Friday, June 25, 2010

Will Our Borders EVER Be Secure?

Drug Cartel threatens Arizona law officers after off duty cops bust drug smugglers. Police Chief Jeffrey Kirkham told Fox News he learned of the threat through an informer; "Mexican drug cartel will put them in its crosshairs if they conduct off-duty busts."

"The word was that these particular officers would be targeted if they were ever in that area again and were not on duty and intercepted any drug trafficking," Kirkham said. "It said they should look the other way."

Earlier this month two off-duty police officers were out for a leisurely horseback ride in an area east of the small Arizona border town of Nogales. They stumbled upon some drug smugglers and confiscated 400 pounds of marijuana. Unfortunately, the smugglers were able to get back across the basically unfenced border. The two unidentified (for obvious reasons) officers and the entire 62 member police force is on heightened alert. Kirkham has told them to be armed when they are off duty.

Now we have Mexican Nationals sending threats to our lawmakers because they seized the dope they were illegally smuggling into this country! But don't worry folks our borders are safe according to Napolitano and the idiot occupying the white House. They have the situation under control. In the areas where there is double reinforced fencing statistics show as much as a 95% decline in illegal invasion into this country. For some dumb reason the Department of Homeland does not think the fences work. States, cities and citizens across this country realize the great problem we have with the illegals and are having to take the bull by the horns and protect themselves because our "Slow Show Obama" just doesn't care about our country.
Get on the ball NOW, before it is too late Obama.

With this administration's continued disregard for our Federal Immigration Laws cities and states are being forced to make laws to uphold the Laws of the USA Constitution.
Everybody knows that SB 1070, Gov. Jan Brewer and the state of Arizona are being sued and challenged by cities, states, illegals, and even the countries of Mexico AND The United States of America!! People, organizations, cities, states and countries are boycotting Arizona, hurting the local businesses and industries. What a bunch of bull. I hope all the illegals go to your states and cities and you will have to support them.

Now even the Feds are getting in on the boycott. The cancellations to conventions by the Department of Education and of all things the U.S. Border Patrol are really big shockers. The cancellations of these two departments may be more to steer clear of controversy rather than to boycott.  Article 

The small town of Fremont Nebraska passed a law on June 21, 2010 to ban the hiring of or renting property to illegal aliens. Opposers of the new ordinance feel it will create discrimination. Of course the ACLU has said if the ordinance passed that would be considered racial profiling and they would sue. I'm sure the Department of Justice will also be going after the town of Fremont.

Sheriff Arvin West of Hudsbeth County, Texas tells the citizens of his county to arm themselves, he doesn't have the manpower to protect them. Don't worry The Texas Civillian Militia will be standing by!

What the heck has happened to this country? Bush at least did start to build the border fence, which the POTUS quickly halted upon taking office. Bush did not do much to deport all the illegals. But then again the borders have to be secured before we can do anything with the illegal aliens in this country. It is too easy for them to come right back.

My gosh, we have to do something, not only are illegal Mexican Nationals entering this country through our Southern borders but the Mexicans are training terrorist from the Mid East to act like Mexicans so they won't be so easily detected on our soil. Somolian Terrorist are noted for using the Mexico/USA border as a means for entering our VERY UNSECURED BORDER.
I just heard that Border Agents will now have a lower over time cap than they previously were allowed. Agents daily put in an average of 2 hours in overtime. The current overtime pay they are allowed to receive is $35,000, the cap will be lowered to $30,000 per year. Sounds like a lot doesn't it? I think not! Starting salary for Border Patrol Agents is a measley $36,600 to do such a hazardous job.  Related Article
It makes one wonder - Will we ever secure our Borders
or just have an open border for all to enjoy?


  1. No I do not think this administration will ever close the borders...maybe something will happen in November to change that.
    Napolitano still thinks the borders are secure. Not only are we letting a bunch of Mexicans in so they can lead the American dream, but we are letting in terrorists. Vote in November for real politicians, not ones who just want to line their pockets.

  2. I wouldn't work as Border Patrol for what their base salary is. Cutting down on their hours is stupid, if they are working on a bust what happens if they are not alloted overtime hours are used up? Do they just say, "Oh my shift is over wait here until my replacement arrives, I can't do anything else:" I don't think that will happen, so does the officer put in a few hours extra and not get paid?
    Cut backs for the Border Patrol is not what we need, we need more officers, more plans, and more people like Governor Brewer to fight this problem.
    Get out and support Arizona. Tell your legislatures you want similar laws in your states. OUR BORDERS ARE NOT SAFE!

  3. I believe it consitst of a number of problems on our borders. It is not just salary or too few agents, it is the fact that government backing is not behind the American people anymore. There is a mountain range on the Texas side of the border the drug cartel is working out of. We know this but do nothing about it. The Cartel has told agents if they see drugs being brought across to look the other way.
    Until we solve problems like this and start prosecuting the illegals coming across, we leave our borders open to anyone wishing to cross with out fear.

  4. Good for Fremont Neb. I hear they are in for a rough time with the ACLU, but the town says they will stand up with their citizens!
    Other states are planning to endorse similar laws. I also hear a town (I don't know the name of the town) in California is standing up for AZ and boycotting the boycotters.

  5. I am a Mexican here illegally I will say this what your president is doing about the oil spill is bad. we need to save the coast. wshouldn't we all be friends and stop all this. i would like to ask a question RR why shouldn't we be here to.

  6. You say you are a Mexican who is here illegally, get the hell out of my counry. Why the hell should I back you and your country? Let Obama do it. You want a reproductive county, come as legal. If you can't do this then get the hell out of here.

  7. You tell him RR, I back you all the way. Maybe Obama should just resign and go to Mexico. Let him destroy their country.

    If the government can't see what is happening in this country with our borders, then the states need to do it. It is hard to believe our officers are getting threats from illegals in this country. The President of Mexico openly says we need to reform our immigration laws to better protect HIS citizens. I guess he should be a member of Obama's staff and write new laws to better suit his country.
    We will stand up and fight for our rights.

  8. "It makes one wonder - Will we ever secure our Borders or just have an open border for all to enjoy? "
    Well we never had good borders even after 911. Thats why I hate George Bush, he proclaimed homeland security for our nation and left the border wide open. This president see's things the same way to. THEY DONT CARE, THEY WANT IT WIDE OPEN for all to enjoy - we are and have been screwed by the government that supposedly was supposed to and is in the future protect US.
    yaaa right * .

  9. I am a christian of Mexican decent and a US legal citizen. I don't understand opening up our borders to terrorists and everyone that is coming over. BO must be crazy to think that an open border is the answer to the problem.
    The trash will move into this country and destroy what I remember as a beautiful place to live. Mexico City and the surroundings was very pretty and people lived free.
    We need a government that will stand up for what this country was built on.
    In closing I say God Bless America.

  10. If the border states have their way, we will secure the border, with or without the blessings of the Federal Government. Bush did attempt to build the border fence, all work stopped when Bush took office. Many of my Texas friends found themselves without work, and are still seeking permanent employment. They send there thanks to Obama. lol

  11. It's a shame when the US cows down to threats from a Mexican Cartel. What happened when America stood for freedom instead of being ruled by every other country? Relatives of mine who used to fight a war, went into win, not baby the enemy along. It's time we stood up to cartels and said if you kill our border agents we're going to kill you. If that's considered a hate crime, the Pres and his administration can kiss my b---!

  12. No! Our borders won't be secured as long as we have this administration in place. The borders is not at the top of their list. They want to get amnesty through so they can get all the illegal's votes. Obama's main concern is world power, I wonder where he gets the idea he is a world leader? The only thing he is capable of running is his mouth!

    I just learned that Governor Brewer wasn't happy with the outcome of yesterdays meeting with Obama's selected committee. The meeting didn't set well with her. Supposedly the promised troops won't arrive at the AZ border until August.

    Wow, I am glad this is not an outright attack on our country. Before this idiot would respond our country would be overtaken.

  13. I agree with you Jan, if this was an outright attack, I do not think Mr. Pres. has the common sense to know what to do. When he does respond it will be far too late in the game.

    Having lived for a while in a border town, I do know the problems they face. Although when I lived there, the problems were not a severe as they are today.

    Wake up Obama before it is too late, listen to what the states are saying. The more you procrastinate the worse you look.

  14. Mad Sally's RoommateJune 29, 2010 at 6:23 PM

    Where did this country go wrong?

    We have elected a President who knows nothing about running a business let alone a country.
    I am really sorry for my vote fellow Patriots.)

    We haven't got a new budget, I believe it is against our Constitution to be without a budget.

    We have an administration that will let any one enter this country and doesn't care about who or what they are and represent. Every day he shows that he will not support Arizona or any border state.

    America we must fight back!!

  15. Mad in LouisianaJune 30, 2010 at 5:40 AM

    When our Federal Government does not uphold the laws of the land, it falls upon the states to do so. We all know we need to secure our borders, it makes no sense that Arizona should be sued for doing the right thing to protect their state and their country.
    Immigration laws require a person to have a US sponsor and to prove they can support themselves. There are so many illegals who can't and won't support themselves. Those are the ones living the American Dream.

  16. They'll be secure when this idiot and his administration is take out of office. After November we will secure our borders, because the stupidity will be gon.

  17. The government is afraid to close the border. We will have to fight as individuals and states to see that it gets done. I don't know what has to happen to make them see what is going on down there. I guess a massive slaughter of innocent people might make them wake up.


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