Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Obama Allows Terrorists To Run Free In US

 July 25, 2011 and again on October 12 Chris Crane testified before the Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Policy Enforcement. Crane is President of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council 118, a union representing approximately 7,200 employees. During his testimony he revealed many disturbing facts listed below:

 "ICE is broken - Law enforcement and public safety are no longer the priority at ICE: politics are the priority." Chris Crane

  • Incredibly ICE agents have been told by ICE headquarters not to arrest illegal aliens who do not have a prior criminal conviction even if they are fugitives who have been ordered deported by an immigration judge or are individuals who have illegally re-entered the United States after being deported and thus have perpetrated a felony.  
  • “ICE officers and agents also alleged that they were not permitted to arrest or even speak to confirmed or suspected illegal aliens encountered in the field during operations and were prohibited from running standard criminal record checks for wants and warrants,” Crane testified.
  • June 25,2010 ICE union leaders issued a unanimous vote of  No Confidence in ICE Director John Morton. The vote has not been rescinded. Officers across the country "took personal vacation to stand in picket lines publicly protesting the actionsof the Agency."
  • “Aliens who could not be arrested included but were not limited to ICE fugitives that had been ordered deported by a federal immigration judge as well as aliens who had illegally re-entered the United States after deportation, a federal felony,”
  • Director John Morton will determine which aliens are to be arrested and that guidance will be pased down to ICE supervisors in the field. ICE agents and officers in the field will be under orders to release and avoid arresting certain groups of aliens altogether. ICE agents and officers will follow order, not exercise any true discretion. 
  • Certain areas are participating in a pilot program which mandates ICE agents not arrest or detain certain aliens arrested by local police. Now ICE officers will be required to mail letters to the aliens to the jail requesting they report to an ICE agent upon their release.

It is Crane's belief the ICE policy puts both the public and ICE agents at risk: “It not only prevents officers from talking to and arresting persons who may be wanted for crimes but also individuals who are being victimized and in need of assistance,” said Crane. “Certainly, anyone can see that these practices are contrary to effective law enforcement practice and place the public at risk. Many officers will tell you that the majority of their best arrests, the arrests that most benefit public safety, come from unintended encounters with criminal aliens in the course of looking for a different target in the field."

This is Obama's way of getting his Dream Act enacted according to Fair (For American Immigration Reform): 
Illegal Alien Amnesty Already Happening: Get used to it or HALT it!

Earlier, Obama told the National Council of La Raza that he can't get illegal alien amnesty legislation passed because Republicans oppose it, "so let's be honest I need a dance partner here. And the floor is empty." Ok Mr. President, let's be honest. Amnesty is already underway.

Obama is using administratve actions to peicemeal his Dream Act into effect. Obama is enable to enact much of his Dream Act by having Homeland Security and ICE send out a stream of memos telling field agents and trial attorneys to drop cases and stop deportations.

Rep Lamar Smith (R-Tx) has introduced the HALT Act (H.R. 2497)  The bill would prevent the administration from further abusing its prosecutorial discretion to grant administrative amnesty to large classes of illegal aliens. Specifically, it would suspend the Obama administration's ability to:
  • Grant deferred action to illegal aliens;
  • Grant parole or extended voluntary departure to illegal aliens who do not meet narrowly defined criteria;
  • Cancel the removal and adjust the status of illegal aliens ordered deported; and
  • Grant work authorization to illegal aliens.
Patriots we all know we must stop any part of the Dream Act and Obama's illegal - but legal ways of getting what he wants. The illegal problem is growing more serious every day. Tell your Congressmen that you support the "HALT Act" and want them to act on it.

CNS News has a great video

Tea Party Deanie


  1. Anything BHO does is no surprise. I think he will go to any means in order to receive a second term. This just proves to me that we have to make more people aware of what radical leaders are doing. If we can't do this I believe our country will enter into a new world order.

  2. I hadn't heard that ICE isn't supposed to arrest illegals! I'm shocked but not surprised. So bummer is sneaking around Congress and just ordering the departments to do things. At the rate he's going we'll have no use for Congress as he'll just do what he wants anyway.
    I hope the states continue to take the illegal problem over themselves, they should protect their states when the feds won't. I'm going to check out the HALT Act and write to congress.

  3. Not only is ICE broken but the whole Obama administration is broke. Why are we wasting time paying our border agents while tying their hands at the same time. I can see why many agents would resign and go into other forms of law. It makes no sense what we're hearing.

  4. Again I am pondering why anybody would want to be a federal law enforcement officer under this administration which has helped the cartels get weapons to kill Border Patrol agents, locked up other agents for doing their duty but allows the law breakers go free. This is crazy.

  5. Can we really stop Obozo? As you stated he is doing this illegally but legally. It seems he will do what ever it takes to get his way and forget the views of the majority of citizens. He is going over Congress too. I'm going to study the new Halt Act and start spreading the word.

  6. There has been no action taken by this administration that even resembles legal. We must convince them we need to secure our borders and fix the problem with all the illegals here. It's past time for that problem to be solved, when the illegals are gone we will see a lot more capitol, meaning that we won't be paying so much out in welfare.

  7. I was really glad to see the article about Teen Conservatives

    Pass the link on to all your friends and family who have teenagers.
    I checked out the site and they appear to be on the right track. My brother has 17 and 19 year old sons and they will enjoy a site like this. They're always saying they are too young to do anything, and just don't know what they.


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