Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Who is James Holmes? Who really cares?

 My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of the Aurora, Colorado movie theater massacre. The senselessness of this has left our Country with a great sense of loss and sorrow.

Who is James Holmes? Who the Hell cares WHO he is?
 I darn sure don't! The red-haired maniac methodically shot 70 people in cold blood killing 12 of them. It appears all sides of the media are going to make a martyr of him. Their big question is why he did it and who he really is. I don't think he was insane or on drugs. The murderer meticulously planned this savage massacre of innocent people. All the while he knew he would be caught and wasn't satisfied with taking the lives of movie goers but intended to do fatal and bodily harm to police and people living around him by setting booby-traps in his apartment.

There is no lack of evidence in this case that he is guilty. I as many others have already found him guilty without a trial. I say hang the bastard and don't waste taxpayers money on a long and drawn out trial. There is no sense in trying to figure out where his head was at that led him to do this. He is guilty of mass murder and should be treated as such.

I generally uphold the procedures of our justice system, but in this case I believe no one will receive any justice. The court will insist he undergoes psychiatric examination and have an MRI to make sure he does not have a brain tumor or something else. The killer could be found insane and never brought before a judge. If that happens justice will not prevail for all the innocent victims and their families.

I thank God his semi-automatic assault rifle jammed and he didn't know what to do to fix it. Many more lives would have been destroyed as a result of this maniac.

Many people wonder why no one in the theater took him down. I myself was not there so can't answer in a positive way. I can only assume the scenario of being in a dark theater, suddenly being gassed, hearing shots and blood-curdling screams, gagging, blurred vision, and people running in a frenzy to get out. The mass confusion and terror that ensued would not create the best situation to fire back at the armor wearing killer. I personally think many people were carrying concealed weapons and would have used them but just didn't have the opportunity to take him down without endangering innocent people.

As a result of this disaster gun sales in Colorado have risen 41%. Of course the Liberals will be out to take our guns away. Weapons, ammunition and full body armor can be purchased easily on-line with no red flags going up. Obama says he'll not use this issue to take away our Second Amendment rights in his campaign, but believe me it will not be far from his mind. Banning guns will NOT stop criminals from arming themselves. Criminals don't want to attack a person who they know is armed. An unarmed person is an easy target.

Folks, we must stand up and fight for our Constitution and our God given rights.

Have you already profiled this Joker as guilty? Will there be a fair trial? 
Let me hear from you.

Tea Party Deanie


  1. A military trial lasted 4 days over a squad-leader sexually abusing female recruits he was sentenced to 20 years.

    The problem I see with this perverted Dork-Wad is under our system the trial will last years and cost tax payers millions of dollars to evaluate him to see if he's capable of standing trial. I say save the tax payers dollars and put him in general population and the problem will be solved.

    I believe in fair trials but it is obvious this man has NO RIGHT TO LIVE. It was premeditated murder from the beginning. Now Libs are yelling for more gun control while ONE bullet from a PATRIOT could have ended this problem.

    Yes let's enact gun control by starting with Eric Holder and Obama over Fast & Furious. These people are as big a dis-credit to America as James Holmes.

  2. Richard you must be perverted. Do you kill somebody without a trial in todays society? To me it seems you've made yourself the grim reaper whose final word is law. Don't put yourself in God's place you're not that knowledgeable. What James did was wrong but we've seen it many times over in a society where people are trying to keep their heads above water. Remember the law: You're innocent until found guilty. Let's get guns out of the general public and we'll never have this problem.

    1. Lady, if you are ever attacked by some maniac you will pray that just one armed guy like me is around to save your ass. Your lib friends will all be around the corner calling 911 and not stick their noses out until the police get there--after its too late to help you.

    2. LLib, this guy has already proven himself guilty! The only thing he did differently than other sadistic mass killers is not take his own life. Now the whole country will pay for that mistake. Getting guns out of the hands of the general population will NOT stop this kind of action. Most people who carry guns are very law abiding. More than likely the theater was deemed a NO Gun Zone, and honest citizens obeyed. Had one citizen been in a position to take the joker down our country would be much safer.

  3. I doubt that any of the patrons or event staff there was armed. If the theater wasn't designated as a gun-free-zone (zones which are revered by all robbers and thugs), it was picked out as a soft target as is SOP for these mass-killer-cowards whose success is only likely to be achieved if no one can fight back. These evil cowards just never seem to attack pistol ranges, gun stores or NRA meetings

  4. It's sad you people can't understand there are people with mental problems. Like you I won't condone the shooting but I will say we have to fight for the equality of people that are below us. They need a fair trial.

  5. I think your are 100% right TPD, this trial will be many years in the making....The lawyers will make money, the doctors will make money and the taxpayers will foot the bill. The "alleged" shooter will be played a victim, society will be responsible and the real victims and the many lives that have been so tragically affected will never know true justice. Justice delayed is justice denied. Isn't it ironic or maybe insane that with so many eye-witnesses and overwhelming evidence, the shooter is still called the "alleged" shooter? This guy should be four days dead.

  6. Oh Geez! Now they say he was seeing a psychiatrist! There will be NO JUSTICE! This guy is so smart he planned everything out to the last detail, even to make him look like he was crazy! He was studying neuro science, so he knows all the symptoms.
    I also wonder why the package he sent to the psychiatrist was left sitting in the mail room for so long. Had the employees done their job and delivered the notebook on time this massacre may have been prevented.
    I agree with Tea Party Deanie Hang the bastard! We don't need a senseless trial that will last for years and cost taxpayers a fortune.

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