Tuesday, December 13, 2011

US And Mexican Government Working Together To Open Un-Manned Port of Entry!

The tiny village of Boquillas del Carmen population has declined by 42% from 2000 to 2010 leaving a mere 100 citizens. The village with no electricity lies just across the Rio Grande from Big Bend National Park in Texas. Once an open gateway for villagers to enter the park and purchase supplies at a campground store located in Big Bend. US tourists used to wade across the Rio Grande and purchase trinkets from the villagers. After 9-11 the crossing was closed.

Mexican and US government want to position a kiosk within Big Bend that will allow Boquillas citizens to swipe their ID cards, speak to a customs officer in Presidio a distant port of entry. Then will be allowed to enter the United States via Big Bend.

Officials on both sides think the so called honor system will be a good thing for both Countries! I am appalled U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) would even consider this a good idea.

If this open border kiosk scheme goes through the CBP will have 8 agents living in the park to assist Big Bends 23 law enforcement rangers.

So now National Park Rangers will become Border Patrol Agents. We will more than likely be footing the bill to house the 8 Federal Agents.

At a time when our borders are broken and we do nothing to stop the flow of illegals and drug smugglers into the USA our crownie law-makers are giving everyone a free pass into our country! Officials on both sides seem to think the remoteness of the tiny village and the Big Bend will discourage illegals and cartels from crossing there.

There are many remote areas along the border that illegals risk their life to cross the Rio Grande and enter our Country. Officials know where they are but seem to be unable to stop the traffic there. What makes them think they will not enter a port of entry with no one around to check for illegal contraband or proper papers? Illegals go to extremes as it is to enter our Country, they are not beyond killing local Mexicans as well as US citizens. Great thinking let's just let them legally walk across and ask no questions.

I almost forgot we will be doing this to save the plight of 100 Mexicans choosing to live in a remote area of Mexico, where they have NO electricity, NO businesses and NO supplies within hundreds of miles. If the villagers are so anxious to have access to US commerce, why not just pay to relocate them to an area where there is a manned port of entry where they can live in a border town that has more to offer.
In the long run it would be cheaper and safer for the security of this Country.

Let me know your opinion on this - Does this sound like a good idea?


  1. Why shouldn't they have the right to come over here? You say move em to a place they can buy goods. Why shouldn't we open our borders to starving people. Are you a vindictive person?

  2. If that's what you want to call me vindictive I am. I do NOT believe at this time we should have any open borders. If people elect to live in a remote area where they have no access to supplies I will not feel sorry for them!

    Our country is so far in debt, we are on the verge of an economic collapse. We have no means to support the "poor starving people" who are already here, and you want to bring more people into this country to leach off the taxpayers.

    I'm curious are you affiliated with the Occupy Movement? Your thinking is of their mentality. It will be people like you who want everything for free who will bring down this country.

  3. This is shocking to read that our government thinks this would be a good idea.
    Way to go TPD, I think Mr Ed is of the occupy mentality too. For sure he's not a Conservative. I think he's a died in the wool BO follower who wants to live off the government.

  4. Mr Ed is EXACTLY what is WRONG with this country
    These people are ILLEGALLY INVADING our country!!!
    The liberals have allowed them to steal from us and now tell us it is their RIGHT to continue to do so and WE are RACISTS if we say anything against it!!!
    But then I do agree we should have an open border...
    With a mine field in the middle and our troops lined up on the other side with 50 Cal machine guns
    Isn't it WONDERFUL how Obama has united out country

  5. Anonymous: I like your idea of an open border with a mine field and machine guns. It seems the Liberals have taken a lot of our First Amendment rights away with their political correctness. I still feel a terrorist plotting against the US should be called a terrorist and NOT an enemy combatant. I believe an unmanned open border would be another of BOs Napolitano and Holders way of letting anyone in who will vote Lib.

  6. Why should WE pay to have an unmanned border entry when all Mexico wants is to make it easier for their cartels to walk across the border. Doesn't seem like a feasible thing for us to waste our money on.

  7. With an idea like this we might as well just remove all border stations and say come in we'll give you what ever you want! This has got the be the stupidist socialistic idea they have come up with yet. It's an outrage to the dignity of our country's citizens. We deserve better than that. I'm writing to my congress today!

  8. To me this almost seems like it fits in with Fast & Furious. First government sends our enemies weapons which end up used against us. Second: they open up an un-manned border so cartels and other enemies can cross with ease.

  9. WOW!! A Kiosk!! Way to protect our borders Feds. Can we give them some coupons, too?

    Beam me up, this place is nuts!

  10. Governments gone whacky on us. Our border agents are being killed because Big Gov sends assault weapons to Mexico. I'm sure this stupid idea will become all the rage in the near future.

  11. That's all we need is a kiosk in the middle of nowhere to let all the illegals enter. What's the reason behind this? None that I can see.


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