has been in office more then two terms, vote 'em out If your state representative has been in office more then two terms, vote 'em out. We put term limits on just about every publicly-elected official in the country except the House and Senate. Why?
    I don't care how much you believe your Senator or Representative is doing a good job. They're not! Look at the government you have, that we have.
    Vote them out of office.
    Change the course of this country's history by what you are granted and guaranteed under the law. Vote! And if you have the guts, the anger, the outrage, start a petition in your state for a state-wide initiative to be placed on your next state ballot. Limiting the terms of office for your state senators and state representatives to your federal government to two terms.
    The federal government will never pass such a law, but you can.

    This is the first step in getting it right. Just vote.

    Are you an American? Born and raised? Then vote!

  8. Anonymous, I congratulate you on your comment. I'm a Viet Nam Vet myself. It makes me fighting mad when I see people who are not even citizens of this country receiving aid. We certainly do need people to get off the couch and get out and vote. I'd like to get in touch with you, maybe we could work together.
    e mail

  9. Deanie's article was very informative and makes me feel that immigrants have too many benefits. What anonymous had to say is outrageous! If our government sees fit to support these so called anchor babies than we should at least limit them to the funds they can receive.

  10. Being from Calif. I am aware of the massive increase in illegals. We have to quit giving them so much incentive to come here. They know if they have anchor babies they will be taken care of, the more the better. Although the parents aren't supposed to get and assistance the checks for the children are sent to the parents, and they use it as they see fit. I think they should at least set a limit as to what one illegal family can receive for their legal children.

  11. We have so many illegals, if amnesty is given to them our Country will be farther in debt than it already is. It is terrible we let so many immigrants in legally and then have to support them and in some cases their sponsors.

    I wish anonymous would write back and say where the source of his figures came from. If it is true, I may leave the Country and sneak back in. LOL


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