Saturday, December 19, 2009

Take Prostitution Out Of Government

Americans are fed up with the do nothing Comander In Chief and the Congress we have today. Obama's polls are dropping in every category listed on the charts.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid continue to dump their garbage on us even while the majorty is saying no, we don't want it.

It is time they look up the meaning of transparency and honesty. Obama proclaims transparency, then tells the Republicans they can't attend a White House meeting pertaining to issues of Health Care Reform. The White House is threatening Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) with taking an Air Force Command center out of his state if he does not vote for health care.

Members of Congresss are being bought off in order for Obama to say he achieved anything this year.

It is time to stand up and say quit trying to shove down our throat what we don't want. WE WILL VOTE YOU OUT!

Prostitutes can be bought throughout our Country. It is time to take them out of politics and put them back on the street with the rest of their kind.

Don't transform our Country or share the wealth. Get off your do nothing butt-- and do something for this Country.

I guess because of Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and every Congress person who votes to pass socialized health care we will see the beginning to the end of Freedom.

Americans are saying "You can no longer blame it on Big Mac, Senators and Congressmen are having a Pork Attack." 


  1. I see our way of life being wiped out by this current government, the radical left and today's action is another BIG abuse to us the people of the nation.
    Have they no consciences? It seems not.

    You are right, the time has come: VOTE THEM ALL OUT !!


  2. Nice post Patriot. I believe this next election cycle is were we turn the socialists away, winning the battle of ideas by getting our side's message out. And by getting our people back to the polling places.

  3. In my way of thinking Obama, Reid and Pelosi are nothing but Pimps. They run this congress like a prostitution ring. If the ordinary citizen did this we would be in jail. 2010 is our year to put these pimps and prostitutes out on the street where they belong.

    So people go REGISTER and VOTE the Socialist Congress out of office.

  4. Shame on me and all the other fools who were taken in by Obama. I really thought he was going to give us change we could believe in. All I've seen is lies coming from his administration. After reading your article, I have to agree that there is political prostitution in our Congress. My vote will help get them out next year!
    Mother of 4 Colo

  5. Hey Anonymous I'll forgive you if you stick to your guns and help vote them out in 2010 and 2012.


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