Friday, June 11, 2010

Mexican Government Stay Out

The Mexican government does not want the illegals deported to their homeland. It is bad enough that President Calderon lashed out on the United States Congress telling them Arizona's law is racist. They are now helping the illegals stay in the United States! In a push to legalize Mexican illegals the Mexican consular will issue identification cards to them on Catalina Island (off the coast of California). These matricular cards are issued without any background checks or research to Mexican nationals residing outside their country regardless of immigration status. Supposedly it is similar to US passports and other legal documentation issued by our government.

Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-Ca) was in a verbal battle as to the legality of the Mexican Consular issuing ID's to illegal immigrants. Rohrabacher feels "The Mexican government is abusing their agreement with our State Department that allows them to provide appropriate off-site consular services for replacing expired passports by providing documents to illegal aliens."Ricardo Alday, senior spokesman for the Mexican Embassy in Washington denies the issuance of matricular cards to Mexican illegals does not pose a security risk to the U.S.

The Mexican government is issuing the matricular cards from a satellite consular office. It was originally located at the Catalina Island Country Club and has been moved to St. Catherine's Catholic Church, citing protection under the Vienna Convention.
As to the Catholic Church hosting this activity Rep. Rohrabacher said, "If the Catholic Church insists on preventing immigration law from being enforced, then they should step up and pay the bill."

According to The Examiner who spoke with U.S. Immigration officials the Mexican officials requested Federal and State law enforcement agencies not to intervene in the distribution of ID cards to Mexican citizens.

"Basically, a foreign government inserted itself into my congressional district to provide passports and matricular cards to individuals illegally in the U.S. and residing on Catalina Island," Rohrabacher said. "The Mexican government's action is a declaration that Catalina is their turf. And I'm here to let Mexican government know that this is not acceptable."

Banks and institutions in the U.S. accept the matricular card for identification purposes, especially since many of the illegals now wire money back to Mexico and they pick up a fee for the service. Law enforcement cites the card as unreliable. Why do legal immigrants need a card like that since they already have paperwork.

  • The matricular cards are only good for illegals.
  • 13 states allow holders of the cards to obtain drivers licenses, they feel it is safer since they will drive anyway to have drivers test and insurance.
  • There are no safeguards in the issuance of the cards, no data files or comparison checks are used. 
  • Consequently many illegals have numerous cards all with their pictures under different names.
The only requirement to obtain the matricular card is to have a birth certificate or certified copy, a photo ID, proof of residency in the are and appear in person. The documentation is not authenticated on the local levels.  It is suspected many legal immigrants and natural citizens who are in trouble with the law obtain these cards under a false name.

We and the Mexican government know the illegals are good at counterfeiting and forgery. We have illegal Mexican nationals who are able to obtain drivers licenses, apply for food stamps, welfare and schooling for their children. Most of them do not pay taxes and send the majority of their money to Mexico.
Mexico has long wanted to have an arrangement with the United States to allow illegals to remain citizens of Mexico and live off our government. An open border between the two countries is their ideal plan.

For far too long the United States has turned a blind eye at the Mexican illegal problem. Mexico has often asked us to be lenient and let some of our laws slide. An unidentified ICE official told Washington Examiner, "It amazes me every time that the Mexican government has the gall to tell us what to do. More surprisingly is how many times we stand by and let them. This is just an example of one of hundreds of requests we've had to deal with."

It is unbelievable to think our government would consider some of the requests the Mexican government has issued. We need stricter regulations for our borders and the illegal problem in this country. This is the land of the free, but are we turning into wusses who are not brave enough to stand up for the laws our forefathers fought so hard to obtain. Since when does Mexico or any other country have the right to ask us to change our laws so they better fit their agenda of their Nationals? This has got to be stopped and changed, but not with the current administration. Nothing will be resolved except a free hand out to a bunch of freeloaders. Listen to this call a lady made to Michael Savage on his talk show. If this is what the citizens of our country believe, we are in deep S---!



  1. Congratulations Rep. Rohrabacher you said it right. If they're illegal throw them out, we shouldn't have to pay for them.
    I just listened to the conversation you suggested, I wonder what planet that woman is from. Maybe she's a Mexican National who doesn't know where she came from.
    Where the hell does Mexico get off asking our Immigration officials to comply with their laws and requests? b-o will give them amnesty if we don't watch out. The scum in Congress wants to give all the illegals amnesty, if that happens we will pay dearly.

  2. Shut the border down now! We can't handle any more Mexican Nationals coming into this country. The Mexican government wants us to accept an Id card that cannot be authenticated and just keep their citizens here, so they do not have to pay for their upkeep.
    Catalina Island is in the State of California of the United States of America. The outright contempt by the Mexican consular to disperse the matricular cards IN our country. We are supposed to stop normal ICE operations so they can give illegals cards which we are supposed to accept. Our government better wake up fast or there will be no border between the two countries.

  3. I have heard about the matricular cards, and also that they are easily forged. Why does our government abide by what the Mexican government wants. I don't believe Mexico can support all the illegal nationals living in the USA, that is why they are doing what they can to make them legal here. It is hard to believe we just overlook a problem as big as this.


  5. That's the way this bunch of liberals work. If they can't get it passed through the senate for illegals, then they will just hand out cards for everyone who comes here illegally. My biggest worry about this is how many of the terrorists also received the same cards.

    That tape of the lady with Michael Savage is so utterly stupid, she has got to be a dumb blonde. I didn't realize there are people who really think like that.

  6. I agree with you Ind Carol we should shut down the borders until we get the situation under control. The Department of Justice now reports that Mexican cartels have expanded operations in Florida, the Mid-Atlantic, New York, New Jersey, and New England. Cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, and New York City, as well as parts of North Carolina, serve as consolidation points for tens of billions of dollars in bulk cash drug proceeds that are smuggled into Mexico. Mexican cartels are also expanding outdoor marijuana cultivation in the U.S. from their traditional strongholds in California, Washington, and Oregon to states such as Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, North Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Michigan. So you see it's not just a problem for the border states it 's an American problem.

  7. Illegal immigration has and always been a serious problem in America. The illegals do not believe the immigration laws pertain to them. They want to live here, but they do not want to become part of this country. We do not owe them anything, except a kick back across the border. I am glad to see some of our politicians are waking up and doing something about this.
    As far as that nutty lady talking to Savage, she doesn't even know what world she is in. Thank God we don't have too many like her out there. She needs to return to school and learn the fundamentals of our great nation.

  8. Gosh, I typed a msg about the caller to Michael Savage and it got removed, sure hate when that happens! Can't go back and rethink all the great comments*

    Anyway the bottom line here - WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA - Most people are oblivious while I keep thinking about what happened at Pearl Harbor ;( .
    We have serious deep problems that loom over our heads like a thunderstorm about to break.

    Is this the end times the Bible talks about ? It sure seems like it -------- or has reality just hit.

    Or is it just time to tune out, drop out and get high on drugs and alcohol living a life of hand outs too, yaah like the folks on our welfare? Who gave them the right to have babies that we have to support? I can't afford a family. Guess I could have done it to tho like everyone else that doesn't think logically. Great example kids are getting to don't forget that!!!! " The gimme generation is here and thriving thanks to all the weak minded individuals and our government hand outs, just watch how this turns out folks "

  9. The problem I see with this is they can go down and get a drivers license, they can then go down and get food stamps, aid, a job and everything legalized citizens are getting. This being the case, why should anyone come to this country and try to become legal? The card overrides everything our nation stood for and gives every drug dealer, terrorist and criminal a free hand. If this happens. DC has had their way they have legalized the illegals without a vote or any court rulings. To me this is ludicrous because now we will have to pay for all of them.

  10. Teacher, what you are saying is true, they should not be able to come over and just pick up a piece of paper that means they can do anything they want in the United States.
    To answer your question my husband has worked hard for years to get his citizenship, next year he should get it and we will be very proud because we have done everything right.

  11. This is the way our government is being run by an idiot and I feel this is his way of getting illegals through our country. Understand my statement or don't understand it, I don't care.

  12. The lady in the tape must be on a high all the time. With beliefs like that she can't be sober.
    Our borders must be secure before this country can even consider what to do with all the illegals. I do not think giving them amnesty will do anything but make it easier for them to acquire free hand outs.

  13. None of us can afford to support illegals. We face too many new taxes at this point. With immigration, the oil spill and health care, I believe this country will go under if something isn't done. It's time to, as they say, tighten our belts and get us out of this mess. Maybe we should send the illegals to their home country dragging a government official with them.

  14. Alberto Gonzales - El PasoJune 14, 2010 at 6:47 PM

    Your response to the illegals in California is very good. But not everybody from Mexico wants a free ride, they want a chance. Together we could make a country work for all of our people. Giving everyone a free reign is not the answer. As a busninessman, I hope in the future we can reach a solution. We all want prosperity.

  15. I don't think the id cards will be good for our country. Too many terrorists will have access to them. Why does our government allow the Mexican gov. to continuously tell us how to make our immigration laws?

  16. As far as I'm concerned send the illegals home in a body bag. They're breaking our laws and taking our jobs away. I think what Arizona is doing is right. If California wants to let Mexicans take over their state and give out free passes let them support them.

  17. Had to listen to the audio clip of the Michael Savage conversation(see link "Listen" above) with the woman , Jo, a second time because I could not believe what I was hearing. This darling of the welfare check (that she freely volenteered) complained that "people" made too much money Of course, she did not happen to be in the group that made too much money. She went on to say that those people who made too much money were greedy. The implication was that she is not one of those greedy people, she just wanted part of the money that they EARNED. She does not appear to understand her own low level greed. AAHHH! This is stupidity at it's finest. Poor pitiful Jo. She has no clue about where her welfare check comes from but she took a quick guess and said that it came from Obama and that illegals worked and sent the money to Obama. What a delightful thought. Really? Jo also thinks we should get rid of our borders and let all walks of life to come in. But of course,'s the only humane thing to do. I just bet that you are ready and willing to split your welfare check with them? Right?

  18. The stupidity of some people I wonder what cabbage patch that woman came from?! She certainly is not representative of an American.
    Our country has so many problems and then we have to contend with an idiot like her.
    Let's just open our borders and become on big country with Mexico. The Mexican government would probably like that. They seem to think they can make our laws which will only be good for the Mexican Nationals living here and their country. Wake up Slow Show Obama and show the world what America is all about. (LOL)

  19. A Mexican ID that we are supposed to accept as proof that the illegals live in the United States. What kind of s### is that.
    The creatures in DC must go.


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