Friday, October 14, 2011

A Nation Of Mooching Takers

Unemployment appears to be rising despite Obama's agenda to lower the rate. He is wasting money on worthless stimulus plans that only benefit him and his cronies. Once again he wants to extend unemployment benefits, much to cost of the States.

Many people are receiving benefits who do not deserve them! People sell their Food Stamps in order to purchase drugs, cigarettes, booze etc. Go down to the local FS or Welfare office and see how many people drive better vehicles than you do. The so called entitlements are not being distributed properly.

The system is Broken and needs to be fixed. Gov makes it too easy for people to fall into the Socialistic trap that Big Gov will take care of them.
People have listened to Obama say "Spread The Wealth" for so long, they believe that is the only direction to take. Look at the so-called protesters that started at Occupy Wall Street and has spread across the Nation and now the world - 98% of those representing the 99% of the Country don't even know what the Hell they are doing there. All they know that the big companies and the rich should give them what they want - not what they have earned or are entitled to.

Governor Rick Scott (Fl-R) is doing something to change the welfare benefit system in Florida. Last May he passed a law that Welfare Recipients must undergo drug testing.
In a statement at the unveiling of Floridas State Agenda for 2012 he said: “Rather than continue to simply pay out benefits for those out of work, Florida must focus its efforts on ensuring that it can offer the most able workforce in the nation.”

Reforming Florida’s unemployment system to create a reemployment system 
  • Proactively work with job seekers to analyze skills.
  • Require mandatory job training for under-skilled job seekers collecting unemployment.
  • Help the unemployed receive the training needed for career advancement, increased productivity and economic prosperity
A key Initiative of Gov. Scott's will be:
Continue to eliminate over 1,000 state rules and regulations that stifle business growth and job creation.

I am a strong advocate that welfare recipients should have to give something back to the system to be entitled to their benefits. Many years ago a small town where the crime rate was extremely high used to have welfare recipients clean up the streets and parks before they could receive their benefits. That was the only time the town was not trashed! A person can apply for benefits over the phone and in most cases never even be screened in person for anything!

I think drug tests should be mandatory for ANYONE receiving benefits of ANY kind. 
If they are drawing unemployment or any benefits they should have to provide proof that they have actively been searching for work. 
They should have to become involved in state or private programs that will enable them to become part of the work force of this Country. 
Any unemployed person receiving benefits should be required to do a minimum of a weeks worth of Community Service in the County they receive benefits in.

I am a firm believer that Big Government has turned people into takers and they have no desire to go out and get a real job. These takers just don't care who works to pay their bills all they know is their 'entitlement' checks will be there. Oh heavens, you should hear them cry when their benefits get cut, they are being abused by the system! I believe that if more states and the feds would make it a little harder for them to receive their so called entitlements we will see a decrease in money being given to the moochers!

"I have shewed you all things, how that so labouring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive." Acts 20:35 (King James)

I believe we should give and the recipients should also give or we will become a Nation of Takers, the Government and those working will be the only Givers. In order to receive you must prove yourself worthy of the gifts bestowed upon you.



  1. The welfare system is breaking this country. Politicians want to say the baby boomers are but with so many peeps on welfare our budget can't handle them all. This administration wants to take away from the workers who earned their SS and give it to minorities and others who are not willing to work for it. Good points you brought up.
    Welfare needs reforming just like our politicians need reforming.

  2. Seems like the drug testing is proving to benefit Fl. 1597 people didn't take test to get their benefits. I don't think that drug testing is unreasonable. If I were on drugs and it meant me losing my benefits, I would stay off them for a period before the testing. The measly fee for the test is no excuse not to get the benefits that you druggies so deserve.

  3. Finally a state has done something to deter welfare fraud. I'm sure someone will be suing Fl. for their drug testing law. Refusing to give them their welfare money just because they're druggies could be discrimination...

  4. In times like this people do need help. In a way I do understand what you are saying and think too many people take advantage of the system.

  5. It's long overdue. Welfare has to be reformed. Illegals who are sucking our economy have got to be given the boot. How long do you think it will be before the DOJ gets on them and tries to stop it?

  6. Way to go Florida! I only hope other states take this step. Way too many people are getting assistance who aren't entitled to it. We need to cut off all welfare to the illegals.
    I like your idea that they should have to do some type of community service in order to receive benefits. Maybe it will give the lazy bums some incentive to do something with their lives.

  7. BHO reminds me of my ex-wife it doesn't matter if you have money or not just keep spending. My hope for our country is this; throwing money out the window will only put us deeper in debt it won't solve our problems.

  8. This president and his admin don't seem to think the states have any rights and will go after them. Look what they've done to Az and other states who desire to do something about the illegals. It seems that when a state has good ideas, the DOJ comes in and destroys them.

    And yes I think it's a good idea to make the people on gov aide work for their benefits.

  9. They may be claiming victory now, but let's see their reaction when the temperature hits zero or below. Just think all good conservatives can grab up a stick, insert it and have a libsicle.

  10. For some reason we are becoming more reliant on the government for our daily needs. The government especially this admin. has been forcing so called entitlements of the people that it is impossible for some to get off the welfare wagon. I think what Florida is doing is great, wish more states would follow.

  11. I can see the point of young people being angry when they pay for a college education and find there's no jobs available. The problem with this it isn't wall street or the rich that are putting them in this position but the prez and libs who support giving our money to foreign aide and not investing in the US. Until we solve that problem the one we have now will continue.

  12. Mad Sally's RoommateOctober 29, 2011 at 2:47 PM

    I wish more states would follow Florida's example and force all the people on welfare to have to do some form of work before they receive their money. I think this could bring our debt down considerably.

  13. I'm proud of the new welfare laws Florida is enacting. The welfare program is too far out of control and needs to revised in all states and the Federal Government. It goes without saying that this administration does not approve of the states making any decisions that they didn't come up with. Obama will fight them and the other states with similar laws.


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