Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Been Away - Gone Astray - Back To Stay - Old Glory Will Never Fray

This summer has been very busy, hot and dry in West Texas. We have been away from our website, but have never forgotten our commitment to the Constitution and the people of this great Country. I must admit I have been discouraged by the actions of some of our newly elected officials and to an extent I have felt my work has not accomplished anything.

We recently took a short trip to Cripple Creek, Co. and Red River, N.M. in the RFA Motor Coach. The weather was very cool and refreshing compared to the hot, dry weather in Lubbock. The best part of our trip was the many wonderful Patriots we were honored to meet along the way. As we drove down the hi-ways in our motor home with the flag, eagle and - Fighting Government Corruption plastered on both sides and the back we did draw some attention! People drove by honking and waving with thumbs up to show their support. I'm sure we received some not so patriotic gestures too! We were stopped by the side of the road to let our dogs relieve themselves when a patriot drove past then turned around and pulled in beside us. He took, pictures and expressed his gratitude for what we represent.

Campers came by our site to visit with us and show their disgust and concerns for our Country. One particular couple from Oklahoma appeared very disturbed by what is happening. Mike and Denise both former Democrats have seen the light and voted Republican in the last two elections. Mike said he did vote for Obama over Hilary Clinton in the primaries because he didn't think Obama could beat McCain.

Friends, the Tea Party Movement is as big as ever. We are not just a group of people spontaneously rallying, We ARE The PATRIOTS of this Country and our voices are being heard. We are gathering together to express our feelings and uniting to make this a better Country for future generations. Most of the people we met know the meaning of the Constitution much better than most of our elected officials.

The Patriots we met along the way are very knowledgeable in today's politics. They fear our Country is headed down-hill towards Socialism and will express their views and ideas to those who will listen, most have become avid Tea Party advocates. Usually the older people we meet are the most boisterous about this government, we were amazed at all the young people who are Mad As Hell! 

Many of the young people who rent from us don't have internet or cable but they DO express their feelings. Some of them voted for Obama but now wish they had listened to us. If they don't understand what they are hearing on the news, they come to us for the full story. At times I feel like we are holding a mini Tea Party. These younger people are the ones we really need to get to understand the full impact of what Obama is doing. There is hope for them and they are rapidly fleeing from the charisma thrown at us by the lies of the Devil occupying the White House.

We have shown the Country there is a new meaning for attending a "Tea Party". One young man asked us where we went in our motor home. We told him to a Tea Party in Dallas. In disbelief he responded, "You drove all the way to Dallas for a cup of tea!" At that time he had doubts about Obama, now he knows all the evils being stuffed down our throats by this administration.

United we will restore our Country to a Strong Democracy once again.

Do you think the Tea Party is dying? Let me hear from you!
Tea Party Deanie


  1. Welcome back!
    The last election was devastating for the dems, and the next will be even worse. The Tea Party is stronger than ever and will really go after the corrupt people in government.

  2. you are nothing but a piece of crap. you talk about bringing america back but you don't even know wher you are coming about. Your stupid Richard is far more stupid than you are. You have a man that will deal with our country and he will make us prosperous. stay off you website america could become prosperous

  3. Nice post Deanie. We have a lot of work to do between now and November 2012. It is hard to pass on a message that requires actual intelligence to understand. I do not think that the very eloquent jerrod is going to be able to get it.

  4. jerrod, I guess to a gay Liberal a Socialistic Muslim would be a hero. Let us hear from you again when you get an IQ over 20.
    Go buy yourself a lightbulb and see if you can figure out what to do with it.

  5. Hope you had a good time while you were off. Sounds like you met a lot of nice people in your travels. We're glad to have you back and we're all ready to go to work to solve this countries problems.

  6. Glad you're back. I don't think the Tea Party is dying. They may have been quieter than usual, just wait they will be louder than ever before too long. It's surprising to see CNN working with them so much, I think it's great!
    I can understand what you felt, I too fell into the slump and felt like my friends weren't listening. Surprising the quieter I got about the tea party movement, they come to me with their political views and questions.
    No we're not dead, just taking a sabbatical before the rampage to come with the 2012 elections.

  7. What the tea party represents will live on in this country forever. It has always been there, but too many peops have forgotten the meaning of our contstitution. I'm glad the tea party entered the scene and woke everyone up. This is just what we need.

  8. If it weren't for the Tea Party and sites like this most of us wouldn't have to courage to speak their minds. I never realized before that the people could change the way things are being run. Thanks to the people uniting together we are seeing some changes on both sides being made.

  9. Glad you guys are back. It's time once again to get rid of all the rinos, including the current president!

  10. You're right Deanie, we can't just drop out, we have to continue to push until all the people are educated in what is really happening. I think the Tea Party will continue with it's work for many years to come. We really have to work on the younger voters, they were swayed by Obama's promises.


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