Saturday, March 6, 2010

A National Tribute To Our Fallen Heroes

George Lutz lost his son George Anthony Lutz II to a sniper's bullet in Fallujah, Iraq on Dec. 29, 2005. As with many other grief stricken families he wanted to know that their sacrifice was not in vain and the nation would never forget. George searched for a universal symbol that specifically acknowledged the American service men and women who bravely sacrificed their lives for our country.

“America does not currently have a tangible national symbol that is specifically dedicated to express respect and gratitude for the lives lost in defense of our freedoms. The Honor and Remember Flag fills that void,” says Mr. Lutz.

The Honor and Remember Flag was unveiled at a Memorial Day ceremony on May 26, 2008 in Norfolk, Va.
Honor and Remember, Inc. has a goal to see that some 20,000 Gold Star families receive a personalized flag that contains the name, unit and date of death of the service member.
As of 2/2/10 Virginia became the first US State to adopt the Honor and Remember Flag as the Official Flag to honor fallen service men and women.

What a shame our Country has no National emblem to honor the Fallen Heroes who gave their lives so courageously and un-selfishly for our Freedom. We have flags to honor our MIA's and POW's. Why not one to honor the Fallen Soldiers who gave us the ultimate sacrifice? I think the whole Country needs to know about this wonderful project being taken on by George Lutz and his associates. Send this article to everyone on your mailing list, lets help spread the word. Be sure to sign his petition and make a donation.

George will be traveling to every state capital beginning the first week in June and ending at Arlington Cemetery on Labor Day. His 22,000 mile will be to petition each state to follow in Va's steps and declare the Honor and Remember Flag a new state symbol.

Honor and Remember Flag, Inc is a non-profit organization and is working with many organizations across the country to see that all of our Country's brave men and women who gave their lives for our freedom are honored, and will live on in the lives and hearts of All Americans.

The colorful remembrance flag although simple, is very distinctive in the meaning of each symbol displayed. You can purchase these flags in either screen print or hand stitched appliqué.
The Red Field represents the blood spilled by brave men and women in America’s military throughout our history, who willingly gave their lives so that we all would remain free.

The Blue Star represents active service in military conflict. This symbol originated with World War I, but on this flag it signifies service through all generations from the American Revolution to present day.
The White Border surrounding the gold star recognizes the purity of sacrifice. There is no greater price an American can pay than to give his or her life in service to our country.
The Gold Star signifies the ultimate sacrifice of a warrior in active service who will not return home. Gold reflects the value of the life that was given.
The Folded Flag signifies the final tribute to an individual life that a family sacrificed and gave to the nation.
The Flame is an eternal reminder of the spirit that has departed this life yet burns on in the memory of all who knew and loved the fallen hero.

HR 1034 was introduced Feb 12, 2009 by Rep James Forbes (R-Va), it is still in the Committee stage. Contact your Representatives and let them know we want the Honor and Remember Flag to be our national emblem to honor our Fallen Heroes.

In a wonderful gesture of Patriotism George Lutz plans to leave the first week of June on a 23 week trip across the United States to visit state capitals, giving presentations to many organizations and meeting Gold Star families. On Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2010 he will arrive at Arlington National Cemetery, completing his 22,000 mile trip. If he is coming to your town be sure and attend one of his meetings. For more details go to Honor and Remember, be sure to sign the petition. Let them know of any Fallen Heroes you know so they can be forever honored. Your donations will be greatly appreciated by them and will help to see that all our Gold Star families are recognized.
Deanie 3-6-10


  1. After spending so much time in Iraq, unfortunately I lost many members of my unit. I think this is a wonderful suggestion and long over due. I'm going to send some of the troops names that died so heroically to Honor and Remember. I know it will mean a lot to their families.

  2. I too think this is a wonderful idea. I will forward this on to all my friends. I knew many people who lost their lives in Iraq, I think we should stand up for them.

  3. I think that it is about time that we have a standard flag that shows unity to say thank you for their ultimate sacrifice for our country. The families of these men and women can be proud. Once again I say thanks to all American Vets.

  4. Glad you are sharing this an hope you can help promote it while you are on the Tea Party Express.
    Yes the fallen soldiers that have given their lives for our freedom deserve a flag to be honored by !

  5. What a wonderful idea. Wonder why no one knows about it? I don't understand why we've never had a flag for them before, shame on our government.

  6. A flag honoring fallen troops could fly at my home any day of the week. I can't believe someone hasn't thought of this before now. It's a good gesture I would back all the way.

  7. Congratulations, Deanie, on your article, I think you found a utopia that no one can disagree with unless you hate this country. I would stand by this flag honoring our fallen heroes and I will tell all my friends to do the same thing.

  8. Maybe this administration can take some nice lessons from this guy. At least he is trying to do something worthwhile, while they're trying to destroy it.

  9. I'm going to write to my congressmen and encourage them to vote for this. It is long overdue.

  10. I would stand behind promoting this flag in a minute, but I'm sure some left wing movement will try to stop it. I'm a Viet Nam Army Vet, and proud of the time I served. Maybe this could be a call of arms that could get our country back on the right track. I haven't seen this posted on any other site. Keep up the good work.


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